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The fans pick: Girl
The fans pick: No one. He's perfect just fantasizing about his perverted books
The fans pick: All !!! I amor kakashi
The fans pick: Ask me what I'm doing in his house
Ask me what I&# 39; m doing in his...
Jump 5 meters up and fall on...
kakashi is real but has a...
kakashi is not real but you...
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kakashi mural

santosh639 said …
Is any one have kakashi novel in PDF?? If yes please I want to read it so badly Posted over a year ago
shizz_doll said …
happy birthday :) Posted over a year ago
Akuma_Demon said …
I wonder if they will show Kakashi's face??? Posted over a year ago
candylover246 commented…
It's already been revealed. It was rather... surprising. o_o over a year ago
Itachi_Boy commented…
I hate the way naruto turned into such a childish anime. Like why the hell would you keep hiding his face for 12 years if you had to end up showing his weird face in a mangá page?? over a year ago
candylover246 commented…
^ naruto did not turn childish. Especially not just because of that. It's something called... suspense. over a year ago