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posted by Rogue475
Full Name: Mark David Ivory
Meaning: N/A
Hometown: Chicago, United States
Current Residence: N/A
Age: the pitt: revelations-17
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: slightly underweight, due to training and harsh rations.
Blood Type: O Negative
Nationality: United States
Birthday: Sept 21, 2020
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Compatibility: Tiger
Greek Zodiac: N/A
Ruling Planet(s): N/A
Element: Darkness
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Wavey and dark black
Eye Color: Blue
Eye Sight: 20/20
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: only scars from past fights with demi-gods, still slowly healing
Clothing Description: Black Jacket, Grey...
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My plan worked. We're free!

You have no idea how nice it is to be free of that collar, free from the grazers, free from that cursed prison entirely. Freedom, Freedom, Freedom! Pretty sure that's my new favorito word.

Wow, I have a LOT to catch you up on.... I'll just take it one part at a time.

This morning, I got up practically at dawn. I guess I just knew it was time to test my idea. I woke Ace up and told him what I was going to do. He freaked out a bit, told me not to risk it, but I guess he finally realized that I was going no matter what. And.. He kissed me! Oh my gosh, I'm still kind of...
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Hello, poor person who doesn't have anything better to do than read my diary. I pity you.

Anyway, encontro, data unknown..blah, blah, blah the usual...
Yeah, I think I'm starting to go insane.

The visions are getting worse. I don't mean the one of me dying. I've seen that so much, I can handle it. This time, Ace is the one who dies. I can't handle that. And I won't let it happen. I will not let my best friend die with a sword through the stomach...

Last time, I promised I'd tell you my plan to break out, so here goes nothing... We've all got the electric collars, that keep us from doing anything. The...
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posted by JasmineValdez
I found this on Deviantart, thought I'd post it here to see what you guys think. All credit goes to Hgbird, deviantart.

Full Name:
Current Residence:
Height: [Doesnt have to be exact]
Weight: [underweight, average, overweight]
Blood Type:
Birthday: [Include year.]
Chinese Zodiac:
Compatibility: [Ex. The rato is compatible with the Monkey and the Dragon; it is not compatible with the Horse.]
Greek Zodiac:
Ruling Planet(s):
Hair Color:
Hair Type: [Here's where you put anything else about your character's hair; Has it been dyed? Is it damaged?...
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posted by ShadowRanger
so this is Demigod Worlds History since I couldnt write everything in the descrição there.


when mortals found out about demigods, they sent them away, looked them up, made them slaves and many more. the gods got angry because their heroes were treated badly, so they made an entire new universe for the demigods, Demigod Worlds.

here the gods made different worlds for each of the Olympians and some other gods with some extra worlds for the demigods to live in peace.

when the Gods first made Demigod Worlds, the monsters found the Transporter on Earth and they invaded Olympia. they took over...
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(----------------->> Right Is Mark At Age 20 >> )
The ano is 2040, three long years since i last saw the heroes of the Pitt...

My Past is dark and tragic, but none the less I have become better from the hardships I have faced...
I am Mark Ivory... and This is my story:

The ano was 2027, I was only eleven when my parents were killed por a son of Poseidon... I clearly remember that dark night all those years ago...

My family lived in Washington D.C., the north district. Life was simple back then: go to school, come home, eat and go to sleep. But that all changed when I met Percy Jackson......
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It is an average dia at Camp Olympus. Suddenly, all of the campers are pulled up into the sky, out of their current position. A voice, feminine, but deep, booms in the sky, cloudy and compact, "Campers, prove your worth!". As fast as the anterior pulling was, the campers are now pulled to Camp Olympus. The pull was like an invisible rope or a delayed magnet pull- smooth, but harsh. Finally, the campers opened their eyes and blinked; they could finally see now- godly presence can cause temporary blindness.
Before them, a giant tub of instant mac & cheese mix sits. Dazed and confused, the...
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Blaze Takumi Phoenix
My little surprise: 13th dia in The Box

I can't believe she followed me all the way here! What a pain! I thought I had rid of her when I came her but no! She just had to be a good assassin.

So I was walking por to the sparring area when I saw a crowd at my preferred spot. Then a guy flew out and landed in front of me knocked out.
"Who's seguinte boys?" a girl said. I shivers, her voice sounded so familar.
"What's going on?" I ask a guy
"This girl is beating the shit out of everybody dude!" he answered "Winning gets a encontro, data with her, damn she's hot!"
"Who is she?"
"I don't know"
I rolled...
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added by Blaze_of_Ares
Carry On - Avenged Sevenfold
the pitt
the pitt revelations
blake ironheart
taylor d'lassio
devin king
peter torres
mark ivory
Blaze Takumi Phoenix
Introduction: Tenth dia in The Box.

I am Kaji Takumi Feng. Well here, my name is Blaze Takumi Phoenix. Here, we are trained assassins. You may be wondering where and what this 'here' is. Honestly, I don't know. I was transferred here from Japão last week. They said I qualified to cadastrar-se 'Them'. Apparently this place is so secretive, not even it's member knows anything about it.

Anyways. This place, which they call "The Box" is huge. No one ever goes out, only a few high ranking officer and those on missions. I haven't receive one for the outside yet. I know this place is underground...
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dia 32 (This time I know for sure, snuck into the front office and roubou the entry book. I was brought here 32 days ago, so about 40 days since I last saw home.)

Well, I’ve got a handful of friends now, that’s good enough for me. Cara, Ace, Blake, Alvin, Peter. I’ll have to describe them later; maybe stick another sheet into the back describing them. [ Yes, I will write an artigo like that. ]

Oh, hey, I got a demigodish power a couple days ago. Visions. Yep. Now I see the future at totally aleatório moments. Now don’t act like it’s all amazing, please no, “Wow, lucky you! I want to...
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posted by JasmineValdez
Reina here, composição literária to you as part of an extra credit assignment for school. School being the one time each week I have normal classes. The other six days are spent in interrogation rooms, on obstacle courses and special ops, and learning 10 other languages. Ah, well, all in a week’s work for a teen spy. The U.K has high expectations for us.

Oh right, us. My friends and I. We’ve all been training here since at least…3rd grade. We’d be in 9th if we were going through regular schooling. At this point though, we probably have the intelligence of a Harvard graduate and the physical training...
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posted by Hades_Shadow
Log One

Hi there!
The Last couple of days, Have taken a turn for the weird. My life has changed so much since finding the little camp in the woods, but that is not the beginning of my story only the adventure.
My Name is Cato Tycho. I only know that because that name is said every time someone would enter my lair. Other than that I was called Project 00-15-01. I have no clue what that means, but I knew to say "Yes Sir" after it if I did not want to be beaten, or worse, have double duals.
See. Since a young age, I have always known a few things about life.
1. Sleep
2. Eat
3. Train
4. Kill
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This is my seguinte 'entry'. It's been a week and we made it to Atlantis. Let's say its been horrible since we came. The Atlantans wouldn't let us in so we snuck into some tunnels. Did that work? No. I'm just gonna write the most important part of today. The traps.

"Move!" Alex yelled at me as he pushed me aside just in time, seeing as a large pole swung down from the roof and nearly took my head off. I laugh and thank him. We then mover on further into the Tunnels.

"Alex." I say shaking.

"Yes?" He says grabbing my hand.

"I can see everything." I mutter.

"You mean you can see what happened to people...
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Honestly? I'm composição literária this to keep me entertained when I'm the only one on here, so if you want to post. I don't bite. Anyways, Parker is my fave OC because he reminds me so munch of me. So here goes nothing!

Chapter 1: Just a little about me

"Ember, for the 5th time today, you always look OK!" I said to my twin sister.

I'm Parker. Possibly the most entertaining, special, amazing, epic, fun, cocky, funny, easy-going, people's person, and best looking demi-god since Percy Jackson himself. Remember the name Parker Levine. One dia soon, I'll be a famous as my dad. I'm telling you this story because...
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posted by Nicolicious
So I'm composição literária in this thing. I think it's called a diary. I can't remember nowadays, but anyways. I'm Cara Elise D'Lassio. I'm the last daughter of Thanatos and a Demi-God. If you're leitura this I'm dead or you found this where I have hidden it.

To cut a long story short, my sister was claimed por Thanatos so Grazers attacked my town and killed everyone except me. I then found my way to Olympus where I was cared for for 5 years. Until of course it was burned to the ground and my dad Thanatos faded. I then ran to some fancy airport where I snuck onto a plane with my Shadow powers and took a...
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added by Alvin2442
posted by JasmineValdez
List of topo, início Contributors for the Club, most contributions to least ( According to Fanpop, not me!)


Not included, but definitely good contributors! Sorry it left you off, I don't know why!

Phoenix_ Stone

I found out how to find this, figured I'd post it. :P Thanks to everyone who's helped add to the club!