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Warnings for fluff and crappy endings.

One week later.
Kyra smiled as she entered the cave. “Happy holidays!” Tanner shouted as she entered, startling her and lighting her hair on fire. “Dude!” she laughed. “Don’t do that!”
She walked into the hall to go down to her room, and walked back out into the living room after having caught Aisling and Rowan under the mistletoe. Not without having taken a picture, first.
She smiled at Delta and quickly ducked when a snowball was suddenly flung her way. “Sis! Seriously!” She only laughed when mais snowballs came flying at her, and she created...
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Aryess searched in her perfil is he wasn’t here he would have to be on the highest floor beaten, but which floor was it….? That man kept her in that small town on that same floor for a very long time that she had no idea what floor was new. She scrolled down and saw the floor number she was on and the highest floor number beside it, floor seventy five…., her grey eyes scanned the floor number “ im coming Bent….” She muttered out quietly. She ran out the door locking it behind her and turned around, she let out a gasp when she bumped into someone and looked down “ Mommy…? “...
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(( Bentleys P.O.V ))

Those eyes….not those eyes, I never wanted to remember them again, I never wanted to see them again. Never could I even think that this would have to happen, me have to fight with the risk of others around me…., The beast pulled out its giant blade and let out a roar that echoed through the entire area. I pulled out my sword and flipped it into a fighting position and glared as the beast charged at me, I let out a deep sigh and jumped at the beast just missing the blade that sliced under me and sliced the gleam eyed beast in the chest twice, it let out a growl and sliced...
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posted by FangYJ
Blade stood at the balcony, overlooking the cafeteria. She crossed her arms, watching everybody laughing and giggling. Scott paced the around the table, keeping a basquetebol, basquete in his hands, watching everyone socializing he sighed and stepped up to the table.

You can bet
There's nothin' but net
When I am in a zone and on a roll
But I've got a confession
My own secret obsession
And it's making me lose control

basquetebol, basquete players:
Everybody gather 'round

Well if Brendan can tell his secret than I can tell mine...I bake

basquetebol, basquete players(spoken):

Scott: (spoken:)
I love...
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posted by SouthYJ
Becca sprinted through the forest; her breaths coming in raspy gasps. She knew she was in the Mystic Isle territory, but she just had to get to the castelo before anyone else.

No one knew she overheard Ailsing's and Kyra's conversation.

What are you doing here!"
"I'm not suppose to say, but I can trust you. Rowan, my leader, sent me to capture the princess."
,"M-Me too!"

She was guessing all clans where sending out their lieutenants for the ransom. Suddenly the battle between the two talented warriors, Bentley, and the one that calls himself "Chaser" entered her mind.

For some strange reason...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Civvies :3
Civvies :3
Name: Brendan Adams.
Alias: Fang
Occupation: Hero
Age: 16
Relationship: Married to Devin..WHEE!
Powers: Flight (wings) if he stays still and doesn't make sudden movements he can blend into his surroundings, super strength (not super-homem strength but its above average mans strength), super senses (RAPTOR VISION FTW!)
Past: Created as an experiment in a place called “School” Fang grew up dark, and drawn back, escaping from pure hell at the age of 10, the flock traveled the world, determined to end all experiments. At age 12, Fang dividido, dividir from the group and went off on his own, (personal reasons...only Devin knows) Fang adapted the life of crime and murder until he was 13, then was found por batman and brought onto the team.
Other: -hates needles and electricity.
-has a younger sister.
-keeps most things to himself
-Let's see 6 children total. 4 Biological, 2 adopted. *hint hint: DEVIN! :P*
 A picture. Just for Devin~
A picture. Just for Devin~
posted by CoaxochYJ
 At the age of Seven.
At the age of Seven.
Cuz her bio is like, a million years old.

Name: Melissa Elizabeth Adams.

Alias: Wings of Death

Appearance: Ebony black hair. esmeralda eyes. Heavily scarred. Slender build.

Levitation, which can also manipulate ones actions.
Flight, wings.
Abnormal strength.

Sword fighting

Taken from her family minutos after she was born, she was experimented on until the age of eight. She escaped at the age of eight, learning how to fly on the fly. She lived on the streets for a year, until Fang and Devin found her. She got into the hero business shortly after. She learned her prophecy when she...
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(( Bentleys P.O.V ))
I dodged the attack and sliced at the beast in the chest making it disappear into sparks, I breathed heavily as I scanned the area for any mais enemies, seeing nothing I flipped my sword back into my back shealth. Its been about six months since this whole game began, there were only so many of us left. It was sad really but in this game you had to keep positive and strong, being the black swordsman wasn’t at all what it was cracked up to be, a lot of players depended on me here and I couldn’t be everywhere to save people. I had only cleared so many floors and could...
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posted by InfinityYJ
What happens when I'm bored in History class? I start a poem where you guess who's who. Yay.

Think of when the team was small
Think of it right now
Remember the people, remember them all
Of their powers and how they were found

Imagine the black winged, black haired male (1)
His wife of angel’s kind (2)
Their daughter with a prophecy to never fail (3)
Their son with a strengthening mind (4)

The blonde haired girl with the deathly aim (5)
Her boyfriend with secrets unknown (6)
An unsure teen with dimensional name (7)
Her colorful crush with the clones (8)

A goddess among us controlling her wonder (9)
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posted by Obscurity98
 New Costume
New Costume
Hero Name: Obscurity
Name: Harley Mei Kent
Height: 5'5
Age:19 yrs

Powers: Super Strength, Invulnerability,Flight, Control Elements, Shape Shift into Large Tigress.

Weaknesses: Kryptonite, Collars used at Belle Reve,
Apokoliptic Devices, Her own hands and swords.

Notes: is a "Tri" She has her original self, a demon self known as Lena, and an angel self known as Erah. Has a pet tiger named Sy, with whom she saved and has a five mile radius psychic connection. Symbols appear on her body as if speaking to her the way Blue Beetles scarab. But they burn her.

Weapons: Herself, powers, The Symbols, swords,...
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I was bored, so I decided to find and list all the artigos pertaining to Aisling’s life, in anticipation for my upcoming series!

link: Series; finished. Aisling aged 14. My first (and very crappy) Aisling story. Basically it introduces Kaos, Aisling, and mind-hacking.
Wings of Kaos: Series; canceled. Aisling aged 14-15. Never actually wrote it, but a basic summary: Aisling. Kaos. Fun. Not really. And then he was your dad.
link: Two-shot; finished. Aisling aged 15. “Hi Aisling. I’m Tesla. Can I rape you?”
link: One-shot; finished. Aisling aged 15. Aisling and Jackson break up. This will...
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posted by Gunfire
OOC: this is an new oc, part of her background hapend in my war in gotham seires, so she is frome thad timeline. The stuff you should probly knowe frist is downe as latest in the bio.

Name: Tess shepard ( shepard is gunfires last name, thad nowan but a few knowe))
Age: 13
Apearance: blond long hair, bleuw eyes, slender. He hase a few tatoos, one of them in a bullet made frome dates, to rember, her dat, wat hapend to her and who she is.
Cloths: depens on the situwation, mosly somting short, thouw she also whears robes when she wants to stay incospicuwaous.
Personanly: agresif, shoot first ask qwestions...
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posted by BloodyMascara_

So, after we settled that whole "gone evil" thing. I settled under the lights of our tree. I dunno why, but that was my new bed/hideout/whatever the heck you wanna call it. It smelled of pine and toothpaste... But whatever, the things you can hang on a tree!
"You, my friend, I don't know how we are related." Jaime said, crouching down and looking at me.
"You take one person, then take another person, then--" Jaime slapped his hand over my mouth and I continued rambling.
"I was kidding." His hand lifted from my mouth.
"Hmm." I said.
"'Sup?" Jaime looked at me. I slipped the pen from his pocket...
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Short chapter is short.

Harley walked out the infirmary, glancing back warily inside as she made her way to the living area. When the occupants saw her, a couple sat up straighter, hoping for some good information. A small smile spread across her face as she said, “She’ll live.”
Ariel sighed in relief, as did many others, while Fang nodded once, the ghost of a smile on his lips. Revenge stood as Rene came into the room, all seriousness. “There’s a small problem, though,” she murmured into her hand.
“What kind of problem?” Tanner asked, concerned. Eric watched Rene closely, while...
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posted by MeridianYJ
Meridian walked on the costa line, the water slipping over her feet like sheets of liquid sky. She looked at the sunset, the wind blowing at her white hair, like snow. She sighed and looked into the water as it came and went. "I am going to die, all because of the Curse of the White Hair." Her silver eyes scanned the shore, as she came upon a peixe flopping on dry sand. With the quick motion of her wrist, sea water became and orb around the small fish, allowing it to live another dia of life.
She whispered at the small fish, "You get to live another dia oh Small Insignificant Fish.Because of...
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posted by BeccaYJ
Not a two parter. So it will be answered

She woke up to the sound of light knocking on her door. She groaned, but got up. She yawned as she opened the door. Her eyebrows knit in confusion as she looked around.
“Strange. Could've sworn I heard knocking.”
She moved to close the door. Her eyes caught something on the floor and she stopped. Little blue rose petals. She smiled a bit and picked up the card that was leaning against the candle, surrounded por dozens of beautiful blue rose petals. She opened the card and smiled again. mais rose petals. But these ones had words on them, arranged in a...
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Her boots clattered trough the town of Wonder on the thirty segundo floor as snow fell from the sky above , he walked behind her running his fingers through her golden locks. She let out a shaken breath as he whispered for her to turn into an empty dull lit alley way, her grey eyes had fear in them as she tried to make them show courage, she thought about him for those few months that felt like years to her. She worried constantly about him and began to wonder if he was trying to get her back like he said he would in that message she received from him all those months ago. She flinched as she...
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posted by CoaxochYJ

Mel walked into the Cave, when she sensed a presence. She looked over the the corner, where Becca was stroking her knife. As the warrior looked up at the winged girl, she stopped stroking her knife.
"Where's Tyler?" She asked. Mel shrugged, causing Becca to face-plant into the floor. Mel's eyes twitched, as Becca made mummers into the floor. Mel hooked her arms under Becca's, and lifted her up, this was odd.
"TYLER!" Becca screamed suddenly, causing Mel to jump, and drop Becca onto the couch. Frantically, she rushed into Becca's room, grabbed the Tyler plushie, and zipped back into...
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posted by SilverWings13
Okay, okay, I'm a terrible person. I'm not "back", I just figured I need a good explanation for my kiddos disappearing with me. Sorry I din't think it was important enough to write before. Waring. Major plot holes and shiz, sorry again.

"Aryess!" he called, pulling on his backpack. It held what little he needed, the necessities for the trip. The rest he could purchase with the funds he had been given when they reached their destination.
"Ary!" he shouted again. He walked down the length of the hallway and rapped his fist on his partner's door. It opened under his light knock. The teen opened...
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posted by BeccaYJ
Had to get the feelings out. It's okay for you guys too. Just do it gently

She wrapped the bandage several times before pulling a tight knot.
“Ow. Careful.”
She sighed, shaking her head. She removed the hair from her eyes.
“Wouldn't have to if you had just-”
“Put down the knife. I know Bec. But I couldn't.”
The other girl looked away, shamed and depressed. Becca sat back on her heels.
“Okay, what's wrong?”
She looked down, the ends of her hair brushing her hand. Becca played with a little strand of it.
“What's wrong? Talk to me.”
She sniffed a bit and Becca didn't press her.
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