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posted by brown-eyed-girl
The bio-ship was in camouflage mode and landed por the forest. Everyone quietly ran into the forest. This time they would not get caught. They walked through the thick forest till they were at the main warehouse.
“Follow me I know where he is” Wally thought. They all followed him. There were many turns and a lot of guards. Finally they made it to a door labeled. “Experiment room”.
“Miss. Martian use camouflage mode to go inside and see if any one is there” Aqualad thought. But before she was able to do that someone came out of the room. It was a masked guy. Dr. Keptic then came up...
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posted by 66Dragons
Robin swore he was going to throw the two birds off the topo, início of the mountain. I mean, why did he always get stuck in the Cave alone with them?

For the tenth time in the same amount of time, Robin yelled ''Shut it!"

Which the two certainly ignored. 

Robin heard a crash and Wally blurred through the room, Artemis hot on his heels. 

''Come here you no good, rotten son of a-''

The last part of Artemis's insults were cut off por a swish and Wally cackling before blurring back into the room. 

''Wally!" Artemis's voice rang shrill and clear through the mountain. 

Wally cackled and zoomed back to where...
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posted by Robin_Love
“How are you?” Becca asked as she sat in her boyfriends dark room.
She sat against the headboard, Robin's head in her lap and his body between her open legs. Her hand was petting his hair and his mask lay somewhere on the floor.
“I don't know.”
“What's wrong baby?”
“I don't know.”
“Life getting you down?” she whispered.
“How so?”
“Everything's just so...disastrous, heavy on the dis.”
Becca smiled at his wordplay but it disappeared at his seguinte few words.”
“Sometimes I want to give up being a hero.”
“Why? You're wonderful.”
“There's too much going on....
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 I was sleeping when an exited Robin woke me up.
I was sleeping when an exited Robin woke me up.
I was sleeping Before Robin ran inside my room and jumped up and down on my cama whispering:
It`s Batmans birth dia and he has`nt waken up!!!!!
Okay and you think running down the hall,slamming the door is`nt gonna wake him up?
"Good point come one lets go to the kitchen!"
He grabbed me and dragged me to the kitchen.

When we got there I asked him:Do you know how to make a cake?cause I don`t.
"UMMMMMM.....no and how hard can it be?"
Great an amazing duo who can`t cook a cake lets see where this takes us.
"Flour,4 eggs,mix,bake,and finneshed!"
Ummmm robin that is`nt a cake.
"M`gann!!!!!she knows how to...
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posted by Skittles98
When Diana gave the signal, I used my powers from Hades to create 2 small undead people to push them closer together during a slow dance. The segundo Artemis and Wally were closer, I sent my little helpers through a shadow tunnel straight to Diana to give her the signal to do the spotlight, big screen thingy. Literally 5 segundos later, the lights dimmed and a spotlight was on Artemis and Wally. I glanced up at the big screen as I went from some aleatório picture of Zeus’s 187th birthday to Artemis and Wally slow dancing in a rosa, -de-rosa heart. Everyone went quiet as the screen changed then they slowly...
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'What?Detention'. David shouted looking at the paper the teacher at Gotham high handed him. 'Haha'. Crystal laughed when she heard David had got detention. She walked with David and grinned.'I can't believe I got detention". David wailed.

'Again?'. Crystal said. 'You need to concentrate in class'. She added.'Yeah i hope your luck is good?'. David said annoyed.

'Yup. I got the role of Juliet in school play'. Crystal smiled that ran in front of him and joined a blond haired girl. ' Artemis, I got the role of Juliet'.
Crystal said exited. She was a member of Young Justice but was two years younger...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Wally sat back on the couch. Since Dick couldn’t go to the filmes Wally decided to stay home. He had piles of potatoes chip bags and buckets of chicken surrounding him. He was watching T.V and eating when Barry came in and saw the mess.
“Wow Wally I wonder how your mother’s going to react this mess”
“They’re out. But I’ll clean this up in a flash before they come back ” Wally said pun intended.
“What are you doing here uncle Barry?”
“Your parents asked me to check up on you” Barry said. “Hey I thought you were going to the filmes with Robin”
“He canceled. Bats made...
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"You never want to do anything amigo!" Jaimie exclaimed. "Why did you even cadastrar-se the Team?"

"The purpose is gone now." Revenge said, turning away. "If you want me to leave, I will after this mission." 

Jaimie stood shell-shocked. "Hombre, I didn't mean--"

"Save it, Jaimie." Revenge said. "Nightwing has a debriefing to do. I've got lives to protect."

The Black Hero jumped the building and was gone.


"How did you come por the information?" 

"Private communication with Holly."

"She's still serving our purposes?"

posted by ShadowYJ
Name: Sabrina Elizabeth Swift

Hero name: Devastator (She chose it randomly in her early teens as a joke, but ever since she started using it, she got stuck with that particular name.)

Occupation: Hero/College student

Age: 20

Personality: Wise, sweet, & caring. Otherwise she is just a mature young lady.

Appearance: Waist length curly auburn hair, hazel eyes (greenish, brownish), very pale and is 5 foot 8.

Civvies: Dark Ray-Bans, black blazer with grey shirt, grey jeans and black high-heeled shoes.

Powers: She can control the elemental powers fogo and earth. She also naturally posses the power of...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Six:

"Good, good. Natalie, one thing worries me."

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Do I look like a 'ma'am' to you?" The woman snapped.

"No Ms. Happsnatch."

"Thats what I thought." The teacher said, adjusting her glasses before continuing. "What worries me, Natalie, is how slow you are in disabling your target and hiding the body."

"Im just trying to do a good job, Ms. Happsnatch." Megan replied.

"Well hurry it up!" the woman snapped.

"Yes, Ms. Happsnatch."


"Take the cat and rub the ointment on it's fur, like so." the teacher took the tabby, who protested...
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posted by NekoTheif
This may not fallow the plot that BelovedRobin has set up in Missing In Action
Who agrees that Amara's song is Wish you were here por Avril Lavigne

Amara had mais important things to do. Like reason with her daughter. Or find her mate. Or bother the Justice League or Young Justice. Or just piss nightwing and the bat off. That was always fun to. In fact messing up Gothem in a obvious way but not letting them catch her was just plan fun. batman hated being played with. Maybe thats why he hated Charm so much.

But an hora trying to reason with her daughter that she was NOT cheating on Charm was futile...
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posted by Mclovin_69
( this artigo is 5 years later)


( later on in Gotham at 8:54PM)

Lucas sat at the mesa, tabela staring at a book then sighed closing it and leaning back on his chair covering his face, " whats wrong Luke? " Artemis asked walking in, " the stupid geography denunciar i got assigned is due tommorow and i havent started...." Lucas muttered then looked up at Artemis " perhaps i could maybe copy off of you....." Lucas trailed off looking at Artemis, Artemis smirked walking over...
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Just a little one shot of Evelyn picking on Wally. ;)

Evelyn pulled at Wally as they walked through the Central City Zoo. 
"C'mon!! I wanna see the cheetahs!"
"I'm coming, I'm coming sheesh." Wally slowly walked along.
"You're not going fast enough!" Evelyn tugged at him again. 
"Can't a speedster take it slow for once?" Wally ran his fingers through his hair. 
"Fine!" Evelyn growled and stopped in front of Wally. He nudged her go on. 
"Are you going or not?" Wally looked at his sister.
"Nope. You wanted to take it slow, so you are going to stand here until you want to move." Evelyn smiled then...
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posted by Scarlet_Ember
It had been a week since Scarlet had dreamed of her past and had a foreboding feeling of the future, she hadn't told the team but right now that wasn't what she was thinking about.  Last night had been a disaster Willow and Luke had gotten attacked por Aero's new mysterious ability.  Scarlet was still out on her walk she had taken after they had reached the cave with Luke.  She felt bad as she had gotten in a fight with Luke shortly after he woke up, she decided that she would stay at her old friends house for the night until things cooled off.
"Oka-san I wonder how your doing up there with...
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posted by Obscurity98
"no, she cant be! She's an experiment, not a clone." growled Superboy. Lex chuckled,"does it matter Superboy. They made her what she is gave her her power. Once she was just human, then, when they found her they injected her with Kryptonian DNA. Along with others i'm sure. They made her who she is. ANd every experiment has an off switch."
Just then cheshire pierced Obscurity in the neck, Harley's eyes switched from Black to their normal color. "dont worry she cant save you. This formula gives her back her own mental conrtoll but relives her of her powers for a several time." She held up the...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I remember this! It was my mom's. I use to take it with me and every time Chase saw it, he'd flip out and tried to take it. You always had to stop us from killing each other.”
“Yeah. I may be shape-shifter, but that was never an easy task.”
Becca laughed and put the little pocket sized book in a drawer. She reached inside the bag and pulled out another treasure.
“Hey that's the locket I gave you,” Cole said.
Becca nodded and sat down on the cama seguinte to him. Their legs enrolados and Becca opened it. She burst into laughter and Cole took it from her hands. A smile lit his face.
“I remember...
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posted by robinfanforever
It was just another typical dia at Mount Justice. M'gann was in the cozinha making cookies, Conner was watching the static on the TV, Kaldur and Robin were sparring, and Wally and Artemis were arguing.

"I did not!" Wally yelled throwing his hands up in the air.

"Oh you so did. Baywatch, I can't believe you!" Artemis yelled back then turned and walked away.

"Hey, don't walk away when I'm yelling at you!" Wally said as he ran after her.

"Oh so mature," she said turning her head to the side but not really looking back at Wally. As she turned her head back around to face ahead of her, she yelped a...
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posted by Robin_Love
“We've looked everywhere! Where are they?!”
“Dude, Wally, chill out! We probably just missed them. Let's go back through the city. Maybe we'll find them. Just stop stressing.”

“It's funny how her moods can change so quickly,” Billy commented, petting Becca's head.
“What do you mean?”
“Look at her! She went from sleepy, to scared, to energetic, to cuddly. Becca is just too funny.”
“That's why she can't have any sugar. Her moods change rapidly. And Bats doesn't want her having an emotional meltdown.”
“Makes sense.”
“I can hear you,” Becca said.
“We know! But...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I wish we could see each other more, Willow.”
“Same. I like spending time with you.”
Billy smiled at her.
Becca's eyes snapped open and she sat up quickly. She looked around, eyes landing on her sister. Her eyes watered and she grabbed Willow tightly. Willow hugged her, feeling her sister's fear.
“It's okay Becca. It's okay. I'm here. I'm alright. Shhh.”
“I...h-had a n-nightmare. You w-were in it. And you-”
Becca stopped, tears streaming down her face. Willow held her sister close, doing her best to soothe her. Billy came closer, rubbing Becca's back.
“It's alright...
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posted by Robin_Love
Robin came closer to her and Becca turned her head away. He turned it back and forced her to look at him. When he spoke his voice was soft.
“Becca. Listen to me.”
“Stop. You are toying with me. I already told you that I won't be with you unless-”
“Shut up,” Robin muttered gently, placing his lips over hers.
Becca wanted to mover away but two things stopped her; her coração and the hand at the back of her neck. Her hands moved from her sides, under the cape, to embrulho, envoltório around Robin's neck. She moved closer, shivering as a hand moved down her back. She felt herself beijar back, despite her...
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