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(Scene everyone inside the jackson home)
Prince: oi Everybody whats going on?
Kathrine: Prince I need to show you something
( shows Leaked pictures of Paris on Internect)
Prince: Spencer!
Paris: how could she do this to me
Kathrine: for money thats the only reason
Paris: i thought i could trust Her
Prince: forget her and make new friends,Better friends
Paris: I guess your right but it wont be the same
Prince: your right it wont be the same it will be better!
Paris: Yeah!
Kathrine: thats the spirit Paris
Prince: you can hang out with Niki
Paris: great idea ill call her right now and invite her over...
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posted by Bieber-Jackson
Me and Prince walked downstairs.
Paris was watching tv.
"Great daddy still isnt início yet" I said
"Ok guys what happened today not a word about it"
I continued
"Trust NO ONE wants to speak of it again" Paris said
"Not a word" Prince said
Price had a look on his face like he was thinking hard about something.
"Are you ok?" I asked
"Yeah Im fine" Prince said
I sat down to watch tv with Paris.
Prince called the driver.
"Bye ladies i'll be back later" Prince said
"Where are you going?" I asked
"Ummm no where" He said
"Why is he atuação so weird?" I asked
"He must still be a little jumpy about the fact that he was...
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posted by princemjforlife

as you know I am leaving. But I wanna leave with a BANG!

So we are here to share some funny stories we had here, to come and celebrate to cadastrar-se together and just be happy.

So here it goes:

I remember I came on here smiling and now leaving sad, looking for answers. I know this is my choice but it's a smart choice. My stories might never be writen again. You might never find out what happens, but *sighs* it's okay. I remember my first encounter with Rania, she told some chick that she was ugly! And that people called her beautiful. So I came and cursed her out with big fat ugly cow. Good times :). I'm gonna miss some of the friends I made, you know who you are.
posted by Bieber-Jackson
Halle(12) Prince(13) Paris(12) Blanket(8) Jaafar(13) Jermajesty(9) Ashley(11) Kayla(19)Ciena(12) Justin(16) Marcus(13) Austin(13) Chloe'(15) Juliana(10)

Halle's POV:
"Man paparazzi are insane today!" I said, me and Prince had only been dating for 5 weeks and as soon as the paparazzi found out they went crazy! "Tell me about it we almost didn't make it here!" Prince said to me."Wait where did Blanket go?" i asked "I don't know", "PARIS!" i yelled, "What I'm trying to unpack!","Where is Blanket?","Why would i know Prince and Jaafar were watching him and Jermajesty!", "Oh Great" i said "I'll go...
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posted by lovepink
"Oh." I said. Now my tears were falling like rain drops. My coração broke in half, then again in quarters, then again into eighths. Who was she? When did they meet? How did they meet? My head was swarming with perguntas that I couldn't answer.
"I'm sorry."
"I, I, I have to go." I said trying to mask my tears. I failed miserably.
"Elle-" Prince said detecting my crying. I hung up. He called back, I didn't answer. He left a message. I couldn't bare to listen to it.
By this time I was practically sobbing, laying on my cama and eating ice cream. Paris came and tried to console me. Eventually I just...
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Sorry it took so long. I’m leaving town tomorrow to stay with my friend at his house in Big urso so I don’t know when I’ll get around to typing part 8.


<Still Prince’s Point Of View>

They all laughed at me.

“Ok, let’s see. Blanket, you want cookies. Jermajesty wants to know how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop. Donte wants Kayla’s vintage corvette convertible, and Genevieve is cantar Total Eclipse of the coração in her head.”

Silence, that’s all I got.

“That is AWESOME!” Blanket exclaimed

“Can you teach us?” Jermajesty...
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posted by princemjforlife
Juliet's P.O.V.

So today was the dia we beat the shit outta Jaafar.

But I have my own plan myself. After last night with Prince, I was disappointed. I thought he would stand up for me and make me wait for him. And he loves me.

Bitch please.

Tanya's P.O.V.

Okay so I haven't told anyone this, but...I'm sorta leaving...early.

I can't live with Jaafar wanting to hurt me! I'm not leaving pregnant or even worse...


So I'm gonna kick Jaafar's bunda like planned, tell everyone I'm leaving say my goodbyes and my dad will be picking me up from the house. Mrs. Jackson will understand- or should I say soon-to-be...
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posted by SashaPrince4ver
Debbie Rowe -- the mother of Michael Jackson's two oldest children Paris and Prince -- claims she's "worried" about her kids' brother, Blanket. During a shopping trip in Calabasas earlier today, Rowe said she knows nothing about the investigation into the stun gun incident at the Jackson compund in Encino -- Where Michael's kids and Jermaine's kids are all currently living with Katherine Jackson. But Rowe did admit that she was aware of the reports that Jaafar was playing with a stun gun, while Blanket was nearby. When asked if she was worried about Blanket, Rowe said, "Of course I'm worried.. Why would I not be worried about a child? He is their brother." Rowe claimed that she never been to the Jackson compound -- but told us she has been visiting Michael's tomb and tried to visit as often as she can.
It was only a matter of time.

Katherine Jackson has accepted to let Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II, (aka 'Blanket') show themselves to the world.

Acoording to court documents last week, the Jackson Family isn't going to be so mysterious anymore, soon enough they are going to let contact information spread around the world. You will not have to be searching for the address of Prince, Paris, Blanket, Joe, Katherine, Janet nor the rest of the Jackson Family because lawyer, Burt Levitch has agreed to private accomplishments.

TMZ unearthed some contact information, already. Prince Michael...
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-Michael Jackson's Assistant Testifies -

The prosecution began to paint a picture of Dr. Conrad Murray's reckless actions on the night MJ passed away ... por calling to the stand the Jackson assistant Murray telephoned before he called 911.

Michael Amir Williams testified that he received a frantic voicemail from Murray at 12:13 PM on June 25, 2009. Williams said Murray's VM said, "Where are you? Get here right away, hurry."

Williams says he then called Alberto Alvarez, MJ's security guard, and asked Alvarez to walk to the front door. Williams says he heard Murray's voice in the background, then...
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Hi i was just board and thort i would write a fã fiction this probly isent great but i will try my best,if yo find any mistakes please comment on them and if you would like me to do a fintic for you could you please message me.thank-you.

I was sitting on the sidewalk out front of my house crying,i saw a boy about the age of 13 and a man walking seguinte to him.i dident really look at the face's then as i staerted to wipe my tears away i relied who it was. yelled in my head "OH MY GOD ITS PRINCE JACKSON."

He walked over to me and said "are you okay? you look upset?" i i mumbled i...m oka...y" he...
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posted by PrInCeMjFaN
When I went into Paris's room I knew she knew somthing was up. I want to tell her everything but what if she gets mad at me for liking him...and going out with him.She's my best friend and she deserves to know i'm just going to tell her.

"Hey, Paris I need to tell you somthing"

"Okay what is it Ali"

"Um, do you promise not to get mad at me?"

"Ya ofcourse, your my best friend"

"Okay I- I kissed Prince!" I said with a squeel

"You what!"

"I kissed Prince, well, I didn't really kiss him he kinda kissed me" I said turning red.

"O-Okay tell me EVERYTHING that happened"She said with a smile.

"Um okay, well...
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 "You're my forever." Prince says.
"You're my forever." Prince says.
Prince and Jenna are both 14, they've been dating ever since they were 13, and they've known each other forever. At 13, Prince knew he was in amor with Jenna, so he asked her out. So now they're at Jenna's beloved Uncle Jim's funeral, who was very close with the Jackson family and Jenna. So now Jenna's devestated and Prince is trying to confort her. It's been about an hora after the funeral.

"You know I'm always going to be there for you right?" Prince asks.
"Yes" I murmmer. I could tell por the look in his eye that he really meant it. God, I amor him so much. Wiping away my tears I add "It's...
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(Scene inside the trucker mans truck) Paris: thank you for the Ride Sir. Truck Driver: So where you three kids heading to?. Prince: just to the nearist police Station will do. Truck driver: ok to the police station we go. ( blanket wakes up) Blanket: whats going on were are we?: Prince: were going início now go back to sleep blanket. Blanket: Ok im tired anyway ( goes to sleep) Prince: I hope when he wakes up we ill be home. paris: me too Prince me Too. Truck Driver: dont i know you kids from somewere?. Paris: no were just normal kids. Prince: yeah just plain old normal kids. Paris: were at the...
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posted by myassrocks
ok first of all i think MJ is HOT like fogo and prince is well kinda "hot" but really that kid is 13 almost 14 and got his hair cut but the man, homo, or woman who cut his hair maybe had a hangover. Anyways we thought he was this cutie pie who was very polite, clean in hygiene, sweet with fans, and well different; but seems we were so freaking wrong with it cuz now the truth is that the prince turned to a frog, YES a frog and what kinda princess he chooses for her to kiss him, well the only and __! niki the burger yeah i mean im cool with her , some people here dont like her, others dont give...
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"You have an amazing voice." I told Hannah as we got off the ride. She blushed.

"I almost took cantar instead of acting." She informed. I stopped.

"What's the story?" I asked, eager to know.

"Why dont you meet me at the hot tub at 10:00PM? She asked.

"Ok..." I said. Why 10:00? Should i be scared. No, she wouldnt do that.

"And wear your swimsuit." She added.

"No duh!" We laughed and went to Epcot. The others were already there.

"I dont like rollercoasters." Blanket told Hannah.

"Aww! Neither do i." She looked at me and winked. Then she picked Blanket. He climbed over to her back.

"Pony!" He shouted...
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"WAIT!" I yelled before the nurse could tell us the gender. I started to think while Elle looked at me strangely. Wait. What was I doing, again? I wanted to know if it was a boy or girl! "Nevermind!" I added on quickely.
"Well, the baby is a-"
"Ms. Robinson? We need you down the hall immediately." A doctor walked into the room, interrupting her.
"Oh. This is an emergency. I'll be back right away." The nurse told us, getting up and leaving. Elle took a deep sigh.
"Ahh! The suspense is killing me!" She said, exhausted.
"I know, me too." I replied, slowly sitting back in my chair....
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Sorry, I didn't post part three today! LOL, I was too busy, but to make it up I will do both, parts 3 and 4!

Update: There will be a new character. So I will re-list the characters for you!

Leanna (13) NEW!

Anna (12)

Paris (12)

Prince (13)

Jake (13)

Blanket (8)

I also put the ages. Yeah, so you will have to wait and see what role Leanna will playing! So please be patient with the sotries because I volenteered to read to kids two months every Thursday, and camp 5 days a week, and then tennis. So, don't worry, don't think I quit the series!

Have a good dia or night (Depends where ya livin') -Princechick!!
posted by Jackson-Bieber
I ran up to my room. I pulled the covers over my head and just lay there. Maybe, just Maybe, I still loved Will...

A Knock On The Door Interrupted My Thoughts. "Go Away" I said "It's my house" Katherine said "Oh, Hi Katherine" I said "Carlee, What Happened?" Katherine Asked "I Want The Fuck Out Of Here!! This Is A Prison! I'm Not Allowed To Drink, Smoke Weed, Or Any Other Drug, Or Even Smoke! I Hate It Here" I Said "Carlee your addicted, you need help" Katherine said "I'M NOT ADDICTED!" I Denied "Carlee, You Know What Happened With-" Katherine Said "DON'T BRING THAT UP!" I Demanded "What's...
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His cousin Royal is TWEETING via paris' twitter. :O, he says that pp are at school
which its true cause its 10 a.m
(didnt go to school today lol)
he says stuff like hes qonna play xbox with prince when he comes bk from school
and that he loves deedee and lexci.

and dat

its so
i think he doesnt know
that gen said or thinks that they havent got a twitter account
and thinking about it i think thats qonna be a problem with her family. :(
Miles got hacked por SOFIA?


not rude comments.
peace. xxxxxxxx