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 The Painting título
The Painting Title
Anais's family is called up to the Principal's office due to Principal Brown's concern for the Wattersons. He shows a painting por Anais that depicts a stressed Nicole, a sleeping Richard, and a mischievous-looking Gumball and Darwin. To fix this, Principal Browns tells Nicole to stay início and try to relax while Richard goes to work, and tells Gumball and Darwin have to have Mr. Small teach them how to use their energy in a less destructive way. Anais tries to correct Nicole and Mr. Brown of their misinterpretations but is ignored both times.
Mr. Small introduces a five-step plan to fix Gumball...
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Darwin, *breathes water through the nose* ACHOO!

Gumball, *eyes pop open* What is that? *water falls out of mouth*

*trapdoor opens*

Gumball and Darwin, *gasp*

Anais is kicking a mural and starts beating up dolls

Anais, Ha! HrrrrrAH!!! *digs inside of a rosa, -de-rosa doll and pulls out speaker*

speaker, I amor you!

Anais turns around and punches close to Gumball.

--the rest is coming soon--

--very soon............................................................--
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