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One dia my sister and cusin were listening to a song named my girl por mindless behavoir (group members prodigy,roc royal ,ray raio, ray ,and Princeton ) I listen and I like the song but I googled all the members First prod than princ the raio, ray than for last roc they were all cute but roc royal was the cutest and I was 8 And I dreamed about him and oi was just the amor of my life and and …………im still in amor with him♥♥♥♥♥♥
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what would you do if you seen yo lil bro doing this?lol MUST SEE!!!!!!!
so haalarious
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 Fiona's outfit
Fiona's outfit
Three weeks later.....
Roxanne: Dang! Kenzie's not coming 2 the natal party.
Jazmine: Why?
Roxanne: Cuz she has 2 go 2 a family vacation.
Jazmine: Well at least Alley and Charlie's coming.
Roxanne: And Nicole...
Jazmine: Who?
Roxanne: She's a girl I invited. Be nice!
Jazmine: I will!
They changed into some clothes
Jazmine: link
Roxanne: link
Jazmine: K! What today it is?
Roxanne: December 14th
Jazmine: Good! I'm going 2 meet Trey at the park!
Roxanne: Okay. I'm going ice-skating with Alley.
They left the house.
At the park.....
Roc: Shit! Its cold out here.....
Jazmine: I'm here....
Roc: Baby! *hugging her*...
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