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posted by trini_chick
 Matt Fiddes
Matt Fiddes
Before all of you start judging the man I am going to give my input first. As usual you guys will judge the man quickly as we all know there is a 50% chance of Michael being the father so I guess that there is a 50% chance for this guy. I do see a resemblance(I'll post the pic below) e and I don't care if you all don't see it. This is just my opinion, and he doesn't seem out for money because he would have done it when there was a bigger stir about Michael Jackson. And you don't know if Blanket is really his or some other guys own or Micheal's own. He deserves a chance to tell his story. Here...
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"KANSAS?!" I yelled.

"Kylie?" Prince said, only alot quiter than me and mais confused. And how he got there, i have no clue.
Kansas' hands were tied behind his back and his clothes were off. Kylie had no clothes either and was ontop of him. I looked back at Prince and found he was looking away. I should probaly look away, but Kylie has nothing. Then there is Kansas, who has tears in his eyes. He was looking at me with pain and worry in his eyes. I looked away, turned and ran out of the room crying.
Prince didnt come up for 30 minutes. When he came in the room he had Paris, Sammy, Jaffar, Blanket,...
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posted by lovepink
The seguinte morning, Paris and I talked about the prank when the guys were outside in the pool.
"Ok, so since Jaafar wakes up everynight for a snack, we have to wait until he goes to cama after he eats, which would be around 1:30." I told Paris.
"Right. And we need to do Blanket last, because we never know when he's asleep. He doesn't mover in his sleep, he doesn't snore, he just lays there. We don't want him to ruin the whole joke." She said.
"Yeah, and we'll do Prince first, since we need to give Jaafar enough time to fall asleep. Do we have enough toilet paper?"
"Yeah I asked Aunt Janet if she could...
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Prince must've seen Sammy and Paris,too. He jumped out of the pool and ran towards them. I was right behind him. When we got to the fence, i saw Kylie and Adrianne holding Kansas. He was yelling. Sammy and Paris we yelling at Kylie and Adrianne. I went to the gate to open it. Prince, Paris, and Sammy where right behind me.

"How did you get here?" Prince asked angrily.

"Your Grandma let me in." Kylie answered.

"Why did you bring Kansas?" I asked.

"Because he has to tell you something." Kylie answered.

"Nicole, I have never liked you. I have always liked Sammy. I was using you. Now that Sammy is...
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Michael Jackson's estate filed suit against a business partner of the late singer's mother Thursday, alleging that memorabilia created with her permission and other commercial ventures constituted "wholesale misappropriation" of the pop icon's intellectual property.
The suit, filed in federal court in Los Angeles, accuses Canadian entrepreneur Howard Mann of "arrogant disregard" for the estate's rights and asks a judge to stop his company, Vintage Pop Media, from further use of Jackson's name, image and music.
"Protecting and preserving Michael's assets are a core responsibility of the estate...
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posted by bigmanguy
February, 4, 2011 I was sitting in the living room and my stomach started growling. Chris looked at me and said” all we have in the cozinha is a jar of pickles.” I said” will you go get them please?” He stood up and said” wait a minute; I thought you hated pickles?” I said” I’ll take any comida at this point….need food!!!” While he was in the cozinha I heard the glass break and said” that better not have been the pickles!!!” I walked into the cozinha and Chris said” my hands slipped.” I smiled and jokingly said” I hate you so much right now!!!” I grabbed my truck’s...
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posted by bigmanguy
February, 2, 2011, I woke up with Reegan lying seguinte to me crying. I picked him up and said” what’s wrong R.J?” As I was holding him a few mean text messages from Prince showed up on Chris’s phone. I deleted them as Chris was walking into the bedroom. I passed Reegan to him and said” you’re changing diapers while I’m pregnant because I can’t stand the smell!!!” He sat down on the cama and said” I feel like such a jerk, your brother hates me!!!” I put my arm around him and said” I feel bad about it too.” Chris said” what we did was worth it though… he will forget...
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posted by princeluvr09
So, this is it. My life is officially over because of my so-called-friend, Niki.
We used to do everything together, we learned how to ride bikes together, we went início from school together, we would go trick or treating and caroling together, when she fell off the swing, I was the one to call for help, and when I fell off a árvore she was the one who called my mom..
What happened to us?

I tried calling her, but all I could get was her voice mail.
"Hey! This is Niki! Sorry I can't answer your call right now, I'm off somewhere. Leave me a message?"
"Hey Niki"I sighed,"It's Ella, look I'm sorry...
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posted by bigmanguy
January, 24, 2011, I woke up and Chris was still sleeping so I started to pack because we are leaving on our honeymoon to Florida in a few hours. As I was looking around for clothes and toothpaste I realized that Chris didn’t bring anything from Grandma’s house to Neverland!!! I went over to Chris and shook him awake. When he opened his eyes I said” I’ll be right back; I have to go get some stuff at Grandma’s.” He closed his eyes and said” O.K. I’m going back to sleep.” As I walked into Grandma’s house Prince was changing Reegan’s diaper. Prince looked up and said” what...
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 my nerd glasses
my nerd glasses
January, 13, 2011, I ran upstairs and took Reegan out of his crib. He was trying to get out of my arms and I said” happy birthday”!!! I can’t believe he is a ano old, it feels like it was just yesterday when Jake left Reegan with me. As I was putting his socks on him I tickled his feet and he smiled. I said” hey; your first tooth finally poked through buddy!!!” I was so happy that at least one of his teeth came through because he looks so miserable while he is teething. Reegan crawled to Chris and he picked him up. We walked downstairs and Prince passed me Reegan’s bottle. Blanket...
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posted by SophiaPrinceLuv
oi guys this is my first fã fic story so plz comment and p.s i dont take critisisam very well
Sophia 14
Lucas 13
Abby 14
Paris 13
Prince 14
Niki 14
Rafeal 14

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!."Ugh shut up stupid alarm clock" i said while trying to turn of my alarm clock.
" Sophia, get ready its time for school" my mom said."Just a few minutos later mom" i said. "Come on you dont want to be late for school again, they said one mais tardy and you get a week of detention"she said. I got up quickly, took a shower, got dressed, ran down stairs, ate half a waffle with only 20 minutos to spare."come...
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posted by princeluvr09
It's 2am
Eva was already sleeping, I was just watching tv.

I kept thinking about the Niki and Prince thing, it was just so surreal. Back when Prince started Buckley, they were barely noticing each other, he had no idea who she was, until we bumped into each other at the movies. It was so...weird to think that your best friends are dating each other.

I silently got up, and went outside to the árvore house.
As I climbed up the ladder, I could see a light turned on at the Jackson house, it was from Prince's room, he looked like he was walking back and forth, talking to someone on the phone.
Then, I...
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posted by princeluvr09
So, this is where we have to end? How, all we've been through was just thrown away like garbage?
Why? What happened that was so bad that you had to end it that way?

"I've found someone new"

I felt like my coração just exploded into a million pieces in 3 seconds.

"Who?" I asked, tears starting to form in my eyes.
"Niki.."he said,"Niki Berger"

Prince meant the world to me, he was mais than a friend. He became mais than my friend when he kissed me last year. He was different, he wasn't like anybody else. Sure, we weren't a couple, but we acted like it. He would kiss me before class, hold my hand...
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Sources tell TMZ ... Michael cajoled a Las Vegas dentist into performing a procedure on Blanket in July, 2008, that involved putting the boy under anesthesia for 2 hours in a dental office that did not have the necessary permit for anesthesia.

TMZ has obtained internal documents from the Nevada Board of Dental Examiners, which detail Michael Jackson's interactions with Dr. Mark Tadrissi. According to the documents, Tadrissi told Michael he couldn't perform the procedure on Blanket because he lacked the permit.

According to the Board's investigator, Michael didn't want to hear about permits and...
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posted by Jackson_Fan
On September 6th,2010, Prince and Paris Jackson are starting " Private School". Prince was happy and excited to go to private school because, he had início school all his life. Paris told to Prince, " Are you Nervous for tomorrow Prince ?", said Paris wondering. Prince said" No, Im happy beause, we can be Normal like anyone else and meet friends =D", said Prince happy. Paris said, Ok...? But any way's..Im going to cama early, so see you tomorrow Big Brother," Peace", said Paris tired, walking up the stair's. Prince said, " Good Night! Little Sis!", said Prince laughing, sitting down eating some...
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The Character's Are:
-Prince Jackson
-Paris Jackson
-Blanket Jackson
-Jaafar Jackson
-Katherine Jackson
-Niki Berger
-Trina Gant
-Nessa Correa
-Acting Teacher- Ms.Gray

-The Story Is a (Drama/Romantic) Stoy,About Prince Jackson, Dreams of Becoming a Movie estrela Director in the Futer & Finding His True amor <3 And Is on a Journey To Reach for His Goals of His Dream's & amor <3 [= *I Just Put Niki Berger In It, Because She Fit's in Drama, I Guess =P LoL. The 1st Part of the Story Is Going To Be Published Tomorrow, So Stay Tune for mais =D Bye <3
posted by PrinceMJluv
It’s been two years since the shocking death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In that time, his three children - Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9 - have enjoyed a mais social lifestyle than they were used to; no longer being hidden from the paparazzi.

But for Paris Jackson, Michael’s only daughter, it looks like it’s been a mais difficult transition. After being hounded por paps earlier in the month; an incident that involved a call to police officers, Paris recently found herself the victim of cyberbullying when a Twitter follower began to harass her, telling her that Michael...
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posted by dashingaway
I know this is short I'm really sorry the seguinte one will be longer promise.

I grabbed the flask and looked to Prince; he was a lot better at this stuff than I was.

I copied his movements and Bertie seemed to be doing fine on his own too, I was the only one who sucked at Science I guess.

Mr. Allen came around to check our work and nodded, as always easily impressed with Prince.

When class ended Paris ran straight to us glaring at me the looked to Bertie and batted her eyelashes “hi Bertie what class do you have next?”

“Design and Graphics, he has the same classes as me, the teacher wants me...
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This is my new mini seris called the life and dramma of Prince,Paris and Blanket Jackson Enjoy :)

( scene inside the Jackson Home)

Prince: oi Jaffar your totally cheating!
Jaffar: Its Only a video Game Prince Lighten up
prince: Whatever dude
( paris Walks In)
Paris: oi guys whats going on?
Jaffar: Prince is loosing his cool over a a dumm video game
Prince: Am Not!
Paris: Well Spencer is Coming over in a few hours so guys please dont fight while she is here.
Jaffar: dont have to tell me Twice Paris
Paris: Prince... what about you?
Prince: ok ok I wont fight with Jaffar
Paris: thanks Guys your the...
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posted by bigmanguy
 my bike when i was younger
my bike when i was younger
AGUST 11, 2009, I woke up and saw a cardboard box on my bed. There was a note taped to the box, it said “ I found these when we were clean out your dads house- Uncle Jermaine”. I reached in and grabbed a video tape and put it in my v.c.r. I sat back down on my cama and pressed play. Words came up on the screen that said “ Alanna 2 years old”. The video started and I was sitting on dads lap. Dad said “ you know you will always be my little princess right”? I said “ yes daddy” , he said “ can I have a kiss” and puckered his lips and I gave him a kiss. While I was watching the...
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