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posted by SB_lover0506
So I was listening to my ipod and thought what if the team members went through an event that realted to a certain song and thus this was born.

Grenade por Bruno Mars

The night was cold and dark as the two teens stood there on a roof topo, início waiting.
"I am so bored. Oh, I know let's do something fun besides sitting here," Wally annoyingly said for the hundredth time.
"Wally we're here to sit put and wait for anything suspicious. That means no playing games," Artemis glared at her teammate.
*Sigh* "Fine give me some binoculars." Artemis handed him the segundo pare as she looked through her own.
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posted by Kenzie_KarmaYJ
After the large round of laughter and ironic applause, not to mention Robin nearly fearing for his life, the team looked over to Delta for an explanation, although someone had an inclination on what it might be about.
Batman, who had since dried himself off and calmed down, picked up Kenzie, looking very innocent, making batman himself look innocent in a very scary way. Delta sighed and picked up the wilted rose, twirling its stem between her fingers.
“I’m not sure exactly how to explain this,” she began. “But I know this is Fin, I can feel it. I used to...” She gave a half-hearted...
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posted by Peturivar
Metropolis,Suicide Slums
September 18, 0:23 EDT

Hank ran across the alley, his red hair shining in the moonlight, but suddenly he stopped. Moving his muscular body, he saw the Sinestro Corp members who where following him. He started to run again, cursing his father for taking his power ring. While running he spoke his oath,

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight, Let Those Who Worship Evil´s Might, Beware My Power, GREEN LANTERN´S LIGHT.

His ring flew right to him. When he saw himself in his standard Green Lantern outfit he stopped running. The two Sinestro Corp members...
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Willow screamed running around laughing her head off as Wally chased her, " Willow!!! calm down!!" Wally yelled, " no too much sugar!!!!" Willow yelled laughing. Wally stopped catching his breath, he had been chasing Willow for hours and it was hard to catch her when she was sugar high, hours atrás he felt like an idiot giving into her cachorro, filhote de cachorro dog eyes for a oh henry bar. Becca walked in just as Willow ran por and smirk spread across her face, " you gave her chocolate didnt you? " Becca said. Wally gave a sheepish smile rubbing the back of his neck, " well we should probably catch her before she...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
“I’d be lying if I said this place wasn’t creepy.” Fang stared at the old building.
“Hey, there’s a light on, looks like a TV or something. Is this place open?” Volt walked towards the door. “Nope closed for repairs.” Fang pulled at the door. “Locked” he took a couple steps back. “What are you doing?” Volt folded her arms across her chest. “Just watch.” Fang got a running start and slammed into the door, it jolted open.
“Got it.” Fang stood in the middle of the lobby. Volt rolled her eyes and smiled.
“Show off.” The door slammed shut behind them leaving them...
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posted by Skittles98
“You modeled? For what?” Robin exclaimed
“A stupid magazine cover. It was before I saw my inner darkness and when I actually cared about being popular” I sighed
“No way” he said
“Way” I looked at the fading stars ”You have to promise not to tell anyone. Swear on my life you won’t”
“Why your life?” he asked
“Because I know you wouldn’t let anything hurt me” I whispered
“That’s true. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you” He said quietly. I looked back at him. He looked into my eyes. I looked where his eyes should be.
“Robin?” I said softly
“Yeah” I looked...
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