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Disclaimer: I do not own Greek Mythology, nor do I own the considerable contribution's made to it recently por Rick Riordan, the king of trolls. Credit also to O. Henry for providing inspiration via his Jimmy Valentine character, minor inspiration also attributed to Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero (Which is a fantastic animê btw)

Jake Patrick is just as much a myth and a legend as some of the original Greek Heroes. According to his records he is currently eighteen but despite his age is giving the authorities of the world a run for their money. (Literally) He's a extremely skilled son of Hermes...
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I just like the song the video not much
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" You were banished!" Alvin to Blaze, his eyes furious.

Alvin Hamilton III is a son of Poseidon and the First Ghost and Fifth Sentinel of The City. His eyes sometimes turn red, and he calls it the Sharingan and he can now do it when ever he wants.


He was born of a Grazer, Adrian Ewing and Poseidon. Poseidon posted like a mortal and mated with Adrian. Adrian thought Poseidon died in a shipwreck, sometime after Alvin was born. She didn't cry, she just got ready for Grazer duties.

Alvin lived fatherless in a village somewhere outside but near to Tokyo, but...
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Okay, so this club needs Admins. Admins are people who have the authority to remove people from forums, except these people and denunciar them. They are basically the Law-Keepers of the club.
These are our Admin:
And Alvin2442

Be aware that you can be removed from this club if Blaze_of_Ares or I say so. Blaze is segundo in charge. So say when I go away for a holiday, Blaze becomes the 'Leader' of the club and all perguntas are to go to him.

Thanks for leitura and don't destroy this club. XP
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ok so this has nothing to do with RP, but i thought you guys would like this
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"I'm a Ghost of your past" - Blaze to his mom

Blaze Takumi Phoenix(炎 拓海 鳳 Blaze Takumi Phoenix) is a son of Ares and a Ghost of The City. He has the powers of a link as Ares cast a spirit of one into him. His real name is Kaji Takumi Feng

He was born of a Grazer, Erza Takumi and Ares. Ares had posed as a mortal and mated with Erza. She thought that Ares, under the Alias of Kishimoto Feng, died in a plane crash when Blaze was born.

 Erza weeping for her lover
Erza weeping for her lover

Blaze lived fatherless in a village somewhere outside but near to Toyko. He made many friends...
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So you can compare it to the other.
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Darcel was once the leader of a tribe of ancient humans in what is now known as modern England, he was a sorcerer who used his magic as an advantage over everyone else, it seemed that his people respected him, but in reality, they feared him. he killed anyone who defied his rule, but he would not do it himself, he would influence others in his tribe that whoever was against him wanted the tribe to fall, so he had them be killed por their own peers. The tribe executed traitors por tying them and sending them to a bottomless pit where it is said that they will fall for an eternity, never seeing...
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Nickname: Tay
Full Name: Taylor Dean D'Lassio
Meaning: None really.
Hometown: Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
Current Residence: You could say she is a Traveller.
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5"10
Weight: Average
Blood Type: O Negative
Nationality: Australian/French
Birthday: 14/3/2019
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Compatibility:Rat, Ox, Monkey, Rooster, Pig.
Greek Zodiac: Pisces
Ruling Planet(s): Neptune
Element: Water
Hair Color: Black(Originally Brown.)
Hair Type: Dyed permanent Black. Dyes it once every 2/3 months when she can find dye.
Eye Color: Green
Eye Sight: None.
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: Has a tattoo of a...
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Nickname: Dev, Devs, Bullseye
Full Name: Devin King
Meaning: A loose translation, but Devin can mean brave
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Current Residence: No where specifically, moves around
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: About 5 feet
Weight: Slightly Underweight
Blood Type: -_- Okay seriously now? Let's say AB positive.
Nationality: American
Birthday: December 22, 2011 (The RP's in the future. Get over it.)
Chinese Zodiac: The Rabbit
Compatibility: [Ex. The rato is compatible with the Monkey and the Dragon; it is not compatible with the Horse.] Compatible with basically all others. (According to...
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I usually use one of these 3 characters for most Rp's, so I figured I'd write them down.

Name: Vienna Stafellia Call her por her last name and you’re in serious trouble.

Age: 14

Immortal parent: Dionysus

Mortal parent: Esperanza Stafellia

Personality: Sarcastic, a little crazy at times

Looks: Bright Auburn hair, almost a wine-red/cherry Kool-Aid shade, bright ice blue eyes, pale skin, mischievous smirk.

Powers: Control plants (while it may not sound like much, She can make them strangle you, so watch out) She can also make people go insane...
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