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Unfortunately it's poor quality but I amor their interaction with each other! HL acts appalled when the interviewer apparently askes LE about Hugh's beijar technique. I also amor that LE can't stop laughing. lol
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Someone tell how in the world I ended up with 20+ parts to this...?!

    “Morning, Hugh,” Lisa called, coming out of her trailer a week later. Filming had begun on The Social Contract, and she had not had reason to be on set for a while. Hugh paused where he was talking to David por the breakfast mesa, tabela and smiled, waving her over.
    “How’ve you been?” He asked, feeling a strange, settling feeling come over him. The whole time she hadn’t been on set they had no opportunity to speak to each other, on the phone or otherwise, and now that...
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It's me again with another one-shot fic. I had an idea and I didn't wanna be too particular so... here it is, extremely short :P ;)
Please R&R ;)

Waiting for his scene Hugh walked around the studio where the crew was working on scenes taking place in Cuddy’s house.
“I will prove that you don’t amor him” an actor said and pulled Lisa into a kiss. The couple began to kiss mais and mais passionate, then continued to make out heading Cuddy’s bedroom.
“Cut!” someone shouted while Hugh was standing in shock after what he’d just witnessed . When he was leitura the script he focused...
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Well, you know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on youtube
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“Hugh…” Lisa breathed as they pulled apart. His eyes were dark as he shook his head slightly at her. Whatever she was about to say… it was a discussion for another time.

    “Now is the time,” Hugh said softly, appearing over Lisa’s shoulder right when she sat down to eat breakfast the seguinte day. She nearly spilled her entire plate on the floor.
    “Hugh! What are you doing?”
    He pulled out a chair and sat down, looking her in the eye. “We are going to talk.”
    “About what?” Lisa...
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*prepares protective umbrella for the barrage of tomatoes and cabbages that will surely be thrown her way...*

    Eight or nine days per episode…
    Lisa tapped the pen absentmindedly against the table, doing some mental arithmetic.
    Five episodes left…
    Greg and David exchanged looks, looked around to find the fonte of the noise, and glared.
    Assuming the worst, figure on 45 days? So roughly a mês and a half…
    “Lisa!” Both men suddenly yelled, and...
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