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aj pov
i can't believe i'm telling them this

ray: are you gonna tell us already?
cece: raio, ray apparently it's hard for them to tell us *turns to me* go ahead aj take all the time you need
me: i um we um we're........
diggy: you want me to tell them
trey: maybe twist or myles should
me:no i got this
roc: we're waiting
lexi:why don't you just tell us tomorrow
me: i'm okay with that
myles: no aj tell them now *stern like he's my dad*
me: nigga you ain't my daddy
trey: aj listen to myles
me: *growls*
prod: did you just growl?!
me: can i just tell yall already?!
eb: sure
me: so yall promise not to be...
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A girl at the Kmart signing meets mindless behavior, and Prineton touches her hand and she has a meltdown.
mindless behavior
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