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Source: The lovely internets! And some awk photoshopping on my part
posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Civvies :3
Civvies :3
Name: Brendan Adams.
Alias: Fang
Occupation: Hero
Age: 16
Relationship: Married to Devin..WHEE!
Powers: Flight (wings) if he stays still and doesn't make sudden movements he can blend into his surroundings, super strength (not super-homem strength but its above average mans strength), super senses (RAPTOR VISION FTW!)
Past: Created as an experiment in a place called “School” Fang grew up dark, and drawn back, escaping from pure hell at the age of 10, the flock traveled the world, determined to end all experiments. At age 12, Fang dividido, dividir from the group and went off on his own, (personal reasons...only Devin knows) Fang adapted the life of crime and murder until he was 13, then was found por batman and brought onto the team.
Other: -hates needles and electricity.
-has a younger sister.
-keeps most things to himself
-Let's see 6 children total. 4 Biological, 2 adopted. *hint hint: DEVIN! :P*
 A picture. Just for Devin~
A picture. Just for Devin~
Part 5! Hope you like! (Plz comment! it would be really nice to know that someone is leitura my articles) ;)

Part 5:
“Holy Crow! What the heck just happened?”
Robin, Aqueous, Wire, Gunfire were all in the lounge, along with Blade and Harley.
“Well, don’t look at me dude”, Wire answered Robin for all, “But it doesn’t look good.”
Everyone stared at the darkness around them, poised for any unknown attacks.
“Guys, calm down. Who knows if it really is the bad guys? It could just be the power.” Harley reassured everyone, though she didn’t look convinced herself.
“Well”, Blade...
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Sorry for the long wait! Heres the 4th part, enjoy! :) :D

Part 4:
“Mockingbird, or should I say Felice?”
“I don’t mind either.”
“WelI, this is your room, hope this isn’t too much, I know you’re new and all but, I-we, hope you settle in well.”
A very over-helpful Ms Martian was taking Mockingbird a tour of the whole Mountain. Ever since Ms Martian had been doing this every time a newbie came into the team, it seemed like tradition.
Now M’gann was showing Mockingbird her new room, which she would be staying.
Felice though was insecure.
“Um, Ms M?”
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posted by InfinityYJ
BAH... Another one-shot... Fluff, kinda to get the oblivious people mais aware of this.. :D
I hope I nailed Epsilon right. *shrug* oh well.

Fin stumbled back, running into another form behind her. She didn’t have to glance back to see who it was she’d run into. “You doin’ alright, Ep?”
“Fine,” the shifter grinned, smacking another guard away. “You have quite a history with these guys.”
“Eyup. I hate them, they hate me. Feelings are mutual between us.” She lit her hands on fogo and blasted a couple of them away. “But these guys.. they seem different. They’re better fighters...
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Well hello,
ArtemisYJ's RPer here. And I have some things I wanna say. The Young Justice role playing is kind-a....BONKAS.
My character Artemis got pregnant. seguinte thing I know 3 other people are pregnant. NOT cool. You can come up with your own drama. Don't copy other people. Use your own imagination.
Another thing that's not cool is spamming the wall. You don't need to post on that mural every other hour. I do notice a particular person that posts far to frequently and it gets annoying when the posts are pretty much the same thing over and over and over and over again.
Another thing. Your...
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