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posted by lovepink
I sat there, still in shock.
"Prince, you alright?" Jaafar asked. I remaind silent. "Wait, you're telling me that she never told you any of that?"
"Nope." I responded coldy, shoving my bowl into the sink.
"Oh no! Prince! I'm sorry, man!" Jaafar apologized as I brushed them off.
"It's not your fault my girlfriend is a liar." I said as I shook my head and walked out of the kitchen. I was getting so angry and I felt like I couldn't control myself. I had to go and blow off some steam before I confronted Elle about it. I grabbed some shorts and went for a jog, but it didn't help. I still felt like...
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Michael Jackson's two oldest children -- Prince Michael, 13, and Paris, 12 -- began their studies at a traditional school last Wednesday -- their first experience outside of homeschooling. But before they could hit the books like "normal" kids, Prince and Paris had to first win over their skeptical grandmother, Katherine.

A family member close to the situation tells PopEater that Paris and Prince's legal guardian protested the idea of sending the sheltered kids to school, feeling their father would have disapproved. However, one of Jermaine Jackson's sons stepped in and encouraged Katherine...
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Michael Jackson is grooming his oldest son to follow in his footsteps as the seguinte King of Pop.

While Michael reportedly wants Prince Michael, 12, “to enjoy his childhood,” the record-setting “Thriller” legend is diligently training the preteen to make an impact on the charts in the seguinte few years.

A Jackson Camp insider tells In Touch Weekly: “Michael has been voice-coaching him and asked to do a duet with Prince on his tour.”

“They’ve been working on a track.”
posted by princemjforlife
Since its founding in 1933, the very exclusive Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, Calif., has had many celebrities' kids as students, but the arrival of Michael Jackson's two oldest children ''was something we've never seen at Buckley,'' according to a parent at the prestigious private school.

The fonte said school administrators were given a ''laundry list'' of demands before Katherine Jackson agreed to send her grandchildren Prince Michael and Paris to Buckley -- to begin classes last week.

Michael Jackson's children Paris and Prince Michael, pictured in January, are attending the Buckley School...
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I breathed in, I breathed out. I shivered. My eye's fluttered open. I was half asleep, but freezing. Prince's room was full of air-conditioning and he was hogging the blanket. I grabbed it towards me and enveloped myself in the warmth. Now Prince woke up being too cold and started to snatch it away from me.
"Hey! I was using that!" I said sitting up.
"So was I!" He replied, fighting back a smile.
"Well I'm freezing."
"So am I."
"But the coldness woke me up!" I whined.
"It woke me up too!"
"I'M PROBABLY PREGNANT, NOW GIVE ME THE BLANKET!" I yelled. He couldn't not give it to me.
"Fine. Happy now?"...
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I walked into the house. Everything was quiet. A creepy calm was bestowed in the rooms. I walked through the whole início with my phone in my hand making sure no one was in there. I came to my room last. The horror of everything was still stained into the walls, like a horrible scar. The sheets were messy from when he shoved me on it. Cigarette buds and cans of cerveja littered the room. I looked up at the painting of the lake my cabine was on. The paint meshed together, making the water look so real it makes you want to touch it just to see if it is. It reminded me of Prince. I took...
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"Were here!" I said happily looking over at Elle. She already fell sound asleep. I walked around the car, undid the seatbelt and lifted her up. I carried her to Paris' room and put her on the spare bed. I thought it would be awkward if she slept in my room.
"Oh my god! What happened?!" Paris exclaimed as she saw Elle's bruises and blood.
"Shhh!" I snapped at Paris. "She just fell asleep!" I told her the whole story.
"Poor Elle." She said.
"Tell me if she wakes up. I'll be in my room." I said to Paris as I walked out of the room. I couldn't look at Elle like that anymore. It made...
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It's so hard to keep track of Michael Jackson's children. Especially the fake ones.
See, this is not Prince's facebook page. And, no, this isn't, either. But what about the YouTube video of his sister, Paris, imploring, "Monkey, please help?" Or the one of his younger brother, Blanket, showing off his lightsaber moves?
What a fonte close to the Jackson family told E! News may surprise you.
They're real.
As in, yup, that's really Paris, and, yup, that's really Blanket.
The Webcam-captured clips—we counted nine in all, seven of Blanket (each a snippet from the same 8-year-old touro session) and...
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posted by 12251
march 17 1996 daddy began prep on my baby brothers bedroom. i was starting to become mais and mais clingy to my dad since all of the talk about a new baby brother has been going on. i was always on his hip, i dont know how he is ever able to do anything with me hanging all over him all the time. every time he trys to put me down for a nap i cry until he comes upstairs to get me ,then i would fall asleep in his arms.

march 20, dad planed a trip to disney world for 2 weeks. today was the dia before we go on our trip. daddy is going to video tape me today and for the whole trip because this will...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
I grew up from the time I was eleven on this fanclub and its become somewhat of a ghost town. This club has lost all the old fans. Most of you weren't fãs before Michael died, or por the time the funeral came or when Prince and Paris spoke at the grammys. But I was and I'd say those were like the best two years of my life. I loved Prince so deeply and thought I knew him but I really didn't and when he came on twitter my mind was blown cause he was totally diffrent but the thing is I liked him even mais then. Then people were all crazed cause he got his hair cut and now all anyone cares about...
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posted by princeluvr09
It was around 2pm already.
I suddenly remembered that Prince and I were supposed to go to the filmes today.

But, that's not a possibility anymore, since he started dating Niki.

Eva is out on a date, so I'm alone..She'll be back for jantar later.

I heard the doorbell ring, and made a dash for the door. I opened it and saw Prince smiling.

"Hi"he said,"Ready?"
"For what?"I asked.
"Our movie date"he replied,"Remember?"
"I thought it was off"
"Who said that?"
"No one, it's just that, judging from our situation now, I thought it was."
"Whatever. Just get ready. I know you want to go"
I marched upstairs...
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posted by princeluvr09
Why? Of all the people, why my best friend?

I was sitting in my árvore house, moping.
Wiping a few tears, as I looked out at their house.

I'm not crying because Niki likes Prince, I'm crying because Prince likes Niki.
It doesn't hurt that she likes him, she's my best friend, and it's all good. I'm hurt, because after he kissed me he started liking Niki.

I can't believe I didn't see it sooner. He would always check her out when we're at school, and he's always texting her. Can't believe I was so dumb and blind.

My phone vibrated, I checked it, and saw a text from Niki.
Which said:

Hey girly! Might...
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( inside Debbie,s house the seguinte day)
Debbie: you all set for school?
Prince: whats this school called again?
Debbie: Westwood Academy
Paris: sounds like a cool school ( giggles)
Debbie: its the best school in this area and its private just like Buckley
Blanket: im nervous ive never been to school before
Paris: dont worry school is great youll amor it
Blanket: ok
Debbie: have you got your lunches?
PPB: yeah
Debbie: well get in car and ill drive you to school
Prince: i hope its same as Buckle
Debbie: it will be dont worry
( everyone gets in school)
Debbie: how about alittle Radio huh?
Prince: sounds great...
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( scene at at Debbie Rowe,s house)
(Prince and Paris see Blanket crying on the bed)
Prince: Blanket dont cry remeber Grandma said no tears ( rubs Blankets Back)
Blanket: thats not why im crying ( sniffs)
Paris: then why are you crying?
Blanket: because
Prince: because why?
Blanket: its not fair that you and Paris get to meet your mom and ill never get to meet mine
( prince and paris look at eachother)
Paris: you dont know that you will never meet your mom
Blanket: yeah but the chances of me meeting her is one in a million
Prince: well listen Blanket...
Blanket: ok
Prince: Dad loved you and if your mom...
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Don't talk to me, especially if you're stupid and I'm in a bad mood -_-

Wazzup mutha fuckaaa?
why so much fighting is just a question
you started it ya dumbass
i know but in the end i just wanna know if they r dating or not period!!! can't u answer that!
haha ur scared or what? or did alyssa told u not to tell anybody about her secret affair with jaafar huh?
First of all, you don't like her so why does it matter?...
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We got to the Jackson compound and again I stared at it in amazement of how big it was, the body guard got out of the car and started walking up to the gates and swiped a card threw a little machine and the gates opened I asked prince “how come when I came here he didn’t swiped a card to open the gates?” prince said “he did but you were too busy looking at the house “I smiled. The bodyguard got back in the car and drove up the big drive way, the car stopped and prince opened the door of the car and got out I followed after him. We walked up to the door and prince tried to open it...
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(Scene inside the kidnappers apartment) Prince: well its 10pm im going to bed. Kidnapper: You have to share with Your little brother and and Sister.Prince: Whatever i dont care i just wanna go início soon. Kidnapper: Go to cama you little brat! Prince: Bite me! (Kidnapper slaps prince across the face) Prince: Leave me alone i hate you! ( Prince runs upstairs slaming the bedroom door behind him) ( new scene inside the bedroom) Paris: Prince dont slam the door i just got Blanket to sleep. Prince: Paris dont get comfy in this hell hold beacuse Tomorow Night were getting out of here and going back...
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posted by ozchick
oi everyone,
Had an awesome night, was an extreamly hard night at the office but I am happy to have taken the win on dividido, dividir points decision. This was por far the toughest battle to date, she was so strong and for a while there I thought she was going to beat me, my trainer told me in the corner to remember MJ and that I had to win this fight for him, I just lifted and threw everything I had at her. por the end of it I was unsure if I'd won and then when my hand was raised I nearly cried, I was so happy, a little battered and bruised but extreamly happy to have won for MJ.
posted by schoolsucks278
First of all before u start talking shit about this! this is not an artigo mainly of PPB but i do concern that Prince will get a girl like the type his cousin has. (i dont like prince no more, he's cute but they r way mais hotter guys <3)

Doesn't tick u off the tweets or facebook posts of Alyssa 2 Jaafar, i mean im not jealous cuz i DON'T like jaafar but why do they have to do publicity about there freaking relationship!

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posted by TomboyWriter
Kayla’s view

Jaafar doesn’t seem too happy so I go over to him and sit seguinte to him on the sofá but instead of just going directly to sit I stand on the edge of the sofá and jump seguinte to him. “Hey” I say. “Hey.” “Gosh he is so handsome his hair is short curly and black mines messy and blonde. His eyes are big and brown and mine are normal sized and hazel. “Jaafar” I say in a flirtatious voice that makes his head turn. “What?” “Do you want to go on the trampoline? “ NO.” “Please?” “NO.” “Touchy.” “Well then are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”...
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