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Statement of Intent: If you read to the end, you'll notice that I do not advocate against leitura Twilight, just putting it into context for young readers. This was originally written for a facebook audience of friends until I decided to post it here as well. It was not intended to offend Twilight fãs or readers, but to simply give a little perspective on why I believe Edward Cullen is a poor character to respect/admire. Should there be enough popular demand, I'm willing to write a similar artigo about Bella Swan.

Personality Traits in Abusive Relationships [link, link]

Note: The ones in bold...
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Who Am I?
By: Gabriela Acosta

Chapter 1
“How would you describe me Lilly?” I asked.
“Paula, you’re a very smart and unique person. But also mysterious. In a good way.” She replied.
“How am I mysterious? I mean, I never thought of myself that way.”
“Because you’re always so quiet around people. Not around me, of course. It’s like you shut yourself down completely, like you don’t want them to know who you are.”
“But you know I’m very shy! Besides, I’m not very good at socializing, you know? I always make myself sound like a total freak!
“Hey, you asked for my...
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