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2."Ogre Hunters/Fairytale Deathcamp"
3."Donkey Meets Shrek"     
4."Eating Alone"     
5."Uninvited Guests"     
6."March of Farquaad"     
7."The Perfect King"     
8."Welcome to Duloc"     
9."Tournament Speech"     
10."What Kind of Quest"     
11."Dragon!/Fiona Awakens"     
12."One of a Kind Knight"     
13."Saving Donkey's Ass"     
14."Escape from the Dragon"     ...
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"The Best Part About Shrek"

My favorito part about shrek is that the one FUNNY animated character is Donkey!! Donkey is played as Eddie Murfy.He can sing. He can kinda fly. And he can probably make anyone laugh! And get this, he can talk. A talking donkey. Totally COOL!! shrek is Donkey's best friend. Kinda. In half the shrek movie, Donkey is Shrek's bff, but for the other half, Donkey is not Shrek's bff. At the end things work out and as you know, there is A happy ending! shrek try's to save Princess Fiona and than Princess Fiona is not too happy about 3 things. #1. She find's out Shek is an Oger, #2. She wanted Lord Farquard to rescue her. and #3. shrek ends up having to carry Princes Fiona. But this is the order of how I think they are funny. #1. Donkey, #2. Shrek, #3. Fiona, #4. Gingerbread Baby, #5. Lord Farquar, #6. Dragon, #7. The little mice that come to Shrek's swamp. Well those are my favorito charcters listed in order! Thats all I have to say.
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