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posted by GlitterPuff
October 3rd, 1999

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"Rene, calm down."

"But, I wanna go in the castle!"

"We will go to the castle."

"Can we go now?"

"No, we'll go a little later. Look at the ticket line."

"Pwease daddy?"

"How about we get some ice cream first sweetie."

Okey dokey!" The father picked his daughter up por the waist and sat her on his shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his neck, not tight enough to choke him; but enough to hold on.

"Don't let her fall," the mother said cautiously.

"I won't." Rene giggled as her dad bounced her up and down on their way to the ice cream stand.


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posted by DiscordYJ
Name: Catalina Azure Liberty

Alias: Cobalt

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: French/American

Species: Half Spirit

Civvies: Varies

Costume:Doesn't have one.

Powers: She can make things die and cause things to live.

Apperance: Long blue hair with a light shaded streak down the middle of her bangs. She has fair skin and green/blue eyes.

Personality: Quiet, Content, Calm, Scared, Sad, Alone. But she also is annoyed easily and untrusting. (ONE WORDED RESPONSES)

Abilities/Skills: She was a gymnast, so she can do flips and tricks, and she is some-what skilled with knives, blades, and swords.

Background: Catalina...
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posted by Robin_Love
Warning you now; don't expect anything from the original character based off of the pics. Some things I will mimic but I give full credit to the ideas I use to those who created the original character. I promise, I'm not stealing. And I always use animê pics anyways. Just an FYI. Ok. Enjoy!!

Name: Haru
Alias: Yin/Yang
Occupation: Varied
Powers: Acrobatics, Martial Arts Expert, Can turn every dia objects into weapons, Staff, Nun-chucks, Daggers, Shuriken, Sais
History: Haru is not his real name. He uses it as an alias to his real name due to a traumatic past he has all but forgotten. Sometime during...
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posted by khanna266
 Anya leaving início
Anya leaving home
Name:Anya Sonia Tassia
hero outfit: black pants,blacktanktop,black sanals black mask
civvies:nothing special changes a lot
powers:sorcery,brings back the dead(only if she wants to),flying, preminitions,and telekinisis,
BG story:Anya came to America leaving the Russian Revolution with her family on a plane on her 16th birthday when the plane crashed and the whole family died,and she was turned into an angel.After a few years she decided she wanted to come back to earth to stay so God let her in return of her wings,so her wings were clipped and she fell to earth.

<3<3<3 hope you enjoyed!
posted by Robin_Love
 Willow loves Becca
Willow loves Becca
A sharp wind blewb through the room. She shivered and curled deeper into her covers. Another wind made her open her eyes. I thought I closed that last night.. She recalled closing the window and even locking it. Fear gripped her as mais fresh air came through her window and something moved close to her, giving off warmth. Slowly, she slipped out of the cama and quickly spun around. She found a body on her bed, black cloth covering it. She sighed with relief, recognizing the sleeping form of her sister, coal black hair untied. Willow sat back on the cama and hit her bedmate with a pillow. This...
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posted by Robin_Love
“You think I would give you that opportunity?”
“I think you'll have no choice.”
She looked at him, amusement in her eyes.
“You presume much.”
He smiled and opened his mouth to speak again but was cut off when Bruce came to the mic, asking for everyone to cadastrar-se in the torrada, brinde for Devin. She watched as her dance partner moved quickly off the floor and up to the make-shift stage. She glanced about before making her way out the door and towards the front door. Alfred handed her the casaco she'd worn.
“It was good to see you again, Ms. Stevens.”
“Same to you Alf. Watch over all of them for...
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posted by Robin_Love
Thought about this last night. A lot of the ocs we make are based on our own imagination. I wanted to dedicate this one to a real hero in history. At least in my own opinion, she is. So enjoy and let me know what all of you think of her. Link to her background story below if you're interested. Introducing a Legend.


Name: Jessica Olivia Arissa Nelly (goes por Joan)
Appearance: dark hair and hazel eyes
Alias: Arc
Occupation: mercenary (more on the hero side)
Skills/talents: Sword play, combat, agility, can handle extreme situations
History: She has no memories of her present body's past. She only...
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posted by GlitterPuff
"Shit shit shit shit!" Rene was running through the apartment, waking Zack up. He came out wearing sweatpants, rubbing his eyes.

"Rene, what's with the yelling?" She rushed past him, putting her hair up and quickly grabbing her heels.

"I'm gonna be late for work!"

"Can't you just go, poof, and be there?" Leaning aganst the wall, she pulled on the shoes.

"No, I can't just 'poof'!"

"Why not?" The red head ran into her room, looking in the mirror quickly.

"Cause it's a normal regular person job," she yelled to him. "I'll get found out if I just pop up there." Grabbing her large bolsa full of folders,...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Dylan in leitura glasses~
Dylan in reading glasses~
I'm not too happy with this part but let me know if you like. If enough people like it, I'll keep it. If majority hates it, I'll eliminar and re-write. Comment below!

“Okay let me see. This isn't right...why do I even bother with this?”
The bluenette leaned up against the counter, a clipboard in hand and leitura glasses on. He made a few grunting noises of disapproval, the pencil twirling between his teeth. His eyes scanned over the charts and half-assed explenations written down before he set it aside.
“Well that was a waste of time.”
He pulled off the glasses and rubbed his eyes tiredly....
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posted by Robin_Love
 White. White like snow
White. White like snow
White. Soft, smooth. White. White like snow. Blue. Blue like sky. Blue on white. White. White on blue. A small kick. A loud cry. Silence. A door opening. Another wail. Red. Red like blood. Red turning blue. Blue. Blue like sky. Black. Black like no life. Black. Just black.
Red. Red like fire. Warmth. Sensational warmth. A noise breaking through a silent night. Blue. Blue as water. Blue as the sea. Baby blue. White turns to peach. Red turns to peach. An outstretched hand. Weightlessness. Arms holding tight. White. White like milk. A creamy taste. A soft touch. A warm bundle....
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posted by Kurls_Basd
Name: Nate
Hero Name: Whisperer
Powers: Nate has the powers to communicate with animals, shape-shift into any animal he chooses and also has the power to make others understand animal once he is near to then. Telepathic.
Age:16 yrs.
Skills Combat fighter.
Relations: Adopted brother to Phfi. friends with Melody, Kaya, Akash, Martina, Koda.
Likes: People who respects authorities, tigers, hawks.
Dislikes: Ashley 'cause he thinks she just a spoiled brat, Jaivus 'cause he is a Beetle.
Attitude: flirtation, protective, Law abiding, proud
Statue: Creatian.
History&Past: Nate/Whisperer is a Creatian...
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posted by BladeYJ
Thought the Mistress of Disappearing was gone forever? Well sorry to bring your hopes up folks, because I'm back. Shortly? Yes. But not long enough to put your memories of me to disposal. I present to you, this article, in a series I never thought I'd come back to..




She spoke softly as she was wheeled into a room alone, her once long hair, now cut short, hung in her distant eyes, but the smile etched on her face was solid as ever,"M-my ow-own brother."


Emerald eyes shot open, blinked the scene into focus, and gazed upon the beautiful place before them. The holder of these gems stood,...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
Name: Salil
Hero name: doesn't have one
Powers: Controls water
Appearance: Blue hair and eyes.
Age:18 yrs
Abilities: combat fighter. Salil is able to control every drop of blood in persons body. He can cause their blood to rush to their head to knock them unconscious. Good with any musical instruments.
Relations: Lelisa boyfriend.
Attitude: Charmer, flirtation
Statue:Aquanason. Fugitive of the Aquanason kingdom.
History&Past: Salil grew up with a mother and father that loved their job mais than they loved him. His parents worked for the King of the Aquanason, Ashley's father. Wanting attention...
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Cheshire sat in the pilot assento of the jet leaned back beceas it was on auto pilot, well Twan sat in the copilot assento seguinte to her looking at the screen of the laptop on his lap.
Oke babs is everything redy? He asked.
Almost Twan just running some last background cheks and decrypting the codes of he security system.
Oke well I geas I will hear from you then.
Thad's rigt, but wait a minuto I got a surprise fore you.
She said as the camera imagens on the screen chanced from Babra, to Cadmus and Tess back in the apartment, Twan looks at the screen chancing and was happily surprised.
Well this is a surprise....
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Rated: PG-13-ish

“Iscath…Is your father?” Max nodded shamefully.

“I’m sorry. I should have told you earlier.” Rene stayed silent, contemplating her thoughts. Max looked at her, waiting for her answer; but she never spoke.

“Well well well,” a voice from behind said. Max turned his head and gasped a little.

“D-Dad.. Uh, Hi…”

“Oh don’t try that with me,” Iscath said. “You better leave my pet alone.”


“Yes. My pet.” He started to walk up to her; but stopped to grab the remote out of his sons’ hand. “Go. Leave me be.”

“A-As you wish, father,” and...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
Two persons are wheeled into the cave's infirmary both in very bad conditions. One being Ashley, who has third degree burns on both hands and is hardly breathing. The other is Jaivus, the young Beetle that helped her save her sister. He too is hardly breathing and has third degree burns from his neck to waist. Devin along with Rene, Kaya and Koda paired themselves into twos, Rene and Koda dealt with Ashley while Kaya and Devin dealt with Jaivus. The four healers started healing as quickly as possible. But suddenly Jaivus's vital signs monitor started beeping alarmingly, his coração beat dropped...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Reyna (Ray-na) Jackson
Alias: Hyde
Occupation: Translator; vigilante; student
Powers: Levitation, magnetic fields, “wings” that can repel radiation, her voice can manipulate things and people for a small time
Weaknesses If she expels too much power, she will pass out. She is not invulnerable to weapons that aren't magnetic. She can only levitate herself and only for short periods of time. To use her vocal powers, she can not be in her other form
Skills/talents: She is fluent in sign language, English, and understands Myers in animal forms
Appearance: She has blue hair in both forms, brown...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
All the fighting stop upon the woman's entry. She smirked and placed her hand on her hip.
"Its been a long time Frostbite."
"Well well well look you decided to show up."
Alanna walked up to Frostbite giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek."Oh how I missed you child." she said, placing her hands on Frostbite's shoulders.
"The feeling not mutual." Frostbite replied.
"I suspected that." she gave a small devious smile.
"Frostbite what's going on?" Aquapoint asked in mind link.
"Alanna's here to pick up...." Frostbite tried to explain but was interrupted.
"Now now I can't have you plotting in a mind link...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 Lelisa the fogo Slayer
Lelisa the Fire Slayer
Aquapoint's eyes widen upon seeing Frostbite she grabbed Koda por this clothes and asked firmly,
"What is going on?"
"Get off of me."
She quickly got off of him and both of them stood up.
"So?" she said, folding her arms.
"After 8 years for not seeing your older brother I'm surprise you can't say a single hello ."
"Call off those brats before my friends hard them."
"Kids cool it."
"Artemis, Mafia they work for my sister." she pointed at the girl with the dark blue hair. Artemis and Mafia stopped suddenly saving both there victims from their incoming attacks. Mafia and Whisperer shapeshifted back into...
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posted by GlitterPuff
"Get back!" She yelled as she continuously pulled the trigger. No one moved. "I said, get back!" The large mass of people ran back into their homes as the red head defended them. Bullets flew from everywhere, not even touching Rene.Something was keeping her safe; but no one knew what. She kept shooting over and over, but it was no use. A large group of men grabbed her and pinned her to the ground. She continued to shoot, blasting half of one of the men's heads off, causing him to fall to the ground with a puddle going around his head. Eventually, they threw the gun out of her hand and knocked...
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