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Love, encontro, data or Hate  DirtyDiamond 24 5018 faz 4 meses
This or That  mikee21 545 30513 over a year ago
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Kiss, Hug, Slap Game????  angelrose111 2 3651 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug, Slap, (Credits to Glee)  gossipgirl95 141 10379 over a year ago
favorito Character Game  superstar_kk 431 28156 over a year ago
favorito Couples Game  Supersweet 419 19075 over a year ago
favorito Character Game Take 2  heyther0689 20 2559 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Survey  OCFan123 48 6352 over a year ago
In Gossip Girl who's your fav character?  Kaileymoore 10 2436 over a year ago
Watch Gossip Girl Online ,Great free  tvlinks2013 2 3863 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Time Game  moo000 251 22057 over a year ago
Agree/Disagree game  mimika_s 166 12609 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Game! (Credit to The Secret Life)  gossipgirl95 24 2417 over a year ago
Season 1: Then and Now  Shandiii 9 2208 over a year ago
SEASON 3 *SPOILERS* - [Edited: 07/11/09]  Praesse 106173 2571152 over a year ago
Stills Editing Competition - Round 3: Rufus & Lily! (Open!)  Vampsessed 16 4063 over a year ago
- Rate the Gossip Girl Character Above You -  KarinaCullen 6 5457 over a year ago
seguinte fotografia game.  ultimateyou 4 1249 over a year ago
Episode Elimination Game  mdigs73 12 1875 over a year ago
Research Paper on Gossip Girl! :)  jyml92 0 2036 over a year ago
Episode Contest  sugar332 1 1454 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Blog Spinoff!  xoxotheig 0 1962 over a year ago
Wealth and Social Mobility in Gossip Girl  jsheta 0 1961 over a year ago
Gossip Girl True or False  NateHeartSerena 168 7479 over a year ago
Serena's hairdo 3x22  Eleni_ 0 4293 over a year ago
ALphabet game.  ultimateyou 6 2778 over a year ago
Gossip Girl ícone contest!<3 ROUND 13 OPEN DEADLINE september 28  Any_SJ 53 7420 over a year ago
which GG season did you like best????  fizzfrenzy 8 1885 over a year ago
^, >, v Game  maryam1311 11 2595 over a year ago
Yay or Nay Crossover Game!  gossipgirl95 39 3212 over a year ago
Gossip Girl A-Z  Queen_I 12 13021 over a year ago
Relationship game  ultimateyou 18 6258 over a year ago
GG picture hunt  ranstell2703 60 7960 over a year ago
The kiss Game (Credits to Vampire Diaries)  serenateaddict 97 7256 over a year ago
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Gossip girl - three words game  ranstell2703 457 18985 over a year ago
Gossip Girl pesquisa  Radvile 7 2531 over a year ago
Guess the Quote game  alemenmann 6 1989 over a year ago
Chair Vs. Dair  Chairfan123 23 2785 over a year ago
GG couples game  littlemizqt 51 5417 over a year ago
Your Favourite 5 characters?  xSOFAx 159 11058 over a year ago
Couple Song Contest! <Re-do> (Contest is Closed}  ChuckJenny4ever 83 12355 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Quote Contest  NocKairu 82 16508 over a year ago
A new impact from Nike Air Max  myinstylesshoes 0 2333 over a year ago
Enjoy defferent kids shoes--Nike Shox  myinstylesshoes 0 1566 over a year ago
Blair waldorf in PARIS  FASHIONANGELS 0 4683 over a year ago
Blair's Bensoni Dress! Witches of Brushwick  Camillej87 0 2148 over a year ago
Countdown to 70 000 fãs !  Kackahaluzova 37 3989 over a year ago
hello kitty  chiara1989 0 1919 over a year ago
Participate to a study research suvey  jujulafolle971 0 1775 over a year ago
Serena furgão, van der Woodsen ícone Contest!<3  Any_SJ 1 2836 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 20 s05e20 Salon of the Dead  dazzling77 0 4182 over a year ago
Best wallpaper contest round 1  MusicalLucyHale 1 1652 over a year ago
Dan Humphrey ícone Contest [Round 1- OPEN]  fluffiness 23 6795 over a year ago
Chuck baixo ícone Contest [Round 6- OPEN]  fluffiness 95 9397 over a year ago
ENJOY!!~WaTcH AMA Supercross Daytona 2012 Live Streaming Online  samual35 0 2324 over a year ago
ENJPY!!~Watch Reds vs Melbourne Rebels Live Streaming Super 15 Rugby Online  samual35 1 2657 over a year ago
@drunkgirlprblmz  cheesecakella 0 1245 over a year ago
For anyone who has read the novel, The Luxe...  hallemay550 1 7166 over a year ago
Fabulous Gossip Girl Dresses  Lolalee 0 1935 over a year ago
Gossip Girl!  NYCGal 0 1155 over a year ago
100th ep.. Louis, Chair, Dair - SHOCK?!  ramyy 0 1918 over a year ago
oi everybody need answer about gossip girl  cantdenynesta 0 1161 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Editing Contest  tutorgirl95 2 2742 over a year ago
Character Soundtrack  KarinaCullen 3 2240 over a year ago
Your topo, início Five favorito Couples....  rrpdsks 37 4307 over a year ago
Chair fã Club  Chairfan123 0 1500 over a year ago
Gossip Girl 15in15 ícone challenge [Round 3- Open]  Radvile 365 15853 over a year ago
Nate Archibald ícone Contest [CLOSED]  fluffiness 184 18828 over a year ago
Couples Elimination Game.  freffyislove 923 24368 over a year ago
Best Word To Describe: GG Edition  Bananas3640 168 21191 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Elimination Game  mdigs73 688 23555 over a year ago
i need a wallpaper like this  skydm0606 0 1476 over a year ago
Gossip Girl ícone Contest [Round 10]  Invisible-Tears 127 13311 over a year ago
One Word That Describes These Couples;  HotStunner 20 2239 over a year ago
Why to amor Serenate  chopilichi 4 1383 over a year ago
J and N  choo 15 2731 over a year ago
amor Serena and Nate  abercrombie8 0 1136 over a year ago
Really new! Gossip girl fã club  Kodisocute 0 1482 over a year ago
Gossip girl new fã club  Kodisocute 5 1161 over a year ago
Blair  Kodisocute 0 1515 over a year ago
Please click here because of death  Kodisocute 0 1466 over a year ago
chuck and blair click here now  Kodisocute 0 1197 over a year ago
Gossip Girl - Girls's fã club  ranstell2703 5 1487 over a year ago
Best Quote Contest  DirtyDiamond 9 1707 over a year ago
Out of these couples, which order do you like them in?  brigmeister30 28 2715 over a year ago
What high school did Chuck baixo go to in the show?  Spikefan74 0 2271 over a year ago
how to watch Gossip Girl online?  stakesbelmont 0 1152 over a year ago
What Songs Go Well With The Show?  gossipgirl95 4 1195 over a year ago
*Gossip Girl Picture Contest*  mdigs73 393 52313 over a year ago
Vote for Chuck and Blair- Spoiler tv pesquisa  T-L-P 0 1645 over a year ago
darma  mondifia 0 1544 over a year ago
Countdown to 35000 fãs  waldorf 1634 51196 over a year ago
Do you Dare to Dair?  brigmeister30 22 3382 over a year ago