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PHOTOS: Leighton Meester’s Flirty & Feminine on Set  egocentric 0 1077 over a year ago
PHOTOS: Leighton Meester’s Flirty & Feminine on Set  egocentric 0 564 over a year ago
cant wait  ryansfan4life 0 818 over a year ago
Penn Badgley, Hilary Duff kiss on Set  egocentric 1 6774 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Stalker Gets Some Good Footage  egocentric 0 491 over a year ago
Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester Film Upcoming Scenes  egocentric 0 2302 over a year ago
New Banner Contest (THE PICK IS ADDED, VOTE!)  waldorf 49 2990 over a year ago
raposa News Spins Gossip Girl Failed Censorship to National Call for Book Challenges  jana84 1 1181 over a year ago
[Season 3] Will NS get together in Season3 ???  ManhattanQueen 2 1000 over a year ago
Chace Crawford Tops PEOPLE's Hottest Bachelors List!!! CongratsXOXO!!  ManhattanQueen 0 811 over a year ago
Don't understand why Dan is the main male character in the show instead of Nate....  nateismyboyfd 7 1047 over a year ago
XOXO!! DAN has the FEWEST fãs on facebook among the 3 males...  gossipmodel 5 1099 over a year ago
Which Serena do you like? The party-girl Serena/good-girl Serena??  gossipmodel 1 1124 over a year ago
Difference in the Show and the Book  mikee21 4 1290 over a year ago
Are there many plots describing Nate & Serena in Season 2? (haven't watched Season 2 yet-__-)  gossipmodel 2 1212 over a year ago
chace/nate t-shirts  anatta 0 1271 over a year ago
Countdown to Season Three  LittleDancer123 0 1044 over a year ago
Hey, girls new fã here!  Chlarkfan 10 1247 over a year ago
Moved to Sundays at 3.00!!  Little_Cullen 2 1421 over a year ago
serina and dan  princess09 8 1296 over a year ago
GG spoilers  chair4eva 0 1017 over a year ago
Season finalle spoiler theory!V/C/B related!  amberRocks 4 1039 over a year ago
New Spot...Please cadastrar-se  sEnSuAL_aDDicT 2 1156 over a year ago
stellastarr* new single on GG TONIGHT! 4/20  wmgilg 0 869 over a year ago
For all you Gossip Girl-loving HS graduates!  shortiecake123 2 958 over a year ago
I got a green medal  cicino1 0 613 over a year ago
Gossip girl picture caption game  livelovelaugh 3 1279 over a year ago
fã of the mês  alessandra_28 31 1496 over a year ago
Pregnant :)  heyther0689 4 1170 over a year ago
DAN is really an unfaithful person  karrer_0915 5 959 over a year ago  monkee95 5 1577 over a year ago
THE RETURN OF GEORGINA SPARKS TO GOSSIP GIRL  designer_diva 6 2228 over a year ago
blair hiding something???  gossipgirljade 7 1348 over a year ago
JUICY SPOILER who was spotted beijar NATE onset (not vanessa)  designer_diva 1 1482 over a year ago
The Kevin Identity  ChuckBlairLuvA 16 1212 over a year ago
OMFG  Rider-a-t-Heart 11 1193 over a year ago
Promo for Carnal Knowledge  kiki_rox 4 1366 over a year ago
Can anyone help with this Gossip Girl mobile phone Q??  NicoleNix 2 5966 over a year ago
Ed, Chace and Leighton interview  TriineA 5 1467 over a year ago
amor Blake Lively?  clover106 0 855 over a year ago
OMG!I KNOW!*spoilers!*  amberRocks 4 1132 over a year ago
Nate's a Hypocrite  Seelones 5 2300 over a year ago
blair and chuck awesomeness  AnnaK 3 1002 over a year ago
Who Is Gossip Girl?  la_bomba29 10 1066 over a year ago
Georgina is commin back...  heyther0689 0 1121 over a year ago
Vote for Serena!  bartje006 0 674 over a year ago
Interview with Ed Westwick!  mandyy 4 1230 over a year ago
Rumored to be a couple in real life  abcd 5 1264 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Fanfiction/Fanvideos  LittleDancer123 3 1268 over a year ago
The Person above me.  dermer4ever 3 876 over a year ago
Who will estrela in the spinoff?  heyther0689 0 777 over a year ago
Question?  PamHalpert454 0 890 over a year ago
What Do You Think Of Chenny (Chuck And Jenny ) ?  CHOCOLATTE 6 722 over a year ago
Season 2 Episode 11  JessicaPamela 5 881 over a year ago
EW ed&leighton cover  wolf_chic 0 658 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Pics  polishgurl69 4 727 over a year ago
Question...  hallemay550 69 2624 over a year ago
Funeral on GG...  heyther0689 11 1085 over a year ago
blake lively, penn badgley, and jessica at Juicy Couture 5th Ave Opening  lrnarabic 0 708 over a year ago
did anyone else see this?  musiclikelove 2 529 over a year ago
What Should Happen To Chair ?  CHOCOLATTE 0 575 over a year ago
GG T-shirts <3  heyther0689 2 908 over a year ago
música on Gossip Girl  musicchik13x 1 590 over a year ago
the name game  dermer4ever 6 832 over a year ago
GG CB clips 2x07?  ChuckBlairLuvA 2 772 over a year ago
WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SPOILER THREAD?  Praesse 12 968 over a year ago
If Chuck And Vanessa ....  CHOCOLATTE 15 1090 over a year ago
IF U HAD 2 PICK A JOE BRO TO MARRY WHO WOULD IT BE?  chazzy14 5 894 over a year ago
I Made A Spot For Gossip Girl Not The Show The Blogger  CHOCOLATTE 9 1100 over a year ago
Where to dl the series!?  jessbabe 7 895 over a year ago
Leighton Meester Movie  clover106 0 573 over a year ago
Hatered Gossip Girl Style  dermer4ever 5 882 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Dreams  ChuckBlairLuvA 26 1276 over a year ago
No mais Gossip Girl For 2 Weeks  CHOCOLATTE 8 865 over a year ago
pergunta about the books.  hallemay550 4 748 over a year ago
Finish the statment ( this isn't like Finish the sentence game)  dermer4ever 6 1050 over a year ago
+Positive  dermer4ever 82 2747 over a year ago
Drew&Ed  monkee95 0 608 over a year ago
Funny Gossip Girl Review  GG_chica 2 848 over a year ago
Real live hookups??  BrucasChair 4 1317 over a year ago
season 2 couples  prisxoxo 16 1771 over a year ago
Gossip anyone?  chloeclover 0 672 over a year ago
talk?  livelovelaugh 6 1085 over a year ago
Cuuuuuute Chace Crawford Interview!!  iheartmusic 0 824 over a year ago
Does anyone else...  hallemay550 31 1861 over a year ago
Season 2 Premiere Thoughts?!  dave 2 1034 over a year ago
Countdown To The Start Of Season 2  CHOCOLATTE 45 2380 over a year ago
Gossip Girl 2.01 On Itunes?  heyther0689 0 774 over a year ago
Fun Gossip Girl Websites  Sally05 0 1213 over a year ago
Where can I watch Episode 5 "Dare Devil"?  Pepperpop11 1 1115 over a year ago
Icon?  Shandiii 14 975 over a year ago
OMG Gossip Girl has Finally made it south to New Zealand!!!  angel_02 1 626 over a year ago
Season 2 episode summaries  chameron4eva 1 1628 over a year ago
doesn't dan....  lizisme 7 729 over a year ago
Should I read the books?  lindsey2182 15 950 over a year ago
where was xoxo  kfrancis08 7 1158 over a year ago
why do you guys like chuck  youknowit 30 2291 over a year ago
alternate ending  mandyy 4 1179 over a year ago
What is it called?  short_arse 1 891 over a year ago