minecraft There's 412 fãs on this sight and no one is answering anyof the forums? Well talk!

loorofzadaa posted on May 05, 2012 at 02:56PM
So, this is a forum where everyone gets to talk about strange glitches, cool raids in servers, gettin diamond, breeding cows, the chaos of creepers, and more! Post today and you'll also recieve... nothing!

So have fun.

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over a year ago loorofzadaa said…
I love the server craftingfactions.com its pretty great, you make factions (Groups) and raid others!

(if u want to no more about factions visit here. link )

So, yah. my username is loorofzada in minecraft, and im in a faction called... well.... if u read the link theat i put ull rigure out how to find what faction im in. (do /f show loorofzadaa )

We have a large base.. have fun!!!!!!!!
over a year ago victinimacaron said…
Yah peeps don't really go on the forum much it is a shame I do tho coz its my fave I also like the polls too.