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The Boss of the Black Organization  dcsite 10 21729 over a year ago
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DETECTIVE______ (Main character:Hattori Heiji)  Yagami003 6 1446 over a year ago
Why doesn't vermute age  artlee1820 1 2016 over a year ago
Why vermute cares so much about ran and shinichi???  sam71 2 10137 over a year ago
Detective Conan roleplay  Thern 7 2503 over a year ago
Who do you think is sera masumi ? U have to answer it before they show it in mangá !!!  zainab_me 8 25042 over a year ago
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DC ρι¢тυяє ¢σηтєѕт  sam71 52 17691 over a year ago
What is your favorito opening or ending song just for the anime?  Nazo400 21 4876 over a year ago
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Why is Everyone Offline?  Yagami003 2 1520 over a year ago
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Who's Ran?  Kudou_Shinichi 12 3376 over a year ago
DC  Kudou_Shinichi 6 2978 over a year ago
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does anyone know where i can find the complete mangá  James1R1Mori 3 2180 over a year ago
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English Dub  sirius_nst 0 1092 over a year ago
Does any one else thing the earlier versions of Ai  James1R1Mori 0 1028 over a year ago
Anyone interested in a DC RP  Thern 10 1543 over a year ago
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Scar Akai  dcsite 1 1394 over a year ago
SAVE DETECTIVECONAN.WS FROM CLOSING APRIL 18th  Nazo400 0 16050 over a year ago
Please vote for Conan!  Hwan-Young 1 4666 over a year ago
DC  Kudou_Shinichi 1 1316 over a year ago
What is your favorito Kaito vs Conan/Kudo Special/Movie/Episode?  Nazo400 5 2492 over a year ago
Girl Detectives  MisterH 0 1997 over a year ago
Girl Detectives  MisterH 0 1787 over a year ago
Okiya Subaru is...  dcsite 0 2805 over a year ago