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My coração was thumping hard in my chest, my breath all I could hear in the darkness. The fear of the hunted lay down upon my shoulders, adrenaline the only thing keeping me from falling to my knees.

I was exhausted. The enemy was not far behind... I pushed myself faster, knowing it was hopeless. he would catch me.

If I weren't so preoccupied with my flee, I would have shuddered at the thouht of those venomous green, reptile-like eyes, the blood-red sclera accenting the image of fear.

My legs felt like lead, my arms were heavy, my breath coming in raggid gasps as I tried futiley to get away from...
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Mephile's P.O.V

I finally got friends, I've equality now but why do I feel like trying suicide? I've everything I ever wanted, have friends who like me just the way i am. I ask to nobody, "What is missing in my life?" Sonic came out of nowhere and said, "Maybe you need a girlfriend, but I won't let you live long enough to find that person." I state, "Sonic I have reformed." Sonic says, "As if I would fall for that. You killed me you killed thousands of innocent people, You tried to destroy the world, that kind of bad guy would never reform!!!" I growl, "Shut it!!! You don't know anything, you...
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Full name; Mephiles The Hedgehog.
Age; 10
Lives with; Rebecca The Hedgehog, Robo-Knuckles, and Crescent The Vampire Hedgehog.
Country; Australia.
Food; Chili Dogs
Movie; Avatar
T.V Show; The Simpsons.
Music; Crush 40, Linken Park, Evanescence, and Black Eyed Peas.
Video Game; Sonic And The Black Knight.
Sport; Soccer. (Blame Rebecca)
Bffs (Known in person); Rebecca The Hedgehog, Manic The Hedgehog, Disco The Hedgehog, Crescent The Vampire Hedgehog,and Robo-Knuckles.
Friends found on Fanpop; Chaoscontroll, Thirddevision, and Shadowrednblack. (Sorry if I missed you!)
Enimies; Dark The Demon, Dr. Ivo...
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