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 Dj, my baby <3
Dj, my baby <3
I've decided to make one cause everyone else is. So...yah.
Salut. I'm Nicolicious, my real name is Cara/Kara, I'm 14 and also the creator of this club and I live in Western Australia. W.A. is pretty strange. One dia it's pouring with freaking rain or hail, the seguinte it's as windy as a goddamn cyclone and the seguinte it's nice toasty and warm. As you can tell I don't like the cold. During summer I sleep under a doona with a blanket over it and in winter I sleep with all that plus two mais blankets and sometimes a -5 sleeping bag. Well now you know my sleeping habits...so yeah.
I live near a arbusto, bush it's...
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Pick a number: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Hair Color: Blonde, Brown, Black, Hot Pink, Neon Green

Eyes: Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Blind

I.P: Zeus, Ares, Gaea, Athena, No I.P

How did you come to camp?: Saytr, Parachute, Jet-Ski, walked, never went to camp

Fatal Flaw: Insanity, Loyalty, Hubris, chocolate Obsession, Fear of Chocolate

Weapon of choice: Sword, loaf of bread, dagger, light saber, medusa's head
Alright, I kinda changed the rules entirely of M.A.S.H, but whatever. If you don't know how to play, you pick a number, then go to the choices and count until you reach that number. cruz that option out and keep going until there's only one choice in each category. That's your final answer. Name your new character and enjoy! If you need me to post an example, I will.
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What about this for the Last Stand theme?
theme songs
imagine dragões
the last stand
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This is the story about Cara De'lassio from the Camp-DemiTitan forum. Hope you enjoy it.
Chapter 1

I walked down the bricked road two blocks away from my house in the winter snow after a harsh school day. Today was one of the best days of my life! Yes I'm serious, just wait till you hear what happened. So anyways this morning I woke up feeling like crap. A)Cause I had a cold and B)I am the most hated girl at school. And no it's not because I'm a nerd(I get C's and D's in most of my classes) it's because I'm harsh. Yes I'm harsh. There are people in the...
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List of Roman army unit types

pedites - the infantry of the army

praetorians - a special force of bodyguards used por Roman Emperors

Principes - the segundo line of battle in the Roman Republican Army

Rorarii - the final line, or reserve

Sagittarii - archers, including horse-riding auxiliary archers

Scholae Palatinae - an elite troop of soldiers in the Roman army created por the Emperor Constantine the Great to provide personal protection of the Emperor

speculatores - the scouts and reconnaissance element of the Roman army

Triarii - the third standard line of infantry of the Roman army

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Snow blanketed Chernobyl. Thin strands of smoke and embers were the only thing left of the fogo they kept the anterior night. Blake woke up as the truck rumbled its way back home. Taylor was still asleep when he entered their room, so he took a shower, lest she scolds him.

It is natal day. Blake never celebrated Christmas, or even knew what it was. He remembered some of the demigods at the pitt did have a small ‘celebration’. The son of Hercules decided to plan something for today. Hopefully Taylor would enjoy it. He’d also prompted others to do something today.

“Roman” he called...
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I joined this club four years ago, it was a time in my life when I needed friends. At first it felt too good to be true, that I did not deserve the people that resided here. Truth is, this place had the one thing that I did not know could exist online; Love. Passion kept us, this mutual amor for composição literária and the stories that were our childhood. Each one of you that I got to know was an experience that I would not trade for anything. In a weird sense I grew up with this club, with the many unique characters and the stories we told. I want to thank each and every one of you for the times we had together, and the stories we shared.
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