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Riku114 said about Riku114
SAIX DESERVES mais amor Posted faz 10 horas
Riku114 said about Riku114
Its a bit shocking that I am still a good bit affected / bothered por my first major codependent break up. I've mostly moved on and I dont have breakdowns over it every other week like I did two years atrás and I don't compulsively stalk unless "triggered" and thus there is like a REALLY small one in comparison to before

BUT Id be lying if I said I wasn't still held back and occasionally bothered por it. There are some things that can "trigger" small little moments to which Posted faz 23 horas
Riku114 commented…
I recover from rather fast faz 23 horas
Riku114 commented…
Its almost four years passed at this point I believe faz 23 horas
Riku114 said about aleatório
Oh god. I just found out "feedism" is a thing and I am.... I dont know what I am. Am I dissapointed? Disgusted? Confused? Not really shocked??

Like I respect chubby chasers, but trying to get to 300+ pounds or wanting to get so fat you cant mover thats just.... I dont even know Posted faz 1 dia
Riku114 commented…
I mean I actually understand why its a kink on an evolutionary psychology manner but still faz 1 dia
Zeppie commented…
Oh wow I literally just watched a video on this yesterday hahaha. It's really sad to me faz 22 horas
Riku114 commented…
^Same actually. Maybe it was the same video XD faz 12 horas