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SilentForce said …
Honestly I sometimes don't even see the point in keeping this club updated considering that almost nobody gives a damn about it.I mean out of 30 fans,there are only 3 or at most 4 people who ever comment on here. Posted faz 16 horas
SilentForce commented…
Then again the fault lies in me because I can't seem to come up with interesting ideas for pesquisas faz 16 horas
TheLefteris24 commented…
I don't see much of a difference from mine. I mean, pretty much, putting me aside, there are only 3 Members that are particularly Active. Don't you think it's still something though? It could be worse !!!! faz 15 horas
SilentForce commented…
I don't know man,I just can't shake off the feeling that almost nobody on here cares about me :/.Then again I have been ina heavy mood these past two days so it probably is the reason behind this. Also just wanted to point out that you have never disappointed me in the slightest in fact I consider you to be my closest friend on here and as the user who knows me and understands me the most. faz 14 horas
SilentForce said …
So I just noticed that on Anime- Planet there are 507 user who want to watch the "Knight of the Zodiac : Saint Seiya" remake.Not bad at all for the reboot of an animê that never hit it big in North America XD.I hope that this reboot will be a success so that "Saint Seiya" will finally get it deserved fame in North America. Posted faz 12 dias
TheLefteris24 commented…
I'm hoping for that as well, fellow Fan. mais popularity means mais material out of this great Series and I'm totally down for it !!!! faz 11 dias
Karoii-chan said …
The only reason why I haven't answered those 5 newest pesquisas is because I simply haven't seen those 5 shows yet. No hard feelings... xD Posted faz 1 mês
Karoii-chan commented…
I mean 4! Sorry! That was so embarrassing. Ignore me, I think I'm drunk. xD faz 1 mês
SilentForce commented…
Girl,I only added 2 new polls,the other one was added por Disneyprince XD faz 1 mês
SilentForce commented…
Pfffft...such a Crack queen XD faz 1 mês