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Blair'choice---Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs?  VickiAu 0 1058 over a year ago
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Best Word to Describe Contest.  Elbelle23 4 1032 over a year ago
[Round 7; GG ícone Contest] OPEN!  MsJeremyGilbert 76 6837 over a year ago
help!i'm getting married.which dress is better?  ladygagalol 7 1220 over a year ago
Write descrição for picture  ranstell2703 3 1228 over a year ago
Gossip Girl (fans)- True or False  DaniKatZ 1 544 over a year ago
Describe The Scene With A Song CONTEST [Props to win!] ღ♥ღ  BubblyVicky 3 1059 over a year ago
Blake's smile...  dimsumdolly 0 893 over a year ago
For the real gossip girls fans!!!  xxxBieberFanxxx 0 1333 over a year ago
Gossip Girlies ♥ Fans` Thread ♥  KaterinoulaLove 8 702 over a year ago
Dia das bruxas Party!!!  lovepop 0 660 over a year ago
Fave Gossip Girl Recaps?  mcross 0 496 over a year ago
LET DAN AND SERENA BE TOGETHER  btvsfan310 2 911 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Couple Awards  ranstell2703 6 6047 over a year ago
What cell phones are the characters using?  SirCalz 1 1484 over a year ago
Vote for Blair Waldorf!!!!  FamousCookie 0 659 over a year ago
The Best Couple on GG?  memesization 0 712 over a year ago
Look like Blair or Serena for less money!!!  Morgan92 0 888 over a year ago
REAL LIVE GOSSIP GIRLS!  Morgan92 0 2237 over a year ago
GG list  ranstell2703 0 1374 over a year ago
Song to Describe The Character Contest!(Round Two:Chuck Bass)  gossipgirl95 23 2904 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Friendship ícone Contest  lilbrigiere 145 6745 over a year ago
♥Gossip Girl best pic contest♥  fudgemurder 3 1579 over a year ago
Season 1 survey  Shandiii 19 1844 over a year ago
Jenny and Serena - Why are we so alike ?  ranstell2703 3 509 over a year ago
Gossip girl Vending Machine {credit from Glee}  ranstell2703 85 3792 over a year ago
Gossip Girl-Dash Race Couples-Round 3!!!  superstar_kk 228 6072 over a year ago
Chair,Derena,Natessa Club Name.  TeamEndgameFan 6 1033 over a year ago
[GG POEM CLUB] Nate / Jenny / Serena poem  ranstell2703 1 863 over a year ago
Best Song for The Couples Contest!(Round Ten:Dan&Georgina)  gossipgirl95 90 4705 over a year ago
HUGE SPOILER! Gossip Girl revealed!  zarnitev 27 3860 over a year ago
GG Quote Contest. (Round 16)  Radvile 128 7193 over a year ago
Best word to describe the GG couple contest! [ON HIATUS]  iLoveChair 264 14855 over a year ago
Gossip Girl ícone Contest! [ON HIATUS]  iLoveChair 593 29206 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Personality Contest (Rufus' Round)  Radvile 88 3663 over a year ago
Gossip girl quote guessing game  ranstell2703 2 862 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Scene Describe Contest (Serena And Blair Being friends Again)  Radvile 10 2942 over a year ago
Best Quote for Couple  ranstell2703 3 884 over a year ago
What do you think will happen in season 4  ranstell2703 4 1035 over a year ago
Which Couples Are Your Guilty Pleasure?  gossipgirl95 3 819 over a year ago
If Gossip Girl Was a Fairytale...  gossipgirl95 1 736 over a year ago
Team Endgame Thread!  gossipgirl95 9 1235 over a year ago
Team Endgame & Trifecta Thread!  gossipgirl95 36 2403 over a year ago
Picture Caption Game!  gossipgirl95 5 697 over a year ago
Best song to describe.....#1  ranstell2703 6 1077 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Style Contest (round 7)  ranstell2703 60 3162 over a year ago
Favourite scene from gossip girl  littlemizqt 0 1137 over a year ago
Share your Twitter  ranstell2703 0 665 over a year ago
Best reason for(game) Why Vanessa is annoying....  Rocka_Chik 3 1527 over a year ago
Gossip Girl The Musical! I Know This Is Kindof Dumb But,Whatever!  gossipgirl95 26 1990 over a year ago
Gossip Girl atuação Contest <PICK YOUR WORST>  ranstell2703 2 794 over a year ago
Gossip Girl picture game  littlemizqt 0 1423 over a year ago
hi justin  sandou 0 626 over a year ago
This fã page increase quickly  jerrycorlisscj 0 809 over a year ago
Guess the Character???  livelydebate 105 4331 over a year ago
Dan and Serena Fanfic  bladgleyluvr09 0 597 over a year ago
Episode Contest S2  lilbrigiere 2 721 over a year ago
Who likes Chuck/Chair????  sk8ergirl08 20 1631 over a year ago
Glad to be a friends of all gossip grils fãs  jerrycorlisscj 0 663 over a year ago
Will Anyone cadastrar-se My Chair & roubou fã Club?(Starr&Cole from One Life To Live)  gossipgirl95 0 1261 over a year ago
Why do you think the ratings keep on falling? How to get them back up ?  CHOCOLATTE 0 951 over a year ago
Will Anyone cadastrar-se My Chair,Chanessa,Chenny fã Club?  gossipgirl95 1 704 over a year ago
Chair & Delena fã Club!(Delena is from TVD)  gossipgirl95 0 925 over a year ago
NJBC vs The Brooklyns fã Club!(Dan+Jenny+Vanessa=The Brooklyns)  gossipgirl95 0 560 over a year ago
Chair,Jate and Derena fã Club!  gossipgirl95 0 632 over a year ago
Jenny/Nate/Serena fã Club!  gossipgirl95 2 662 over a year ago
Chair & Ramy fã Club!  gossipgirl95 1 872 over a year ago
Chair & Quick fã Club!  gossipgirl95 1 1105 over a year ago
Blair's cell phone???  Hananita 16 43888 over a year ago
GG vs SLAT fã Club!  gossipgirl95 0 748 over a year ago
New fã Club!  gossipgirl95 0 731 over a year ago
Season 1 episode contest  lilbrigiere 0 1635 over a year ago
3x15 The Sixteen ano Old Virgin Soundtrack  laurik2007 0 5089 over a year ago
Dan & Blair????  vbchick21 20 2266 over a year ago
Gossip Girl – 3×13 “The Hurt Locket” Soundtrack  laurik2007 2 16190 over a year ago
Blake Lively‘s handbag —another fashion style  nicole_01 1 2166 over a year ago
Anyone heard about this show?  leaveme 1 904 over a year ago
Matthew Settle in Broadway's Chicago  SRauch 0 935 over a year ago
I amor her-Queen B  kaileyyoung 2 608 over a year ago
Vote for Ed Westwick as "World's Most Stylish Man!"  ShelleyG 1 2149 over a year ago
Random!!!  littlemizqt 0 752 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest ! [Round 8]  alessandra_28 114 11128 over a year ago
I GOT TO BE ON THE SET OF GOSSIP GIRL  Cappiesgal 0 557 over a year ago
help for making vidoes  crazy8gurly 10 1556 over a year ago
VFC TEEN  victoryfanclub 0 1289 over a year ago
The Gossip Girl spot secret Santa! (sing up before December 6th)  edwestwick 123 6722 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Caption Contest  blairfan507 4 905 over a year ago
who do you...  lizisme 37 2275 over a year ago
Favourite Episode????  antwnia13 0 747 over a year ago
Playing favoritos  cjabbott 0 849 over a year ago
Natalie Knepp as Lexi  kellyclarkson12 0 5002 over a year ago
where to download hd episodes of gg for free  caddy 0 1474 over a year ago
PHOTOS: Gossip Girl Gals Gear Up for Winter  egocentric 0 608 over a year ago