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Barbara sighed and pulled her capota, capuz off. The cold, hard piece of rubber sat on her escrivaninha, mesa and she sighed. The night had bee rough. batman and Robin always seemed to have everything under control when she got there. She wasn't needed.

Barbara sighed again and buried her head in her hands. She woke to a sharp rapping on her door.

"Babs?" her father called. "Barbara get up!"

Barbara moaned and sat up sleepily. It was ten o' clock.

"Shit." she muttered. She was about to answer the door when she saw her cowl, which reminded her she still had her costume on.

"Barbara, for the last time--"...
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Source: ME (I amor this picture so much can't wait to wear this costume again in October)
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( i know i haven't fwiten any fick in a wile, but i had the idea fore this one fore a wile now, and finally disedet to write it down, i might do a few mais about the Shepard family, or Thad include canon carters.)

The Cat's tail, strip club, 21:30 (9:30 pm):
Twan sat in leand back in his chair behind his desk, holding his necklace/locked in his hand, it was shaped like a cachorros and a snake's head forming a heard, he opens it and looked at the picture inside, 1 was of him and Tess, wel the other was of mafia/cadmus, he smiled looking at it.
Boris walled into the office. "Sir we got Fabio Falconi...
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