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posted by DeltaYJ
The camera focuses on the person. A young girl. Her face was angular, high cheekbones and a very pale complexion. Her deep blue eyes stuck out against her mangled black hair. She should have been pretty, beautiful even, but the dark circles under her eyes and the swelling from several bruises on her temples and neck ruined the image. One of her sapphire eye was ringed with blood as a cut ran from her forehead to her jawline. Her shoulders were slumped and bare, her camisa in shreds. She looked everywhere other than the camera.
“Hello.” Her voice was rough and dragging,...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Don't take this as a coming back, I got bored and wrote this..

"You killed them, Brendan." A deep voice stood in complete darkness, to where even Fangs eyes couldn't see.

"Did, not." Each breath was pain to him. It hurt to breathe, move, think. Fang wanted to curl up and die, but he didn't.

Then how did they, hm? The voice spoke again but closer.

"Bombing.." Fang's voice was ruff. His dark black hair had grown back to it's normal length before it was cut off. He grunted and shook the hair from his eyes.


"I'm not lieing." He grunted and clenched his fists when an electric shock...
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posted by Robin_Love
She awoke to a rythmic jolting, her head aching. She wanted to open her eyes but they wouldn't obey her. She realized someone, maye something, was holding her and walking. Her reflexes kicked in and she tried to mover away. But not being able to see things made it hard.
"Relax! It's just me!"
The sound of the voice should have made her scared. Instead, she relaxed. His voice had changed to a deep echo inside his chest with the slightest undertone of a hiss. But it was still him.
"Why can't I open my eyes?"
"Cyvus cast some sort of spell. As soon as you were out, he and Syl left."
"How am I supposed...
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posted by Blitz359
After getting their equipment and weapons quickly sorted out, Val and Scotch anxiously stared at Sean and Jenna, who were both watching the other two get ready. Cain had gone on ahead to try and stop Richi, and the two girls also wanted to bolt after him. "You guys ready?" Val asked nervously, restraining herself. Without replying, Jenna and Sean each pulled out a metal bracelet from their piles of belongings, which had both been thrown on the ground. The bracelets made a click! sound as they were clipped on. Beams of light sprang out from the piles as they began to dissolve, which began outlining...
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posted by BladeYJ
 The moon was a light red, you know the kind of moons you saw as a child and they always freaked you out, yeah that kind of moon. It lit the sky yet there seemed to be no stars, it creeped me out.
The moon was a light red, you know the kind of moons you saw as a child and they always freaked you out, yeah that kind of moon. It lit the sky yet there seemed to be no stars, it creeped me out.

Diary Entry #1

It's been a whole week here and honestly I'm craving something. I have to eat but nothing is appealing. It's blood I'm craving, but that's not my only problem. The other thing on my mind is Terror. I want him to know why I had to leave him.. I know he wouldn't take me as I am. So like everything in my life.. I let go. He's still my one and only. But I can never return to him until I'm my normal self. Until I find a cure for this fucking disease that runs through my veins. A disease that makes you want to kill and consume everything in sight. No one knows...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Two enemy scout ships flew past the cave scanning and searching, as they finally disappeared around a corner of rubble and ashes. " Everyone knows there positions? " Flynn muttered meeting all the pairs of eyes staring at him, " I'll repeat the plan once more, Amara, Ayton and Perris you three are searching for comida supplies, Daemian, Duke, Jake, you three are looking for any survivors... while I and Red Tornado rondaivou the perimeter, we have our communication devices so if something's wrong or someone's hurt everyone makes their way back to the cave and I and Red Tornado will deal with the...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
Gomen for grammar and spelling. This not beta's but it is a excerpt of my three-part (subject to change if needed) series Diagnose. It's be proven to be harder to write since I'm no longer in the YJ fandom, hence the mais homestuck format it taken with it being written in 2nd person. atualizações will be sporadic and let me know what you think. Enjoy you basic bitches.


"Po-pole," you wheezed against your fogging screen.

"Pole activated."

You lept back, carefully shifting your weight upon your palms with each flip back into the snow. Instantly the lobos follow upon suite, clawing against the soil...
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posted by SilverWings13
Alek unwrapped the bandages from his hand and stared down at the scarred knuckles. Scars not from his recent injuries, but from cuts made long before he had gained the ability to heal so quickly. He flexed his fingers, the fluid movement unhindered por any pain. The only reminder of Alek's outburst from the night before was the broken mirror, the glass of which the teenager had cleaned up. He made a mental note to replace the shattered mirror just as he heard a soft murmur behind him.
"I thought you had left." The girl standing in the doorway of the bathroom wore a white tee-shirt that hung loose...
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posted by Blitz359
As the fighting sounded out in the corridor ahead, Richi looked over at his companions. "Can you guys fight?" Jenna glanced over at Richi with a look of both annoyance and concern and replied, "Duh. I'm not sure how effective we'll be though. Something's been weakening Sean and me since we've been in this dungeon." Sean silently nodded in agreement. "Feels like Dampening Magic." Richi bit back a curse as the fighting seemed to get closer. Before he could say a word, a guard came flying out from around the corner and was embedded about 2 feet into the brick wall. Five mais guards came running...
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posted by Robin_Love
He stared at the paper in his hand, thoughts flying, coração beating faster with every second. We may be too late? What does that mean? Does it mean she could be- He cut the thought off and shook his head. He couldn't afford to think that way.
She was counting on him to help her. He wasn't going to let her down. Even if he had to sacrifice his own life to make it happen. Nic had asked him long atrás if he would be willing to leave everything, even her, to save her, allow her to live.
He thought about all the time they had spent together, the way her emotions sounded in her voice, her deep eyes,...
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posted by BladeYJ
"I have a problem."
"Lemme guess, it's your little pest?"
"Yes, she left the mansion."
"She can't think she can go wandering off now."
"Okay, you seem to be having a conversation with yourself, little brother."
"Teach her a lesson!"
"Ha! Me? She isn't my pet!"
"Dammit, Booker.. Fine. Send in her bro-"
"What? Why?"
"He's busy..."
"Dammit! Fine I guess I'll deal with her."

A knock shattered the broken silence. I looked up, who wanted to bother me, now?

Damian barged in, his eyes blazing, his lips drawn into a frown; his brows furrowed.
"Mother fu-" was all I could say, before...
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posted by Blitz359
Richi's vision blurred as he faded back into consciousness. The stone ground felt cold under his body, and as he picked himself up, his head began to throb with pain. Using a nearby mural to help himself into a standing position, he winced as a sharp pain suddenly came from his sides. Bars blocked him from leaving his apparent cell, and light shone through from the hallway. Richi felt blood trickle down from his cheek, and he saw that several bruises and cuts were all over his body. He felt his rib-cage and counted three broken, at least four fractured. "Wha-" he began to ask himself before...
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posted by Robin_Love
The loud sound of metal scratching together woke her from sleep. They had found a place between some rocks and just under an alcove so low they had to crawl out. She had been too tired from the dia before and now something was happening. She mentally cursed herself before slipping out.
Terror was holding off some kind of psychic blow and the sword he had used lay broken in three pieces. Damn. I miss everything! She stretched before pulling out her own attack. Terror ducked down and rolled over to her before standing again.
“Two attackers. One has strong magic potential. The other has a bit...
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posted by SilverWings13
Tapping his foot impatiently, Nic leaned against the mesa, tabela where the doctor worked. Aside from the hum of the refrigerators containing various serums and medications, it was the only other sound in the laboratory. Eliot Xian kept his head down, peering through the microscope. Without raising his head he pronounced, "You're making me nervous with that incessant tapping."
"Are you done yet?" Nic demanded.
"Shouldn't you be resting?"
Nic involuntarily smoothed his hair down over the bandage around his forehead, covering the stitches on the back of his skull. After a night under watch in the infirmary,...
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posted by Robin_Love
I know these have been posted before, but I'm going to list them again. All at once so there are no perguntas later on. Let's start.

Don't spam with pics UNLESS it's for a book series.

Articles must be kid-friendly aka PG por movie rating

If there are artigos that need questioning, message me.

If there are any problems between fans, they MUST contact me IMMEDIATELY

If you make fun of another user in a way they don't like, you will be reported (unless it's an OC thing like the Becca/Sam stuff that happens)

Pictures must not be graphic either sexually or violently

When new members come, tell them to...
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posted by SilverWings13
Randomly decided to lay out a list of my OCs, since I'm having a hard time keeping up with them myself.
-The "Lesser OCs" are ones that are mais like extras who I don't use often. Most are dead....
-The "Main OCs" are the ones I use all the time and have most likely written from their PoV or RPed as them at one point or another. Some of them of links to bios.
-HiT stands for Hero in Training (which is what I refer to our childs on the team or aspiring heros as).
-Any classified as vigilantes have killed at least on person and/or committed a crime in the name of justice.
-Joint OCs are the ones...
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posted by Robin_Love
They stopped for a rest at a lake. The sun was lowering slowly to go to cama and the two hadn't stopped moving since they left the town. Becca pulled the water from her pack and refilled it. Then she slipped off her shoes and placed her feet in the cool water.
“We can't stay too long.”
“I know. But my feet are killing me.”
“I know what you mean. Still, we need to be hidden before we actually rest.”
She nodded and tipped her head back.
“How long have we been here?”
“Only hours in the time. Maybe a dia in our world.”
“I want a bath.”
“Count me out.”
She laughed a little and...
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 Here's a pic of Julian. Would have it as an html, but the system doesn't like the link for some reason.
Here's a pic of Julian. Would have it as an html, but the system doesn't like the link for some reason.
Future childs alert! I'm doing this in paragraphs coz.. I fee like it.

Riley Conners Jr., better known as Rye, is 21 years old (GoW timeline). He lived with his adoptive parents link and Declan Conners (Declan is his uncle as well as adoptive father) until he moved out to live on his own in a Manhattan apartment. Though he's only seen him in pictures, Riley has been told that he is the spitting image of his biological father (Daemian Conners-Weston), with his chocolate brown curls, dark rimmed glasses, and blue-grey eyes, but has also inherited a frenzy of freckles and pale skin from his mother...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Arson in Civies
Arson in Civies
Name: Arson
Alias: Hatter
Occupation: Hero..
Powers: He has the telepathic ability to make people believe they are insane or to do anything he wants them to; expert with blades and weapons; plays on people's fear; flexibility
History: Arson is the son of Blade and Terror. He was raised with both parents, but with his father's ability to know fear. While Arson can not display someone's fear, he can make them go crazy in a world he creates in their minds. Arson was trained to fight and urso weapons. He was taught never to fear the dark but befriend it. While he understands the world humans live in,...
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Devs~ If it’s okay with you, I made some kids for Aisling and Rowan that you can put in Generation of War if you want. Let’s assume this is a universe where Jackson doesn’t exist, so Aisling and Rowan actually end up together.

Name: Victor Matthew Heyywood
Hero Name: Apocalypse
Age: 16
Appearance: 6’1” ish, strong/solid build, wavy dark brown hair, blue-green eyes, light skin, freckles, he looks a LOT like his mom although his facial features are a bit mais like his dad’s
Powers: Vic can fly, like his mother Aisling, and he also has super-strength. He mainly fights with hand-to-hand...
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