pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
(Okie dokie lokie)
Deruseus: (dips head) Nexa. We need to talk. It's about my son, Jay.
(the lady smiles evilly)
Nexa: Yes, I've been wanting to take that one for my own ever since I realized his potential. He's chosen the losing side, unfortunately.
Deruseus: There's still time to get him on ours. If we can just separate him from his friends...
over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
Alma: I did? How?
over a year ago Nojida said…
"He's gone now" Green says and helps Sapphire change.

"The one is called Nexa" the boy says "We now have both their names"
"If what my father and Mr Robert said was true...." the girl says sweatdropping.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Ruby held the door knob, let go and smacked himself "No Ruby! You're not weak, you're strong!"

Clayton bumped in Deruseus "Oh pardon me , by any chance have seen a boy who speaks in an obviously fake accent and looks exactly like me except for a few inches ?"
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail: everyone did
over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
(Nexa vanishes)
Deruseus: No, I haven't. Now, why don't you just run along and find him?
over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
Alma: But how? I can't apologize if I don't know what I did wrong.
over a year ago Nojida said…
Sapphire sighs putting on her shoes 'Did you really have to make the scene that akward?"
"Yes, my dear Sapphire, yes I did" Green says with a grin, placing the outfit back in her bag "Now, Chris is next..."

"She..." The girl says shocked.
"Yes, it was true afterall" the boy says "We don't only have to take care of the evil team, now it's this too..."
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"I'll deal with Shadow later"Jace said clenching his fist and turning to Dawn "Now come on Dawn, tell me who it is"

"Girls, can I come to you now ?"Ruby asked through the door

"Well you're obviously evil but thanks"Clayton said and walked til a tree and hid behind it
over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
(BTdubs, I was looking back through the pages, and I realized something. I never answered your question about why I call myself "the Dragon." My OC is a dragon, and very important to my story. Besides, looked at my username lately?)
(Anyway, I g2g. If you want to, you can take it from here)
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail: i was abandon by my friends and love one
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Okay the dream continues)
"Tell us!" "Say who it is!" "Pika, pika!"
"Uh... um....uh...." Red says blushing and trembling "I.... I...."
They all stare at him with excitment.
"I like all of you!" Red exclaims making the 'Protagonist's smile', causing a bright light and everything turns blank.

"Ahhhhh, it's blinding..!!" Dawn screams waking up and breathing heavily.

"Yes, we're ready" Green replies.

(Yeah I've seen your username XP I was just asking, since usernames usually are based off something, like mine ;D)
The children hide behind the builting sweatdropping.
"The legendaries aren't something to be worried about now, since most of them have been caught by trainers..." Selina says.
"I know one of them, so I'm sure Kuyrem and Ho-oh are safe" Kyohei says "I haven't met the other trainers but I have seen their info, they seem skilfull"
"So, our task now is to stop the Dark Event?" Selina asks.
"That's what Mr Robert tolds us to do" Kyohei replies "There might be more skilled trainers out there, but this is also a job for the International Police..." he thinks to himself.
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DragonAura15 commented…
It is based of something-my OC and story! :) over a year ago
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"Dawn are you okay ?Are you hurt ? Nightmare ? Emotional scars ?"Jace asked checking her over like an overprotective puppy

"Okay"Ruby walked through the door and over to them "So who's your next victim ?"

(What's yours based off ?)
over a year ago Nojida said…
"The 'Protagonist's smile'.... It's blinding...." Dawn says breathing heavily "I still can feel my eyes burning from last year...."

"Chris is up next" Green says with a grin.

Chris looks up from her book "Hum?"

(Random confusion, involving Magia and another character of mine named Nojida)
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"Are they okay ?"Jace asked

"Well that makes sense"Ruby said

"What's wrong Chris"Gold asked sitting on a chair behind her

(Makes sense)
over a year ago Nojida said…
"Y-Yes..." Dawn replies feeling her eyes "As long as Red doesn't use that 'smile' again..."

"See you two later!" Green says and runs off.

"I just have a feeling something bad is going to happen...." Chris replies with a sweatdrop.

(Actually, it doesn't, but oh well XP)
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"It's Red!"Jace said punching his fists

"I see she's back"Ruby said

"Does it have something to do with Green ?"Gold asked

(Whatcha gonna do ?XP)
over a year ago screamingdeath1 said…
Shadow runs out of the pokemon center.

Platinum goes where Jace and Dawn was,"No need to Punch him nomre he left." telling Jace that Shadow left.Platinum looks at Dawn."Hey,my name is Platinum." looks back at Jace."I heard yall overtalk that there's going to be a Christmas Event,can i come"
over a year ago Nojida said…
"Nice to meet you, Platinum" Dawn says "Yes, you can come. It's going to be in a few days, when the new year starts" she turns to Jace "And there's no need to argue with Red... I mean, I don't think he's going to use that blinding smile, only if there is a big need"

"She sure is.." Sapphire says with a sweatdrop.

"I really really hope not" Chris replies trembling.
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail look at the floor
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"Sure you can, everyone's welcome"Jace said "Okay, just checking"

"Sorry again for lying, you did look fantastic in that outfit"Ruby said

"I think you should run anyway"Gold said
over a year ago Nojida said…
(By the way, how long are they gonna wear the outifits anyway?)
"I'm not sure about Magia, though... She did make a 'Protagonist's smile' a few days ago and had no problem using it without any serious reason..." Dawn thinks to herself with a sweatdrop.
(BTW, Magia and Hert can also make that smile XD)

Sapphire blushes a bit "You really think so?"

"I think so too" Chris says getting up, but Jiggly blocks her way by popping up infront of her.
"Nope, Green-san needs to have a chat with you~!" Jiggly says with a wink
over a year ago screamingdeath1 said…
"Ok.Can you wake me up later?" Platinum said,going on the bed to go to sleep.
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail stares
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Til the end of Christmas)
Jace's stomach growled "Oh yeah, Danae said there's lunch"
(Well it's a protagonist's smile, in theory all protagonists should be able to use it XD)

"Yeah you did"Ruby said

"Looks like you're too late"Gold said getting up
over a year ago Nojida said…
(And how will you get'em to do that?)
Dawn's stomach growls "Yeah, we should better go eat something.."
(So it's also Jace, Abagail, Jay and Platinum?)

"I should've figured you would say that, though" Sapphire says smirking "You say I look good in everything I wear"

"There you are, Chris!" Green exclaims running over to them.
"Oh boy" Chris pales.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Um you're in charge of the girls, you figure it out)
Jace gets off the bed "Lets go"

"Well it's true, this outfit was more appealing to my ......male needs"Ruby said

"What's going on ? And why do I have the feeling I'm gonna like this ?"Gold asked
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail sighs
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Well, in my opinion, the girls wouldn't like to wear that even for one second XP)
Dawn gets off the bed and wear her boots "Wonder what they'll have for lunch today"

Sapphire looks skeptical "Male needs? Like?"

"I want Chris to try something on" Green says dragging Chris, who was still pale colored, into a room.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Then why'd you suggest they all wear it ?)
"I hope it's meat"Jace said walking out the room

"Coming!"Ruby said to avoid the question

"Am I gonna like this Jiggly ?"Gold asked Jiggly
over a year ago screamingdeath1 said…
Platinum wakes up."Nobody never woke me up,heh." Platinum said getting up and going downstairs."Is there any lunch?"
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Because I'm a shipper XP Hey I found an idea)
Dawn giggles following Jace.

"Claire, I think we should get going now" Magia says staring at the presents Claire was going to buy.
"But..." Claire cries staring at some funny-looking balls.

"Coming?" Sapphire asks confused.

Jiggly replies with an evil giggle.
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail look at the window
over a year ago Nojida said…
Danae sees Platinum "Hello there" she says "Are you here for lunch?"
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(What ?)
Jace walked down to the lobby "Danae ?"

Red walked up to them with two rainbow coloured bags "You girls done yet ?"

"Yeah Jace called me"Ruby said walking towards the door

"I'll take that as a yes"Gold said
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Ya say they have to wear it for as long as the others do, so what if only one wants to stay in it longer?)
Danae looks back at Jace and Dawn, holding a few plates with food "Over here!"

"Well, we're trying to" Magia says glaring at Claire.
"But I only want to buy that one!" Claire cries like a little kid "Mom loves these and it will be a perfect present for Christmas!"
"Then just buy it already!" Magia exclaims with a facepalm.

"I didn't hear anything" Sapphire says.

"NO!" Chris screams from the room.
"Come on, you're gonna- well, Gold's gonna love it!" Green exclaims.
over a year ago screamingdeath1 said…
"Hey,and Yes!Im starving!" Platinum said,following Danae to get some food.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Well they have to have to stay longer, and I bet that's Green XP)
Jace walks over and takes one "Thanks"

"Girls and shopping, the longest measure of time"Red said

"It's a male thing Saph"Ruby said

"Hmmm"Gold said staring at the door
over a year ago Nojida said…
(You guessed correctly XD)
Dawn walks over and takes one as well "Thank you, Danae"
"No problem" Danae says and turns to Platinum "Here you go" she gives him a plate with food.

Magia looks at Red's bags curiously "So what did you buy?"

"Fine" Sapphire mutters.

"No! Lemme-" Chris' voice sounds from inside.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(So is Alexa also doing this or will she be hiding from Erik ?)
Jace takes a seat on the couch starts eating his food

"Some stuff"Red replied

"Phew"Ruby sighed and walked through the door

Gold kept staring anxiously at the door
over a year ago screamingdeath1 said…
*Takes food* "Thanks very much!" and walked down to the coach and sits next to Jace,who is eatting his food too.

(Can I get another oc in here?)
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over a year ago Nojida said…
(Nah, Erik's promised me to not hurt anyone on holidays ^^)
Dawn takes a seat on a couch and starts eating her food.

"Can I see?" Magia asks curiously.

Sapphire keeps staring at Ruby skeptically following him.

"And there you go~!" Green exclaims from inside.
"I hate this!!" Chris exclaims.
"I never said you'd love it"

(You can get as many as you want, as long as there is some balance between'em XP)
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over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail whispers why
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(So is Green gonna take care of her or can Mordo ?)
(Lets eat XP)

"No"Red replied

"So how are you ?"Rub asked

"Oh boy"Gold said staring at the door
over a year ago Nojida said…
(If you have any idea on how Mordo can, then yes XP)
(Greek food, that's right! XD)

"Why?" Magia asks disappointed.

"After all that, not quite well" Sapphire replies.

"Aaaand there!" Green exclaims pushing Chris out of the room.
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over a year ago screamingdeath1 said…
(Ok his real name is Duncan but his nickname is Zero)
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 (Ok his real name is Duncan but his nickname is Zero)
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail: will everything be happy
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Never had that XP)

"Because, your present is in here"Red said

"I would imagine so"Ruby said

Gold's reaction, look at the pic

(Could you change his name, I already have someone named Alejandro)
 (Yay) (Never had that XP) "Because, your present is in here"Red said "I would imagine so"Ruby
over a year ago Nojida said…
(You should, it's really tasty! ;D)
"But that only makes me more curious" Magia says staring at the bags.
"Okay I'm ready" Claire says walking over to them holding a few bags.

"Hey, do you think the party will be fine like this?" Sapphire asks "I mean, if we're all dressed like that then it won't be as much fun as it would if we didn't"

Chris, from pale, had turned bright red.
"I-I hate this!!" she exclaims looking back at the room, trying to avoid Gold's expression
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(I'll do that when I get the chance)
"Alright lets go"Red said walking out the shop

"I'll dress up if it makes you feel better"Ruby said

Gold wipes his nose "Chris you look awesomer than usual"