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Hugh Laurie-ous - a thread for crazy fangirls :)  playingcold 7026 979830 faz 9 meses
The Huddy Void  fran2 419 170046 over a year ago
Lovin' Lisa: The girlfriend....erm...sister spot of Hugh Laurious :)  HuddyJoy0524 3559 291375 over a year ago
I have a pergunta  yaely 0 1507 over a year ago
Huddy's best scenes  yaely 1 2773 over a year ago
Other Things I have Learned From watching House  lfanning 0 1064 over a year ago
Huddy Hangman  HuddyJoy0524 393 26122 over a year ago
Help Me With Made A Huddier List  Maria-Valentin 2 1287 over a year ago
Huddy S.D  Maria-Valentin 2 4947 over a year ago
(H)ouse & Cuddy: Paradise Lost. Summer (H)iatus Thread  HuddyJoy0524 865 85607 over a year ago
You know you're a House/Huddy fã when....  Carolina_Skies 136 14747 over a year ago
Huddy Summer ícone Contest  HuddyJoy0524 39 3796 over a year ago
New Name!  Huddyaddict12 0 755 over a year ago
[H]uddy Quotes-Chain Game  huddycallianfan 47 12829 over a year ago
Huddy Couple Counseling Thread - A Team of Experts at Work :P  HuddyBea 2145 159381 over a year ago
Bringing them back  ilovehouse345 5 1239 over a year ago
Official Description: 7 × 17 Fall from Grace  drsirodhouse 3 11444 over a year ago
Huddy Moments  huddysmyvicodin 12 8681 over a year ago
who's reporting my content?  EnjoyHuddy 13 1860 over a year ago
I Will Survive (the Hiatus) - A Deprived Huddy Support Group  HLforever 275 41289 over a year ago
The H-Morning After - A thread for crazy fan-shippers ;D  HuddyBea 1522 98606 over a year ago
Huddy Wishing List...what you've always wished for them....and now you can dare hoping for!!!! XD  Beatrix8520 175 12133 over a year ago
huddy artical writers.for the passinate writers of our beloved spot.For huddy writers only!!!!!  ilovehouse345 0 723 over a year ago
Huddy Highly Spoilerish Thread - A Struggle to Survaival  HuddyBea 89 20035 over a year ago
'All I can think about is you' - Things that remind you of Huddy or [H]ouse  anonymously 22 1343 over a year ago
natal Presents for Huddies  mysuspicionis 47 12939 over a year ago
House "Dancing" episode with Huddy??  Belle0308 5 8804 over a year ago
HuddY FanFic fórum  bluehue 80 6519 over a year ago
#Huddy fãs unite! sign the petition for an extended version of 7x01  KekaMC 0 746 over a year ago
If you watched Now What 2548 times already like me...  ramion 2 1064 over a year ago
The Last ícone Maker standing! Round 6, How long have you known me?  oldmovie 150 8558 over a year ago
HIGHLY SPOILERISH CONTENT - For the upcoming, announced season 7 sneak peeks - Breaking room ;)  HuddyBea 263 17020 over a year ago
Motorcycles, The Beach, and Huli, Oh My! The segundo Huddy Hiatus Thread  HuddyJoy0524 1351 116364 over a year ago
The Huddy Party Place!!  Belle0308 21 1379 over a year ago
The Lisa E Project Contributions  HLforever 15 1285 over a year ago
Complete the Quote Game  anonymously 57 3141 over a year ago
Huddy S.E.X. -- So Early X-mas  playingcold 350 37231 over a year ago
Now what?  SissiSunshiner 20 1390 over a year ago
Operation: Really Crazy  maverickangel35 78 2933 over a year ago
Non US watchers/livers ... Where do you watch?  karoline1 13 793 over a year ago
"House" The Official Guide To The Hit Medical Drama  tammyr50 2 991 over a year ago
I`m the new kid....Today anyway.  karoline1 36 2023 over a year ago
Season 7 Countdown and Discussion  HLforever 32 5848 over a year ago
Season 7 Spoiler Zone  maverickangel35 21 6487 over a year ago
Let's Make a Huddy Playlist  18wheelerhealer 4 1143 over a year ago
Love-Sick: Season 7 Promo images... XD  wolfofsheep 1 926 over a year ago
PC won't be here, keep her informed!  playingcold 8 972 over a year ago
David Shore: "We will not let anything slide by, off screen" - WE'LL SEE IT ALL  Delia_Beatrice 0 975 over a year ago
New Season 7 Scene  reddevilzz07 0 699 over a year ago
The Huddy Awards 2010 - Round 2 - Nominees Submission :D - Until July 11th  Beatrix8520 50 2980 over a year ago
HJ is going on vacation, keep her informed!  HuddyJoy0524 11 1371 over a year ago
Story about Lisa and Hugh?  DiemBrown 4 2047 over a year ago
The Huddy Spot is proud to announce......The Huddy Awards 2010 XD  Beatrix8520 71 5265 over a year ago
Which Songs (other than the usual ones we've talked about before) remind you of Huddy?  PotterGal 890 55832 over a year ago
Huddy Songs  Lie_to_Me_123 1 1243 over a year ago
Belle is going away...keep her informed!  Belle0308 29 1891 over a year ago
ícone submissions are CLOSED! Time to vote  huddysmacked 158 9263 over a year ago
Huddy Summer Marathon on Bravo PT  ejb6648 0 721 over a year ago
The Huddy era began - the first hiatus thread  playingcold 371 19843 over a year ago
best huddy episodes  bladesmum 1 1150 over a year ago
I really want a huddy child story  huddygirl2 4 1075 over a year ago
favorito huddy dialogue?  RosalynCabenson 0 4983 over a year ago
Best and Worse of season 6 ;)  sheis1963 5 618 over a year ago
Best and Worse of season 6 - round 1  sheis1963 0 729 over a year ago
Best and Worse of season 6 - round 1  sheis1963 0 596 over a year ago
Huddy scenes in S7 - your guess?  blaukat 39 5180 over a year ago
Need help with fic  LynnFox 0 354 over a year ago
Wilson finding out  huddygirl2 3 1202 over a year ago
A Huddy Forecast  Pari 0 339 over a year ago
10000 reasons why we amor Huddy  mimika_s 4257 91101 over a year ago
"The Choice" and Beyond: All Things Huddy Discussion Thread  HuddyJoy0524 476 22357 over a year ago
"Help Me" After Party/Celebration (Spoilers of course)  huddysmacked 68 4657 over a year ago
The Huddy Limbo....I was better off in Purgatory :P  Beatrix8520 271 10585 over a year ago
DeathtoHuddy  huddygirl2 2 981 over a year ago
I need help fanfic  huddygirl2 3 916 over a year ago
I just gotted huddy fanfic ideal.  huddygirl2 0 456 over a year ago
The Rest of Season 6  Mrs_House 44 3305 over a year ago
Fanfiction throwdown!  maverickangel35 3 713 over a year ago
Guess the quote:)<3<3  KaterinoulaLove 95 4209 over a year ago
"Huddy Break Room"....'cause no new epi for 4 weeks  bluehue 424 19519 over a year ago
huddy ideals  huddygirl2 0 774 over a year ago
kid Huddy XD  huddygirl2 2 1181 over a year ago
OMG EPISODE 20  MonkeysRule 8 1340 over a year ago
*****Spoiler*****Episode 22**** DO NOT OPEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW  ejb6648 15 3144 over a year ago
SPOILERS Is this HOUSE AND CUDDY SPOILERS  ejb6648 3 2429 over a year ago
Huddy type's  huddygirl2 8 773 over a year ago
Huddy new chemistry....It isn't over until is over  Beatrix8520 345 17060 over a year ago
Hilly and Regi present.... *Dum Dum Dum Duuuuum*  huddyislove 21 1062 over a year ago
******MORE SPOILERS ***** DO NOT OPEN IF YOU LIKE CUDDY OR HUDDY  ejb6648 8 1482 over a year ago
*****Spoiler*****auseillo spoiler **** DO NOT OPEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW  ejb6648 2 709 over a year ago
Congratulations  midnyte007 11 1424 over a year ago
fã Of The Month..  cheery_blossom 0 302 over a year ago
seguinte episodes airdates and titles  Delia_Beatrice 0 1216 over a year ago
I HATE DAVID costa (spoilers)  ejb6648 20 2771 over a year ago
Lisa E on Chelsea!  HuddyRox 0 831 over a year ago
Huddy Lounge of hopeness for a better huddy ...  Belle0308 68 6036 over a year ago
"5 to 9" - how do you feel?  Delia_Beatrice 2 1323 over a year ago
Why you think that Huddy is NOT over...  Belle0308 60 6033 over a year ago
Huddy song's or just house and Cuddy  huddygirl2 1 340 over a year ago
I have some thing to say  huddygirl2 3 950 over a year ago