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posted by Supergirl14
The club
We got to “Club monstruo” Their was the bouncer who really smiled when I showed up he let me in and looked at my friends with discontent, “They are with me, Mitchell!”He smiled again, “any friend of Angela is a friend of mine,”He replied in his gruff voice. Smoke and strobe lights, half-dressedgirls andboys dancing filled the room, “where isJuli,"I yelled, a girl almost half my size(I am 6'5)black hair /w pale rosa, -de-rosa streaks in a messy bun came in, the bulimic look did not fit her, she looked like a skank and did not look good as one. “ready to get it good?” I asked."only...
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posted by cassie-1-2-3
“WELCOME TO BIRCHMOSS”, read the large purple letters on the green sign placed at the boarder of my new home. “Why did we have to leave, anyways?”, I whined to my mother.
    “Well, you didn’t want to stay, did you, Violet?”
    “Because I was happy where we were.” Where we belonged.
    “No you weren’t.”
    “I was content.” I said, leaning the side of my head against the passenger car window, slightly shocked at how...
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She never knew she had an uncle until her parents died. It’s strange how- sometimes in life when you lose important people in your life you gain some more.
Her mother and father died in a house fire. No one knew how it started except the one daughter who managed to survive.
But she was in no state to tell. She suffered mild burns but her mind suffered worst of all. She never spoke again.
She was kept in hospital for six months but eventually she was packed off to her uncle Scipio. She was thirteen years old and many said it was a crime sending a child off to such an evil man as Scipio....
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posted by Weasel1999
V The Bedroom
When Ember finally found a bedroom it was well worth the wait. A gorgeous raised four poster filled the centre of the room. The hangings were made up of crimson and indigo velvet square patches and the wood was jet black with intricate carvings of dragons, princesses and magical palaces climbing up and down the posts. The bedclothes were of dusky rosa, -de-rosa silk and embroidered with beautiful jewels of the most wonderful colours imaginable. Reds and purples green and blues, they shone and sparkled dazzling in splendour.
The walls were hung with beautiful portraits, satin scarfs and tapestries...
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posted by tigerseye43
Flair sat at the topo, início of a 20 story building, her legs dangaling over the edge. She closed her eyes as the breeze flowed through her hair. She had on a black crop topo, início with the words 'love life' written in gold cursive letters across it and had on black skinny jeans. She wore black high topo, início converse and a black chain colar with a charm on it. She looked out over the city and sighed. A few tears rolled down her cheeks and fell to the ground below.
"Why? Why did this have to happen. Why me?" she said quietly to herself.
Lane was walking down below a tall building. He felt something wet...
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posted by Supergirl14
The Plan
I looked in the cracked mirror, Sad and lonley...Well not lonley, I did have my circus preformers(or slaves as I was taught to call them)But most of them thougt I was a freak! I know they woun't dare say that to my face, but I hear them,"I hate her so much,"and,"she is such a freak!"(I hate when pepole call me that!)
What did I do wrong?I gave them everything they needed,and made sure they were perfect.They work three hours a day, how hard is that, I work non-stop.I always try to make sure I'm perfect in every way,but there is always something wrong in my routine.I always try to make...
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posted by bri-marie
Micheal Ryder swerved sharply to the left, almost missing the small driveway he was supposed to be turning into. He winced as his pickup truck made the rough transition between concrete and gravel. It was something he was going to have to get used to – he'd be driving down this path every dia for who knew how long. A particularly large rock dislodged him from his seat, and he let out a foul explicative as his blond head bashed against the ceiling of the cab. Cursing his father, and the owners of the house he was renting, he slammed the truck to a stop. Not caring that he was still yards away...
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posted by 3nala
oi guys,

Hope you enjoy the seguro haven I set up for us! Make lots of friends and have fun sharing stories or fanfic! This is the ultimate composição literária club!Listen,spread word if you can. This club will be the best in history! The link is posted below. Post it on other composição literária clubes or other sites INVOLVING WRITERS (we're not spammers). This will be a writer's heaven, where they can express their feelings or share stories. Give all your composição literária friends a big welcome! Welcome them to this club, and nobody, NOBODY, will regret it.

3nala,creator,owner, and sincere member of this club.

The sun is just minutos from rising and the night is growing lighter. An alter made entirely of blue marble, jade, and amethyst is illuminated. Two tiny bebês lie on topo, início writhing and screaming in discomfort. They are naked, only a few days old and the chill of the stone slowly seeping into their bones will surely kill them. The larger of the two will not stop screaming while her twin just sobs quietly.
Their frail mother stands a few feet away determined to finish what she came here to do but her eyes are bloodshot and red raw from her constant tears. But she is not alone. Her husband...
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posted by Weasel1999
IV The Bathroom
Ember had been wandering aimlessly around the endless corridors and baffling twists and turns when she saw how dark it was getting outside. She would have checked her watch if she had one, but she didn’t so she hazarded a guess at it being about 10, 11 o’clock. She was exhausted and needed to find somewhere to sleep.
But first she wanted to take a shower. She hadn’t washed since she arrived at the mansion and it showed. Her soft skin which was normally a delicate pale porcelana was now covered with a light layer of grime.
She had changed a lot since the fire. Her hair...
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III The Library
The seguinte room Ember visited was to her a Heaven on Earth. An enormous room just for holding books! The ceiling was so high it would have taken ten of her standing on topo, início of one another the reach it. The shelves and shelves of books were piled right up to the topo, início and there were several ladders placed conveniently so that she could reach the topmost books.
Ember walked round the room as though she were in a dream. She loved leitura and devoured every book she found but she had never had a whole biblioteca full of them to herself. She barely knew where to start. Every square inch of...
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posted by Weasel1999
II The Kitchen.

Unsure where to go Ember dithered in the corridor outside the nursery for almost ten minutos the seguinte morning. But soon the delicious smell of apples and cinnamon reached her nose.
She followed the scent until she reached a large old fashioned kitchen. An old, wooden table, worn and scrubbed filled the middle of the room. It was the biggest cozinha Ember had ever saw. One side of the room was simply all cupboards and drawers of all different shapes and coloured. Ember’s curiosity burned but she was distracted por a large woman wearing an apron. She was taking a steaming apple...
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posted by Weasel1999
I. The Nursery

Ember lived in her nursery for the seguinte few months, only being let out occasionally to go to the toilet. All she saw were the four walls around her but it wasn’t all bad.
The room was painted a pretty sky-blue and the carpet was thick, fluffy and a deep midnight blue. There was a cama and a huge white wardrobe with the most beautiful, antiquado, à moda antiga clothes inside.
Rich velvets cloaks, soft pele, peles stoles, bright silk dresses, every item of clothing needed to make a young lady of society look beautiful.
But Ember was not a young lady of society living in Victorian times. She was a...
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Chapter 1

I stared at the last piece of cake in the fridge. It took every bit of my being to close the door of that fridge and walk away. This always happened; every time I stayed at início with nothing to do I took to comida to entertain me, which usually meant a lot of self loathing for the days afterwards as I realised how much I eat.
Mum and Dad were gone to an office party and I was left to mind the house, with my older brother Logan, we usually cracked up the karaoke and went wild when left por ourselves but tonight he wasn’t feeling well, which was very unusual, so he went to sleep around...
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posted by cl411
Myth, fantasy, hallucination: my story has been called all these things. I know that when you read this you will be shocked, awed, and terrified. Just remember, my story is true, fact, and based on real events…
    “Claire,” my mother yelled, practically in my ear, “We need to leave for your therapy session or we will be late, again!” I rolled my eyes like I always do. Mother never thought much of these “stories.” She told my they were just that, just stories.
    Anyway, back to my story. Well, let me start from the beginning.
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This is a excerpt from some notes in my Novel the lobo Man an adaptation of Curt Siodmak's 1941 screenplay the lobo Man. starring Lon Chaney Jr. enjoy,comment, etc.
The sky had begun to turn to dusk and the moon was getting ready to rise.
Béla and Maleva were still heading down the old wagon road heading to their site
Béla is starting to get nervous as the mounting suspense of what will happen on the full moon started to build.
He watched the sky while keeping an eye on the sky his head began to give him a burning sensation a sensation he had never felt before his heart...
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This is a excerpt from some notes in my Novel the lobo Man which is an adaptation of Curt Siodmak's 1941 screenplay the lobo Man. starring Lon Chaney Jr.
enjoy,comment, etc.

Traveling for quite a few additional days and nights; finally the time came the time of the full moon arrived our anticipation arise to hit its peak at this point.

The crimson late afternoon sky began to convert to dusk. As we were traveling down along the dirt road. The pale moon was bit por bit rising in to position. Béla nervously kept an angled glance on the sky watching for the moon and the path.
 Béla Lugosi as Béla in the 1941 film the lobo Man
Béla Lugosi...
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posted by bri-marie
Warning:this could be considered inappropriate por someone under thirteen.

He comes to me in my dreams,
an unnamed, masked Phantom.
He never speaks --
I'm not even sure if he can.

His onyx eyes never stray from me,
nor mine from him.
They constantly pierce me with their darkness,
making my body react in ways never thought possible.
His large, velvety hands never touch another --
His thoughts never wander from me.
I know this, despite the fact that he never speaks.
I know this, though I know not how.

He always wears a cape and mask,
both deepest black and...
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3nala here,
As it says in the descrição above (looks up there), I created this club. Please follow the rules so that we get along nicely 8):

1. No bullying ( you all know what that means )
2. Please, no spam ( spam is not writing, it's spam )
3. Cussing is language, so I'll allow it
4. Do whatever you like
5. This isn't really a rule, but if I catch ANYONE breaking the rules I'll apply 2 of the consequences below.

Consequences ( seriously ) :
Minor offense:
1. Lecture posted on offender's wall.
Major offense:
1. Lecture and/or banning from this club.
2. SENT TO THE DUNGEON! ...just kidding 8)

So, have fun and write your coração out. P.S. the Grammar Police aren't allowed here, to shorten spam. But I'd prefer it if you guys kept to how everything is supposed to be spelled.

Club Owner and Member,