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Seifer said "Let me rest okay?" nuvem said "For how long?" Seifer replies "about 5 mins" Roxas and Sora were in pain and waiting for 5 mins in an atomic wedgie was increasing the pain.

5 minutos passed and Seifer said "Okay, Let's go, but remember if you lose then one must have a permanent. nuvem said "Lets go get this over with." While nuvem was talking, Seifer ran and jump over nuvem and saw 2 waistbands. One was boxers and the other one was briefs. Seifer tried to grab onto the boxer but missed. He grab onto the briefs instead. Seifer said "Nice undies.. Now I win!" Seifer pulled on the...
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While Axel wedgied Roxas, they hooked his color brief. Then they went to sleep. Now it was about 8 a.m. and Riku woke up. First thing he sighted was Sora being on the floor still sleeping in the wedgie that he is in. Riku was laughing since he could see the picture of the papou frutas enlarged. Then he saw Roxas on a hook. And was surprised that he wore briefs. He noticed that Roxas was still awake and talked to him.

"Hey Roxas, must of been a good wedgie you got?" Roxas reply "It was fun while doing it to Sora, but once Axel and nuvem tackled me, wedgied me and hook me on a hook. It wasn't...
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Later that dia

Sora was sitting alone thinking “Man I can’t believe I let nuvem get the drop on me like that. seguinte time I’ll show him. Maybe I should…” That’s as far as he got till someone punched him in the head knocking him unconscious. When he awoke he found that he was tied to a chair with Roxas and Axel standing over him. “Hey what’s the big idea!” He screamed as he fought against not only the ropes, but a massive headache. “Payback.” Roxas said as he grabbed the front of Sora’s pants, and underwear and dropped a scoop of ice in. He then did the same in the back....
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Name- Color/type Points
Cloud- tighty whities 2
Sora- Striped and solid color 1
Riku- red and black 3
Leon- solid color 2
Axel- fogo pattern 3
Roxas- Cartoon 2)

Leon and nuvem decided that it would be best to go after Riku first, because they thought he was a mais physical threat, and he had mais points. Leon came up to Riku, and said “Hey kid want to try round two?” Riku just smirked and nodded. Meanwhile nuvem was lurking in the darkness nearby waiting for an opportunity to strike. Riku darted at Leon zigzagging all the way to the elder male. Leon grabbed Riku’s arm, and used his momentum...
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