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posted by Alicethebat
Name:Siobhan(Sheh-vonn) Darcelina Reds (Esty Reds)
Age:16 1/2
Gender:Female(no duh)
Hair:Auburn with black streaks,short n spiky
Eyes:red but wears brown contacts in school
Height:5 1/2 feet

(all she knows)
Esty was born in a Brazilian rainforest.Her mother died of childbirth.Esty's father took her out of the rainforest and had hidden under a fake last name(Frost).When she was 4,he gave her a special pendant that was supposed to unlock something,but she didn't remember what it was.She had discovered her powers when she accidentally burned a poptart when she was mad.When her father found out,he sent her to a school for young pyrokinetic youths(SYPY).When she returned,he was dead.Her anger sparked into an inferno,and she gained a red crescent moon marking seguinte to her eye.This marking also had three dots neighboring the top,middle and bottom.
posted by Alicethebat
My name is Tom Panles.Here's how Esty drives...

She stomped on the gas and we all were pushed against our seats.Waster and I really fixed the engine on this hippie-bus.My eyes were closed shut. As we exited the parking lot, I felt a vertical increase.Uh oh...
"THOMAS PANLES!! WHAT DID YOU TWO DO TO MY FRIGGIN' BUS?!"Esty yelled from the front seat."I honestly don't know Esty!All I did was fix up the engine!" Esty slammed the brakes"You WHAT?!PYRO VEHICLES DON'T EVEN HAVE ENGINES!!!"Oh...crap.I did not know that...
The car landed nice and easy.But I knew I was literally about to be burned.He'll...
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Name:Azuen (IDK his last name)
Eyes:they look red or yellow in the pic Mephilesthedark put on the forum
Hair:Black with red tips,kinda longish
Height:around 6 feet maybe
Talent:pyrokinesis (weak)

Azuen used to be a soldier,but he decided he hated it after a year.He then joined the IPCA and became a tracker.He is very smart with weapons and tactics,so he is in the advanced league of trackers.He is also completely loyal to any friends,but he is hard to get to know,so he shuts out most people.He is extremely cautious,and with all the Shadow Troopers around,he should be!
posted by Alicethebat
Darius Lee
Esty Reds

Tom Panles

Waster Fitch

If you'd like to cadastrar-se and get your name on this list,look at the fórum and post your profile.I will also post your perfil onto the artigos for everyone to see.If I write a chapter with your character in it and you don't like what he/she did,just comment.But please don't be hateful.I hope you enjoy being in my story.You don't even have to be a pyro or telek,you can control earth,water,or air as well.Or if you just amor to be evil,I suggest you be a Shadow Trooper,the enemy to all the other armys.
posted by Alicethebat
(Esty)As you can probably see,me and Tom are not very normal,but that's ok...I think...

<Esty...I'm sorry>Tom said.<...>"What's wrong...?"Waster asked.I shrugged.Then something red caught my eye--a poster.

Toms POV(point of view)
Esty screamed as if someone was dangling her over a cliff.I saw her run over to a telephone pole and she started jumping up and down with excitement."What's going on?!"I yelled to her."The Fi-Fi-Fi-Fi...."her eyes widened.I looked at the poster.Oh crap.
"THE fogo TROOPS ARE COMING TO TOWN!!!!!!"Esty exploded.Waster retreated to the bus.I wish I could've followed him.Esty was smiling."Oh my God!My heros!They fight for their way of life oh it's so awesome!!They were first to stand up to the Shadow Troops!Oh I could just die!...Wait...ohhhhh"her mood got sadder."What Esty?""The bus won't be fixed por then and It's ...on a special day"
posted by Alicethebat
Pyrokinesis- the control of fire

Pyros-people who control fire

Pyrogum-the only gum that pyros can chew without accidentally setting it on fire.Orange flavored and colored.

Trackers-people who capture 'special' people

Antros-people with animal brains/ EXAMPLE/Waster(wass-ter)

Aloyarcs-translators for Antros that can't speak human

P.E.N.s-pen shaped tazers that trackers use AKA Power Extreme Nutrilizers

Concealer-cream that matches any skin tone to hide facial marks

fogo Troops-Pyro warriors(Esty's heros and role models)
posted by Alicethebat
Name:Richard-Chris Thomas Panles(Tom)
Hair color:sandy brown
Eye color:changes from blue to green to brown
Height: 6 feet 5 inches
Hobbies:nunya bizznes

Tom was born in Hawaii on a hot September day.A mês later,a massive tsunami hit the island and drowned his parents.Esty's parents were there too, but, instead of drowning, they made an impenetrable firewall and saved themselves along with Tom.Esty's mother was still pregnant with her, but was not too far along.
After that tsunami,Esty's parents took Tom...
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posted by Alicethebat
My name is Esty Reds.This is what happens at a normal dia in Green Hallows High School...

"ESTY!!!!"Tom yelled from the other end of the hallway."There's a Tracker* behind you! He has a P.E.N.*!!!!!!"I whirled around and jump-kicked the Tracker in a very uncomfortable place.He groaned in pain and fell to the ground."RUN!!"I yelled to Tom**.We dashed down the hall.<Where's Waster**?!>I asked Tom telapathically.<In art class!>he responded.We ran to the other end of the school,using every last bit of leg power that we had left.Even though we dashed like crazy,we still entered the art...
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