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His cousin Royal is TWEETING via paris' twitter. :O, he says that pp are at school
which its true cause its 10 a.m
(didnt go to school today lol)
he says stuff like hes qonna play xbox with prince when he comes bk from school
and that he loves deedee and lexci.

and dat

its so
i think he doesnt know
that gen said or thinks that they havent got a twitter account
and thinking about it i think thats qonna be a problem with her family. :(
Miles got hacked por SOFIA?


not rude comments.
peace. xxxxxxxx
posted by Walsh97
 Maria von Köhler's Michael Jackson sculpture at the Premises Studios
Maria von Köhler's Michael Jackson sculpture at the Premises Studios
Hackney música studio The Premises has been on the receiving end of ‘hate mail’ after they installed a Michael Jackson sculpture.

The controversial artwork – called madonna and Child – depicts the moment in Berlin in 2002 when the King of Pop held his baby out of a window. True to the original incident, the life-size statue leans out of the building.

Now the Premises Studios has become the target of abusive emails from Jackson fans, who say the sculpture is an insult to their hero.

One described it as: “The most outrageous sick thing that could have ever gone on in the city of London.”...
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 Could they?
Could they?
Prince Jackson was slated to make his stage debut alongside his father Michael Jackson during his comeback tour in Londres last year, and while that moment never came due to Michael's death, his close friend Lionel Richie still believes a career in música is very possible for the 13-year-old.

“Blanket, 8, is a little too young, he’s a little overwhelmed with the whole scene but I think if anyone’s going to do it, it will be Prince. Paris, 12, is of course just a sweetheart,” Richie told Pop Tarts at the Country música Hall of Fame and Museum’s “All for the Hall” fundraiser in Los...
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posted by prince97
-sry it took so long!-
New charecter-Riss(16)

"Riss!" I said from the topo, início of the stairs. I personaly thought it was Prince Jackson. Hehe.

"Oh my god! I thought you were Prince!" Nicole said next. I looked at her.

"Did you just read my mind?" That's what my look said. She laughed.

"Hannah thought the same thing!" Nicole said giggling. Riss laughed.

"You are still a wierdo." Riss told Nicole. Riss has brown hair that goes down her back and brown eyes added with glasses. She's biracial and is a tomboy, just like me and Nicole. Justin came from behind and picked me up.

"Let go!" I screamed. He brought...
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(Anna's Point of View)

This morning I woke up. I was so glad nobody knew about the Jacksons staying at our house still. Now they can have privacy. I got myself fixed up and went downstairs. Jake was in the cozinha sucking on an laranja lollipop. About half an hora later Paris came downstairs. She looked at Jake and blushed. She turned away so he wouldn't see. I giggled and went into the living room.

A few mintues later Paris came into the living room and sat down seguinte to me on the couch. "Anna, I couldn't stop blushing!" She said. I giggled again. "Your really falling for Jake aren't you?"...
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posted by Jackson-Bieber
Carlee's POV:

Friday Came WAYYYYY Faster Than I Thought It Would. To Be Honest, Even Though Prince Is Obssessed With Me, I'm Nervous About Our Date. Ever since Prince and I kissed, things have been so awkward between me and Paris, She won't even sit seguinte to me at dinner. "Knock Knock" Prince said "Yeah?" I asked "Ready?" Prince Asked "Fo What Fool" I joked "Our Date?" Prince said "Oh is it 8:30 Already? Damn." I said "Duh." Prince Replyed "Okay prince, Tell Me Where We're Going" I Said "No." Prince Answered "Dammit Prince Will You Fuckin Tell Me!!" I Begged "Out To The Pier" Prince Whispered...
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posted by UmOkayThen
Runaway amor part 8

“So then I said no Mr. Potato, you’re janked! And he told me he didn’t think I had the right to-“ I nodded along like I was really paying attention to Blanket’s story about some janked potato. “Hey Blanket, I’m gonna umm, throw a potato!” I got up and walked out of Blanket’s room and into Paris’. She looked up from the computer on her desk.

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked. I sat on the edge of her bed. “Nothing much, just bored.” I replied.

“Where’s Jaafar?” she asked

“Out with Karissa” I said in a disgusted tone.

“What’s so bad about...
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oi guys, it is me princechick! I started a fanfic in my journal and it was pretty long. So, I decided to post it on fanpop. There will be mais than 10 parts hopefully. ENJOY!
Main Character: Anna Walters
Other Important Characters: Prince, Jenny, Spencer, Mrs. Hale.

INTRO- Anna Walters is a 13 girl who normally is home-schooled. She lives in Encino. But will the home-schooling change? She is is known for being the daughter of her two famous/legendary parents! How will she feel when she finds a true friend that she can relate too? Will this work out? Read and enjoy the story!
Description of Anna:...
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posted by ozchick

BRANDI - Hows your breakfast baby?

MIKE - Its delicious my lovely, just perfect.

BRANDI - Your father called while you were in the shower.

MIKE - (tries to avoid the subject) Did you use herbs in the bernays sauce honey? its really good.

BRANDI - Mike....You know you heared me

MIKE - Yeah I know, but I just..

BRANDI - (Brandi gently interupts him in a pleading voice) Just what Mike?

MIKE - I told you, I would rather not go to london...
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( scene inside the hotel room the seguinte morning)
Blanket: ( yawns) were are we?
Prince: in a hotel remebemer?
Blanket: i do kinda its all a blur... ( rubs head)
Prince: well lets get dressed and keep going
Blanket: ok...
( prince and Blanket get dressed and leave the hotel)
Prince: ok that hotel coats 50 dollers so we only have 50 dollers left
Blanket: thats not too bad right?
Prince; it will give us enough to get by
Blanket: i miss Paris
Prince: me too thats why were out looking for her
( a car pulls up infront of Prince and Blanket)
Prince: wait a second...
( prince tears the mans sunglasses and boné, cap away)...
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Hi Guys! Full chapter here!

Ella's POV

I sigh as my mother sits me down after that long sleep (On the plane from Nashville, Tennessee) seguinte to Grandma Katherine. My mummy and grandma begin chatting, whuile having a cup of coffee. i yawn. "Mummy,im bored" i complain. "Hang on, darling" she replies. "So is their anything else i need to now" grandma asks mummy. "Ah yes. Ella doesn't know how to swim. Pleas don't ask why" my mother explained, smiling. "Ella is actually alergic to ginger, raisins, nut and gralic. She gets eczema quite badly so watch out for that. Um, Ella loves to climb things so...
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Until Prince said it was a joke of his grandmother.
And then came the Lisa (the daughter of Elvis, Michael died before she and Michael dating). My father knew Lisa.
"Hello Lisa" said my father. "Hey" said Lisa. "What are you doing here?" asked my father. "I am being a mother to the children of Michael." "I think they would amor to know my daughters. Why do not you spend time at home?" said my father. "It's ok" said Lisa.
And then they moved to my house that same day. When they arrived I said to Prince: "We need to talk ..."
And I took him to my garden of rosas and I said: "It is very risky,...
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Michael Jackson tried his hardest to ensure that his children led normal lives, because growing up he was never able to have what we have, a normal childhood.
Free of cameras flashing every time you went to reach for a fork and free from having strange people follow you around when you were just trying to go to school.
Since his death, his children have slowly been exposed to the media, but the Jackson family has taken great precaution to ensure that they do not become overexposed due to Michael not being able to protect them.
Recently his daughter Paris Jackson signed up for the social networking site, facebook and since then, personal pictures have been leaked from her site.

Take a look into how normal of a life Paris and her brothers lead on the following pages. (If you click the link)

Read more: link
(next dia at school)
dashiell- oi oi hey
serena-hi (i said shyly)
dashiell-now come on serena you shouldnt be shy around me
serena-i know i know im sorry
dashiell-thats better
(we go to english)
Teacher-everybody get out there text books
bithcherella-man i hate this school
bitcherella-teachers are major bitches and those things over there(pointing at niki and her clique)
serena-im like who are they?
dashiell-only the most popular girls in school....
bitcherella-yea yea yea and major sluts
serena-why do you say that
bitcherella-(shakes her head) listen just stay far away from them ok?
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posted by dashingaway
This parts bigger I think.

We had school the seguinte day; we were all tired from the night before.

“It’s only October Prince and you can’t keep your English grade up.”

Paris snickered “and Paris your Math grade” Katherine sighed.

“And Dashiell don’t be over there smiling I’m sure when your mom and dad get back from their trip they won’t be happy with the C you have in Math.”

“They know I hate it” I shrugged.

“So doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try” Katherine said.

“I try I’m a ano above in math, aren’t I?”

“Aren’t I” Katherine corrected “and Prince is failing...
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“You didn’t have to drag me away from Camden you know I could have gone myself” Paris yelled.

“Yea you embarrassed me in front of Diggy” Serena shot back.

“You’d probably manage to do that por yourselves just fine” Prince scoffed.

“Just shut up and drive” Paris shot back.

“Using song lyrics to express your opinion again, Paris?”

She was turning as shade of red as she kicked the back of the black leather seats.

“Eh, grandma won’t be happy if there’s a heel print on the back of the seat.”

“So I could blame it on Dashiell” Paris said angrily.

“Well grandma knows Dashiell...
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Two paparazzi were handcuffed por cops after allegedly blowing red lights while chasing Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson ... TMZ has learned.
The photogs -- not TMZ -- were allegedly chasing the car Paris was in, blowing red lights and driving recklessly, trying to get a shot of MJ's daughter.

We're told the cops are not going to arrest the photogs because police didn't see the chase. In fact, they will not even be cited for the same reason.
Instead, we're told a crime denunciar will be written and forwarded to the L.A. City Attorney for possible prosecution.


Note: Paris even tweeted about this.
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Dashiell:15,Prince:16,Paris:15, Bitcherina:16, Toby:17,Camden:16,Diggy:18,Serena:16

I don’t dare look up at Prince again; his eyes will only make me feel different.

Paris runs over to us and says “hey Prince I need Dashiell.”

“But I…” I try to say.

“No your coming” Paris demands pulling me.

I mouth “help me” at Prince but he just shakes his head and laughs.

“What is it” I yell at Paris crossing my arms kind of peeved off.

“Well okay first off I really like Camden he’s so sweet and handsome don’t you think?”

“Yea, yea he’s a babe.”

“Wait, do you like him too?”...
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posted by dashingaway

Sorry if this is a little short

Me and Prince ran to sat of a red amor assento in the corner.

Then a boy with jet black hair and electric blue eyes came over and said “hey Prince is the girlfriend you’re always talking about?”

Prince glanced at me then shook his head and said “no this is my friend Dashiell.”

“Nice to meet you Dashiell I’m Camden” he said smiling.

His smile was leite white and he was handsome not near as tall as Prince he was maybe three inches shorter and he was a bit lankier.

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Dashiell: 15, Prince: 16, Nikki:16, Paris:15, Serena:16, Diggy: 18, Toby: 16

“So how was the beach” I said getting up not wanting to watch the stupid credits.

“It was good, you should come sometime.”

“And be totally ignored or pounded por you I think not” I replied.

“I wouldn’t ignore you.”

“But you’d pound me right like you say you do to Paris just to look cool in front of Nikki and all of them.”

“No that’s different.”

“How is it different Prince?”

“It’s ah…very complicated.”

“Paris loves you and you make fun of her can’t you see something wrong with that...
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