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Do you amor "Imagination"? If so, what do you like to imagine?

I amor using my imagination A LOT! I use it for a whole lot of things like story making, making up cool video games, making up my own TV series, or even imagin cartoon/Anime characters coming into the real human world! Pretty cool huh?
 AnimeFan66 posted over a year ago
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sweet_n_silly said:
I imagined a whole bunch of stuff. I had my own world with my own species and cars that were way easy to drive and all sorts of stuff
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posted over a year ago 
The-Stig said:
I amor imagaining, I daydream all the time. i like to imagine tht i am on the run with Milo ventimiglia and tht baddies r out to get us :) because im weird
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posted over a year ago 
shiriny said:
oh,i imagine all the time.about everything.but mais about my future,my house,my baby(!!!!),how i teach things to my child,...
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posted over a year ago 
flipflopkitteh said:
Yes!!! My quote is "Reality is for people who lack imagination" and I live and breathe it everyday, whether it be crazy stuff like my toothbrushes coming to life like in the advertisements or giant flying bits of pasta!!!
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posted over a year ago 
1-2vampire said:
pato chicks eating my dog.

lol jokeeeeee!!!
imagination is practially me. You take away my imagination, you take away a part of my soul.
I'm insaaaane.
Sane means normal and normal means boring.

but yeah, i imagine things for my story (especially at the most aleatório times ie, on the toilet, in the shower.)
and i act out the parts of the story. And i got a really good idea that the heroine said something really wisdomic, then says "by the power of Selene, I say FUCK OFF!!!!!!" XDXD
i finished composição literária it btw.
GO me!!! :D:D:D:D


No imagination

No soul

No life

:):) reality sucks
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posted over a year ago 
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