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posted by AnamHussain95
I am composição literária this because well.. i have a lot fangirl feelings and i need to put them down. Also to knock some sense into people who think an already written destiny is mais 'epic' than two people who fell in amor with each other unconditionally and irretrievably.

Stefan and Elena, the two doppelgangers were 'meant' to fall in love. They were supposed to be together because the universe had thrashed out a plan, not just for them.. for all the doppelgangers that existed. So all Paul Wesleys and Nina Dobrevs had to fall in amor because thats how Tessa had written the doppelganger destiny to be....
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added by vanszerelem
I'm new here and I just wanted to share my views on why Damon and Elena NEED to be together. I wrote this for a friend to persuade her to cadastrar-se Delena, and this speech worked. I hope you like it.

​ Okay, so my speech consists of many parts. My first part is how they first met. Damon was just lying in the road, looking for his seguinte meal, when Elena comes and talks and he hears her voice. He goes up to and say “Katherine?”  “No, I’m Elena.” She replies. With that it takes him three segundos to find out that Elena is indeed Elena and not Katherine. (Even though he probably could have...
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This season Elena was slowly realizing her feelings for Damon. Season finale is usually the culmination point of the season. What can be the possible culmination between Damon and Elena? Alright, I’ll tell you: Elena chooses Damon. This season Damon and Elena had a beautiful build-up (as always) and they grew a lot closer. They even had 2 full episodes focused on their relationship. “The New Deal” and “Heart Of Darkness”. Why would the writers give Damon and Elena not even one but two episodes out of 22? I’ll tell you why: Elena chooses Damon. And I’m not even mentioning the...
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posted by yasmeen40
originally written por : SuchALittleMonster on FanFiction.net

It took me a few segundos to completely register Damon's words and make sense of them. My stomach turned, I felt light headed and sick as I stared down at him. He was sitting up now, he crushed my stake in his hand with little to no effort. He wiped the blood from his lips and moved his fingers down to his chest. I took a few steps backwards when I noticed his wound had already healed.

In the blink of an eye he was up on his feet, he was perfectly fine. I felt the mural against my back, I had no where else to go. Surprisingly he didn't...
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Source: dailydelenagifs.tumblr.com
Before anything, shameless self promotion part just because I can:
Twitter: NoBodyOwnsYou_ and my very own Damon and Elena fanfic, Going downhill from here – Summary: College student Elena Gilbert, meets Damon Salvatore in a rather unfamiliar situation. Sparks fly higher than usual but she knows it can't end well from dia one. AH/AU (M Rating)
My name on FF.Net is DElenaLover4Ever

Now onto mais fanfics ;)…

(T Rating)

If & Only If por Florenci7 – Summary: Post-5x22. Damon and Bonnie are dead and everyone is struggling with the loss. But not everyone is ready to let go. Damon/Elena, Jeremy/Bonnie,...
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posted by RoseJackDawson
I was plaining on making DE video with 101 reasons to ship them and I would like to see your opinion (because it will be dedicated to all of you). What do you think,are these reasons good? And if you have your sugestions,I'd appriciate if you write it.
1.    Because he knew right away she wasn't Katherine.
2.    Because he consumes her.
3.    When Bonnie toched her,she saw Damon.
4.    She was the reason he came back.
5.    Because it was nice to meet him.
6.    Because she let...
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BD’ers constantly say that Elena will be a whore if she hooks up with Damon. That can’t be anymore not true.

Elena will get over her amor for Stefan, just like everyone does. Sooner or later she will fall for Damon. That has been stated over and over again. This is a amor TRIANGLE. If Delena wasn’t supposed to happen then Damon would be lusting after someone else and not Elena! Fact: Delena will happen and you can scream “whore” until you’re blue in the face. It’s not gonna change the facts.

The Salvatore brotherhood will not be ruined! Seriously why does anyone think it will be?...
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posted by storyteller13
Damon arrived at Elena's room to check on her.
It has been a long time since she hasn´t seen Stefan, and Damon is worried that Elena has been taking it a little to good. Although ahe hasn´t done anything to herself yet, he could feel her sufering in the inside.

Damon sat on Elena's bed. He can hear the water going from the other room and so He lays on the cama and thinks about what he´s going to say. While he awaits Elena's return he difts off to sleep. Elena turns off the water and gets out. Elena got a towell and dries off her face. She has been washing her teeth thinking about every stefan...
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posted by DelenaLove201_
(If you're wondering why this is in the Delena spot, it's because a good half of it deals with the effect that Klaroline has on Delena. Am I overthinking this?)

So why exactly is Klaroline so popular? Is anyone else confused about this sudden craze? Now I'm sure that this article, like most of mine, will be very controversial. In particular because many Delena shippers are also Klaroline shippers.

So I'm going to start this artigo por saying very clearly that there is nothing wrong with Klaroline or shipping Klaroline. Heck, I don't like them canonically but I do amor them in fanfiction. There...
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 Made por Alt_Girl38
Made by Alt_Girl38
The sire bond theory had been floating around for weeks. I hated it. It seemed to have been dreamt up por malicious fãs to scare us, and indicate that Elena's feelings for Damon couldn't be real, and undermined the validity of the amor triangle. 'The writers would never do that,' I thought. 'Why would they? It's taken them 4 years to work up to this point. It seems absurd that they would undo everything they've written with one fatal blow.'
The reason I hated the sire bond idea so much was that it meant Elena loved Damon as a result of some supernatural, external force; it wasn't genuine. It...
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The Vampire Diaries that started off as one of the biggest hits on televisão reached a milestone on 23rd of January with its 100th episode airing. It was an emotional moment for loyal fans. But did the storyline really pay off? Ambivalence everywhere.
Criticism and objections are the rooms of the house that is freedom of speech. And every composição literária (novels, books, shows or filmes even songs and music) has that house. fãs are allowed to contest and pergunta a writer's choice and intellect. So while the 100th episode won points in some hearts, it gained resentment in others.

I'll start with my...
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