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Jet sat in the guest chair staring at the ink that lay across the paper of the form in his hands, he sucked in a breath as he read the words and they processed through his brain. He didn’t like the idea of doing this but it may be the only thing he can do for his cousin. Footsteps sounded suddenly as the blonde entered the room, grey met brown as she scanned her eyes down to the form in Jets hands “ whats that? “ she asked with some anger trying to be hidden por calmness in her tone. She knew, she knew what this form was for, and she didn’t like it. Jet let out a breath and muttered...
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The título says it all.
And no, I'm not leaving. That's not to say that I'm not pissed off at all you people. And I'm warning you now, you might hate this. You might get offended, you might hate me, but I don't give a flying Grayson about that. You guys have taught me just how stupid online drama is, and just how important it is NOT to let yourself get affected por it. So flame me all you want. I just need to rant.
Seriously, when did all this shit start happening? First our lovely Esmerelda decides to "leave forever" (anyone wanna count the number of times he's said that? Good. I didn't think...
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posted by BloodyMascara_

*Shrugs* Cheer, cry, be happy, sad, angry, dunno.
Too much drama, feelings feelings feelings, this is all gonna be fluff, so if you need the point of this article, skip to the bottom.

amor you guys, really do, but this drama is toooooo much.

So, me and my OC's are going on a... vacation.

You can still post on my wall, IM, caixa de entrada me, ect.

Just takin' a break from the club.

And if I'm a depressed emo faggot to you, not your fault. Stuff has happened, I should be fine in a bit.


Fly on~
-Raven, gone.
posted by Robin_Love
 For those who amor red-heads
For those who love red-heads
Name: Jackson Rider
Alias: J-Rider
Occupation: Shadow hunter
Powers: shadow manipulation, agility, fire, combat expert
History: Jackson grew up with Dylan in the orphanage. He was adopted before it was burned down, but his foster parents were abusive. He ran away and his fully developed powers acted upon his emotions. He accidentally started a fogo in a nearby town before he was found por his long time friend. Dylan introduced him into the Shadow Corps, where he was mentored and trained. He has become an expert in destroying shadow realms, only beaten por Dylan himself. Jackson and Dylan have an...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I didn't expect you to come here. Maybe you're just a fool.”
She looked at the figure in her mirror. His dark laugh filled the room.
“I've come to collect.”
“You had your pay. You roubou it. Or do you not remember.”
“Wrong. You are the one who has forgotten. I have big plans. And you still fit in the picture.”
She turned to face him, eyes blazing.
“You should know por now that I won't be a part of your games!”
“Not willingly, no. But you are not your own master anymore, Angel.”
He pulled a lantern from the shadows and her eyes fastened on it. Inside was a glow of energy.
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Dawn Sayori
Alias: Yuki
Occupation: vigilante; Neko
Powers: agility, flexibility, claws, acrobat, “moonlight glow”, charm
History: Dawn grew up with everything handed to her on a silver platter. She has worked, but most everything has been given to her. Her mother is a Neko, her father human. Because of the mixed blood, Dawn has been pampered por both parents. She is an only child and accepts this. When her father's fortune failed, Dawn's mother moved them to the beach, still living in the Golden state. Dawn made new friends there and is still pampered with everything and anything she...
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posted by FangYJ
Fangs backstory!

March 26
17 years ago. 

Jeb smiled, staring down at the small infant in front of him. 
"Magnificent little creature, isn't he?" Jeb held up the small dark hair child. 
"What make him mais special than the other ones, Sir?" A scientist sat behind him, filling out paperwork. 
"Don't you know?" Jeb turned his head and looked behind him. "This little fellow was born two months earlier than expected." The scientist gave Jeb a confused look. 
"But Sir, he-" Jeb cut him off
"Yes, I know he looks like full term child...but he isn't." Jeb set the small infant down and picked up the paperwork...
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Greetings! I have debated this for several days and have finally made up my mind to leave fanpop forever. I will NOT be coming back under any circumstances.

Yes, yes, I know you're all anxious for me to get out the door, but I need to clear up a few things first:

Red Revenge VI: The Legend Falls WILL premiere July 26 on The Mega-Trailer reveal will premiere April 1, once again on The link to my account is link.

This will be the final book in the Red Revenge/DC Comics crossover. After this book, I will be publishing all of my Red Revenge books on the...
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posted by Robin_Love
Because I don't do this near often enough.

Her feet pounded on the cement as she ran. Her breathing came out fast and hard, but she couldn't stop. He was following her and was not to far. She was normally not one to run, but she had no choice this time. She ran by, people giving her odd looks or just watching. She didn't stop for anything as she moved. She looked up. She was almost there; almost safe. She could do this.
She saw something running up beside her. She put on a last burst of speed. She was almost to the door when she was tackled. Two strong arms wrapped around her waist, pulling...
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Sorry this took so long. I really have no excuse, considering it was already written....Please don’t kill me. Old chapters: link and link
Aisling looked up in shock, her turquoise eyes round with terror. A moment’s panic stirred in her when she saw Fin, but her friend seemed to be fine, was already pushing herself into a sitting position, rubbing her bruised side. A sudden thought occurred to her, and she turned to Fin, questioningly. There were no signs of a bullet or any other weapon, so what had knocked her down?
    Before she had time to say a word, another blast...
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posted by GlitterPuff
The girl sat in the training room, playing with a bunch of potions. She pulled a heavy cauldron from out of her locker and put it in the center of the room. The girl put in a few neon colored potions and a dark blue powder inside, stirring it with a big wooden spoon. A mist rose from the pot, making the room smell like tomilho and rosemary. She said a few magic words, making the creation bubble, rising from the pot. Her voice grew as she said a spell and BAM! The creation exploded, making her fall back. Rene sat up and rubbed her head, looking around herself, confused.

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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"Jaime! Wake up!" Naliak shook the sleeping winged child that was sprawled out on Hitachiin twins couch. Jaime reached up and put his hand on Naliaks face, pushing him away. 
"Five mais minutes..." he rolled over pressing his face into the sofá cushion. 
"Get up! Unless you want Dariyn to burn to death, I SUGGEST YOU mover IT!" Naliak jerked Jaime off the sofá as he snapped himself upright blurring off, still keeping a tight grip on Naliak.
"Gah! You could've gave me heads up!" Naliak hit the ground with a thud and Jaime blurred towards the burning building only to be tackles por the Hitachiin...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Human guise
Human guise
Tara: I told you. I know. But I couldn't help it. You never can. Shut up.

Name: Robin Goodfellow
Alias: Puck
Occupation: Trickster; Summer Feare
Powers: Puck has many abilities. He can be one place then another with the slightest move. His pockets hold many things that change into any thing he wants. Puck himself can change his form. He also has two daggers in which his expertly skilled. But he has many unknown powers
History: Puck is an Immortal fey. His past is long and as old as time. But he is known most for trickery. He enjoys interfering in mortal games and fights. Any adventure is his “cup...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Orion the vampire
Orion the vampire
Tara wrapped the Japanese themed robe, veste, roupão around herself. She tied it tight, making sure nothing showed but her legs and neck. She slipped her black boots on then buckled her weapons cinto, correia around her waist. She slipped her gloves on and pulled her hair back in a tight bun. Slipping the sunglasses in place, she looked around for any other things she would need. She added the katana's coldre to her and looked at the blade. It didn't weight too much, but it was sharper than any other weapon. Her deadliest and most enchanted. The blade caught the light and the room faded away.
Instead, she stood in...
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posted by ValacYJ
Due to recent exercerions, and incidents, I will be leaving FanPop. Forever. Mainly because I'm gonna bring my schoolwork up. Good bye and have a nice life.

~Fly On,




..NAH! I'm just kidding, I cant survive seven hours. Much less a life time. Anyway, just giving you an update and all that...crap :P Anyway, so Dariyn is dead..he was part of Jaimes team.. Along with, Sift, Hinata and...someone else? And, I'll have a fórum come around sometime...maybe. *shrugs*

DON'T go in a fit of rage, (Raven.) because i'm not actually leave..what? Can't a girl have fun? I'll be on as always :P
posted by AugmentBoyYJ
Name: Felicity Hunter

Hero Name: Kindle

Age: 15

Appearance: she has long straight blackish brown hair with deep maroon brownish eyes. Hair is usually up in a ponytail or bun.

Powers/Skills: she has the ability to work with any sort of metal, she often can create many inventions or gadgets and start gears or open metal or electronic doors with the point of her finger, she can crush metal por touch or from afar etc. She has the ability to fly a helicopter to get others to places they need to be. She can tap into radio communication.

Relations: she was one of Willows best friends growing up until she...
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posted by SilverWings13
I never made her one, never saw the point, but this looked fun, so ...

Name: Emily Weston
Eye Color: dark brunette
Hair Style/Color: ice-blue eyes, pale skin
Height: 5' 8"
Clothing Style: lots of frills and flowers
Best Physical Feature: strong dazzling white wings

Your Fears: being locked in a cage
Your Guilty Pleasure: Godiva >:)
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: when Blaze stares at me through binoculars and tells me how relaxing bird watching is
Your Ambition for the Future: one dia becoming a successful lawyer, like a normal person

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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Aroan Akiyama (A-ro-ah-n)
Alias: Shard
Occupation:Hero; orphan
Powers:speed, strength, invisibility, street-fighting, weapons, tactic mind, demon claws, fangs, dark magic, possessive energy, swords
History: Aroan doesn't know much of his past. He just knows he was abandoned on the streets and has been beaten for the way he looks. He hid amongst the shadows and darkness, becoming a master of hiding. He watched and learned how to fight. He was taken in when he was 7. But the couple who took him in were drug dealers. When he found out, they beat him and threw him on the streets. Aroan was then...
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posted by Robin_Love
Listen. Read. Enjoy X3


A dark figure shadowed the light from her window. A hand clamped over her throat and warmed neck. The hand tightened on her neck, strangling her. The shadow’s eyes shinned gold in the darkness. The shadow had four horns and giant wings. Silver fangs dripped drool down on her. Red smoke breathed from its nostrils, framing everything in her view. A cold clutched at her coração and the shadow’s fogo illuminated its ugly, scaly face.
Scales were peeling off of its skin, some with a darkening black poison. Its tail swung around, creating mais smoke. The creatures giant...
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posted by Red-Revenge
Greetings! I come in Geekiness!

Not really, just with some good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first? Bad news it is. I'm cancelling the Red Revenge four part finale and the four season web-series that would've followed.

*Listens to silent audience* I'm sorry you're so displeased. *more silence* Anyway, onto the good news.

I just purchased a website which will become the início of the Black Hero in the very near future. I'm working on books, videos, character slots, and maybe even a game for the website! No confirmed encontro, data when this will be up but hopefully this summer.

Also, I'm restarting the Red Revenge series in his own world where everything belongs to me. The first book (the creation story, what else) will be published in three parts (for mais details, stay tuned to my wall.)

So, while I'm cancelling Red Revenge VI: The Legend Falls here, I will be opening the Black Hero's website and publishing the first in a ten book saga this Summer. Stay tuned!