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Has anyone heard a about he rumours that Paolini has written a book called the game under the pseudonym Jim smart  davinci322 0 1586 over a year ago
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Who would be your cast if you were to remake the eragon movie?  Kell-N75 7 11786 over a year ago
Your dragon  warcraftjunkie1 14 5941 over a year ago
role play  greekgirlA 732 46522 over a year ago
Kiss, Slap, Hug  katniss311 12 2930 over a year ago
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Discuss the Last Book!  ilovereading 4 2490 over a year ago
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Christopher Paolini in the UK this September!  wembleygal 0 1633 over a year ago
the third and NOT FINAL book!!!!  luvrofedward 5 1799 over a year ago
first topic on eragon  Eragon 14 2061 over a year ago
ATTENTION  dane14 1 1280 over a year ago
The third book  Jonapello23 13 1508 over a year ago
A-Z in eragon  Saphira333 28 2711 over a year ago
Any Other Arya Haters?  SimplyLaurel 15 4834 over a year ago
eragon the Movie- A Dissapointment?  luvrofedward 30 3769 over a year ago
Mistake  rookyboy 12 1576 over a year ago
Calling all riders!! RP  jbinthehouse 82 3169 over a year ago
Who dies in the end of brisingr NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ THE BOOK!  martemora15 7 2859 over a year ago
What would you change in the eragon movie?  Kell-N75 5 3219 over a year ago
the war in eldest at the end of the book....  saphiragurl_x 5 2101 over a year ago
aleatório dragon topic-thing...  Grapejuice 5 1828 over a year ago
Last book  martemora15 10 2039 over a year ago
fourth book  dane14 2 2863 over a year ago
Big News!  snoznoodle 8 1612 over a year ago
Brisingr  huggies 3 1765 over a year ago
Brisingr  XpsychotickissX 17 2074 over a year ago
Another movie???  star_dust-12 3 2016 over a year ago