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She looked at the Nervegear in her hands and let out a shaken breath and she turned around to look at Bentley who still layed trapped in his sub concious. She walked over to the cama and sat down on the empty side running her free hand across his exposed cheek once again, " im going to find you babe..." she muttered out gazing at him and finally looked back down at the Nervegear resting in her lap. " Im going to find you....." she breathed out once more, he still layed there lifelessly as she took one last glance around the room slowly placing the Nervegear on her head and layed down on the...
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posted by Robin_Love
She winced as his fingers gently ran over the bruise on her cheek. She could see the angry fogo in his eyes and looked down. His fingers pressed against her blackened eye gently and she pulled back a little. His hands moved to hold hers, which were in her lap. She glanced up and saw the pure rage that is surging through him, feels it in his shaking hands. She looks back down and tries ignoring his eyes boring into her. She looked back up, their eyes locking.
“Why the hell did they do this to you?” he asked.
“I was in the way. They wanted their loot.”
She shrugged and ignores the annoyance...
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posted by RichiYJ
I feel like I'm gonna regret even composição literária this story, buy whatever. Hooray for over-used world destruction plot!


Creak.... The branches of the trees groaned as they were pushed por the howling wind. The grama rustled, the leaves shook, and the night time air was cold. But all was seguro in a particular branch of a large árvore in the forest. Lychan and Hibi were asleep soundly, as they were used to the freezing weather. Richi, however, was being bothered por demons tormenting his dreams.


His dream shifted once more. Another piercing scream rang, and an evil laughter joined the horrible...
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The grey capacete in his hands looked quite harmless if he had to describe it, he sat on his cama staring at it and inspecting every angle possible. How could a little piece of head gear like this be such a danger?, he thought to himself, his train of thought was interrupted por a knock at the cama room door and the soft yet loud voice that he so loved shout from the outside of the door. " B!? im going out on a quick run ill be back soon " Aryess shouted out, Bentley heard the apartment door shut and her footsteps fade into the hallway and disappear. He breathed in deeply when his cell phone buzzed...
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Otherwise known as "Reboot: 6P7e1-3". If you can figure out those numbers, you're a genius... Anyways, enjoy!
The cycle repeated
As explosions broke in the sky

Eyes closed, she felt the world around her dissolve into duller as cores of steel and cement. The windows crashed inwardly, showing her in jagged glass, and she opened her eyes to the all-too familiar warehouse she’d called início at one point. She swallowed fearfully as she realized it was exactly the same as before; same room, same outfit, same dream.
All that I needed
Was the one thing I couldn't find

She panicked as she turned a full 360,...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
Fight with me and my worst than a scientist of a "father", OCified.

"Whats the password?" I yelled across the room.
"The Hell do you think it is?" Ciel yelled back. I rammed my head into the back of the couch, this was the seventh time he had changed the wifi password.
"Just tell me." I said.
"Look, missy." He stood up. He typed in the password, and jammed the enter key.
"Better?" He asked rhetorically. I remained silent, it was always better to just let him rage out.
"Look, you have some serious problems with talking to people. But you're going to have to deal with it, you're going to have to talk...
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No, this is not a new series. This just me doing something very Valente and probably very stupid. With the help of InfinityYJ, I am songfic-ing each and every song from Linkin Park’s (semi) new album, Living Things. Wish me luck. Btws this and most of the other ones are all AU.

Skin to bone, steel to rust
Ash to ashes, dust to dust

Wide eyes, narrow eyes. Turquoise blue to slate gray. The shock was clear on his face; she waved it off, the rage eating away at her heart. She knew that from the start, it was never going to last, she knew she could never have actually pulled it off, but that didn’t...
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posted by Robin_Love
She opened her eyes and looked around the dimly lit room. She read the time on the clock. Only noon. She had time. She reached under her cama and pulled out the suitcase. She got up and looked in her closet. Pushing the clothes aside, she grabbed all the weapons left on their posts. She placed them in the suitcase along with the other smaller knives and armas hidden in the room. S
he threw in a book of fotografias and her journal. She closed the suitcase, slipped her iPod in her pocket, and looked around the simple room she had called hers. There really wasn't much she had, a few books, few clothes,...
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Rene leapt over another roof, looking around every once in awhile. Ciel came up behind her. “See anything yet?”
Rene shook her head. “How ‘bout you, Ariel?”
A couple blocks away, Ariel held her hand up to her earpiece. “Nope,” she said, popping the ‘p.’ “I don’t think Revenge does either, but how should I know? He doesn’t talk.”
“Yeah, he’s like,” Aisling had a sudden coughing fit, “in that way...”
Rowan glanced over at her. “You okay?”
She snickered quietly. “Yeah, I’m fine. Tanner? Fang? Any luck overhead?”
The two landed behind them. “No, nothing,”...
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Can you believe it? It's officially been a ano since Red Revenge made his first appearance in Heart of Courage...

And now it's time for the party to start! Later this week, 66DragonAnimations will be uploading a video celebrating the one ano anniversary of this vigilante! The link to the link is below. They've even re-designed it for the special anniversary!!!

And what will the link account be doing you ask? Why, we're re-publishing every single Red Revenge story ever! Go check it out, fã us, and enjoy this mês of the Black Hero.

Celebrations start December 1st and continue until the World Premiere of What Matters? on January 5th!

So please, enjoy this mês of festivities and DON'T LEAVE!!!! WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK!!!
Part 6! (Oh and thanx to my readers for reading...I really appreciate it :))
Since its a ling time since posting, This is mais like a continuation article. Now we are definitely getting to the good parts hehe

At the same time...
“Girls, its fine, its just a power cut.” Shadow said. Reaching frantically inside one of her utility cinto, correia pouches she bought out a small flashlight and clicked it on.
“Oh yah”, Fin said, obviously creeped out, “Than what was with the scream? You know how creepy that was?”
All the girls stayed silent, too shocked to say another word. One of...
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June 30, 11:34 EST

Holly yawned and stretched her arms. The warm sun was heating her face and arms. She tossed the covers off and smiled sleepily. She was still in her tank-top and close-cropped shorts. 

The door to the apartment open and azevinho, holly jerked awake. Without making a sound, she reached for the gun she stored under her bed--

--to realize she wasn't in her bed. Holly's body braced itself as she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. She felt someone walk close to her and she swung her hand. 

Bryson dodged and backed up, hands in the air like...
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And now, an Exclusive Sneak visualização from the latest Installment in the Red Revenge Saga

This is not a fairy tale.
There are no happy endings.

Allies Fall,
Enemies Rise
Friends Return


"Go! Go!" Robin yelled, tossing down smoke grenades. They exploded and the bullets went in all directions. Wondergirl deflected the projectiles as she and Robin ran across the room. 

"Keep down." Robin ordered, throwing bird-a-rangs over the topo, início of the engradado, caixa the two had ducked behind. The duo heard several distinct thuds and then mais screaming.

"Move!" Robin yelled. The two leapt, taking down thugs...
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posted by SouthYJ
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posted by Robin_Love
“NO! Nononononononononononononononono!”
“Yes! You have to-OW!”
Cat ran off in her footed pajamas and hide while Zeth walked over to the three others who had already tried.
“She BITE me!”
“She really hates bedtime,” Trevor commented.
Zero shook his head and led Todd into the living room. They could hear Cat laughing about whatever game had been left on that she now found entertaining.
“Die Zombie! Die! No fair! I killed that zombie!”
Todd chuckled as they entered the room and Cat ran off again.
“I don't understand how he gets her to bed.”
“The better for us.”
“Except Terror's...
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posted by ValacYJ
Name: Jaime Adams. Or…”princess”
Alias: Valac
Relationship: *giggle* Ciel Norrian (Harmonian)
Powers: -Flight (wings), telepathic, ability to learn new languages instantly
Skills: Sword fighting, acrobatics, hacking…..ya know, the usual.
Past: Jaime, so far….hasn’t been captured por the school when he was born. Why? Because he was born with wings. At the age of 7, Jaime was captured and they took his wings. He despises the school and tries to burn it down every chance he gets. While, trying to burn it down, Jaime was knocked unconscious and regained his wings.
Other: –Called princess because he’s lazy and won’t train.
-Keeps throwing cards, knives, etc. in his casaco sleeves.
-Looks like Devin, acts somewhat like Fang.
-Picks on Lexi and Mel the most.
-Age is 16, Jaime stays in the 5 ano timeline. Normally he would be 11. So, he's in the YJ Invasion crew...Just, yeah. It's confusing.
 Ciel and Jaime :3
Ciel and Jaime :3
posted by ValacYJ
Scott sat on the couch, scribbling on a piece of paper across from Danny 
"Dude. You going to bed? It's like three o'clock in the morning." Danny got and walked to his room, 
"Yeah. In a minute." Scott got up, setting the paper aside and flipped off the light. He sighed and walked into his room, pulling off his shirt. Scott fell face first on the bed, sprawled across and smothering his face in the pillows. He curled up under the covers and grabbed the black stuffed cat that was sitting on his night stand. He petted the animal and cuddled against it. "I miss you." He cuddled up against it, beijar its head. Scotty smiled, "It does really look just like you Cat." he pulled the stuffed animal closer and fell asleep. 

It's short, BUT SO CUTE!!!  
posted by Robin_Love
She leaned against the wall, panting. The sun had set and she had reached a city a few dozen miles away. She was making good time. But something told her to go even further. She tried to take a step progressivo, para a frente and almost fell off the sidewalk.
“I guess it's time for sleep.”
She hefted the bag to her shoulder and walked slowly into the nearest unlocked building. Shipping company. The bag dropped at her feet and she curled into a ball in the shadows. Her eyelids drooped and she let out a yawn. She reached into her bag and pulled out a small teddy bear. A smile tugged at the edge of her lips....
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Red Revenge V:
What Matters?

Trailer 2-

In Cooperation With

For twelve years I've protected this city.

A red chevrolet, from the seventies, speeds down the street. Revenge jumps on topo, início of it.

And this whole time, everyone though I was a hero.

Revenge grabs the driver and slams him into the steering wheel. The car skids and crashes into a wall, Revenge jumping off.

Let them think that.

Power Corrupts

Sam picked up the capacete and slid it on over his head. The screens glowed red and activated. Systems, weapons. He had enough to take out half of New York and still resist the police...
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posted by SilverWings13
Maddex backflipped, avoiding two blunt projectiles.
"Ha! Missed- oof!" He stumbled back as a boots collided with his chest. He dodged another kick, then knocked it aside as it swung at him a third time. SilverWings fell back, her balance thrown. Maddex pounced on his opponent. She leapt out of the way at the last moment and he had to screech to a stop to keep from face planting into the wall.
Coaxoch and Harmonian walked in and face-palmed in unison. "They're still going?" Ceil said, astounded.
"Not for long," Mel got the sneaky smile on her face that made her friend nervous.
Silver swung a...
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