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posted by invaderzimrox
This club was designed for people to roleplay with their characters. I don't care what you talk about here, heck, you can talk about your fã couples for all i care! As long as it has to do with roleplaying, I'm perfectly fine with it. You can use Zim, Dib, Gaz or any other character on the show if you want. BUT! Make sure it is APPROPRIATE FOR THE YOUNG AND THE ELDERLY!!! You can talk about whatever you want, like I said. Feel free to add whatever you wanna about your character here. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE ROLEPLAYING!!! I made this club because I noticed (especially with me and lola641) that we were all roleplaying in the invader zim spot or the invader zim fancharacters spot...well, I decided, that I was gunna make a place appropriate for roleplaying, and here ya go! ROLEPLAY ALL YA WANT!
posted by WyldFirePup1
It starts at the life of every invader.. A smeet. They are brought to life from a robotic arm is what I know from smeethood.As I grew to 3 I was all ready getting big. At age 5 I was assigned my first invasion on planet Fiki. But this wasn't the only thing I grew up with... I had become evil. I don't speak to people I don't know. I only obey the Almighty Tallest's and trusted people. I listen to dark music. My robit P.I.R (Pet Interactive Robot) also had emote glitches just like G.I.R after a while I got annoyed so I put in a death chip in her head so she acts like me.After my robot and me destroyed Fiki we went back to planet Irk. And I built an obeying colarinho, colar for my robot so she will obey EVERYTHING that I say only to her.
 Me and my robot
Me and my robot
posted by invaderHailey
The Tallest: all right Hailey we have a SIR unit Hailey's pov:

named Mir for you....NOW YOU CAN LEAVE TO GO CHECK ON ZIM!!!!!!!
Hailey: uh okay......?
i then left i was really looking progressivo, para a frente to seeing Zim....even tho he dosen't know me lest he did.......
Mir: HAI!!!!!! YO MA MASTER?!?!?!
uh.....yeah why?
BECAUSE YOU PRETTY!!!!!! um.....wht dose being pretty have to do with me being your master? I DON'T KNOW! :D
So yeah guys that's all i have for now! bye!!!!! :DDDDDD
(The SIR unit's name was MIR but then I found out that was already taken so I changed it to SMIRK)
Invader Nya: A nine ano old defective Irken. She is a really young invader because the Almighty Tallest wanted to send someone to ruin Zim's plan. But, this didn't work and Nya is now Zim's minion. She acts insane most of the time, loves earth food, and has a insane crush on Zim. She's one of his crazy fangirls but she doesn't know Zim refers to her as a pshyco most of the time. XD Her weaknesses are Water, Her sensitive antennae, and Boredom which makes her go even mais insane. Her amor for Zim...
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posted by JTHMsbabe
 this is what zimmy looks like
this is what zimmy looks like
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posted by ZaJR
I finally got to Zim's house and went inside,those lawn gnomes he has out front are sorta creepy por how they watch your EVERY move.I got to Zim's room and I saw him asleep with gir seguinte to him.'Awww!' I thought.'It looks like he won't be up for awhile.' I decided then layed on the edge of the cama then fell asleep.I was waken por gir with him SCREAMING IN MY FACE! "WAKE UP!WAKE UP!WAKE UP!"He yelled.I screamed then got so mad I about punched him when Zim told him to stop.Gir obeyed then left the room.I sighed then slid to the floor."MAN he's annoying!"I complained.Zim laughed."Sorry 'bout that".I...
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posted by ZaJR
As I ran away from the school,I was crying,the tears running down my cheeks.'I didn't mean to frighten Zim,I was just trying to protect him.'I thought.I finally got início and slammed the door shut."Is something wrong master?"Demon asked."No,I'm fine."I said then ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door shut.I layed down on my cama and cried as hard as I could.A few minutos later,I fell asleep.I woke up a few hours later,I looked out my window and saw a dark sky,signaling it was night time.I was thinking of going back to sleep then I heard a knocking on my window.I opened the window and looked...
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Tallest Millie is a very tall Tallest who actually like the small irkens.When she was a smeet there was a horrifying fogo on Irk with her 4 relatives,Jam,Miley,Mike,and Kiki.They kept running but stopped at a dead end.They then found 4 strange little creatures that were all huddled up in a little hole,no mother,lonely,no food.They could not resist to just pick one up and bring it to a new home.Now they have servents but mostly a campanion.Millie has one named Zega,Kiki has Sylvia,Mike has Ben,Miley has little Ava and geléia, geleia has Spike.The youngest to oldest is,Miley,Millie,Jam,Kiki,and Mike.They...
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posted by codyfan77
Coz boz
Bio: Your average Irken, cept for the fact she can't handle her emotions.
Career:Research Scientest(she goes to other planets to learn about their cultures, then give the info to invaders)
Her OA (object of affection): Tallest Purple
Likes: Blowing up planets she hates, chocolate, snuggling up to Pur in her spare time, and music.
Dislikes:Tight clothes, people that give up easily, curry, caril and having to get up on stage alone.
Heght: 5 foot approx
Friends: Zim, Dib and several other short Irkens.
Enimies:Tak, Red, Sizz-lor and Miyuki.
Songs she can't stop singing: Teardrops on my violão, guitarra por Taylor Swift, Hopelessly devoted to you sung por Olivia newton John.Amazing Grace and anjos por Robbie Willaims.
posted by tallest_amadina
Tekki: *in diary* what a week. I have had so many aleatório show ups in role-plays.

Ishta: *looks over tekki's shoulder* hiya. Whatcha writin' there?

Tekki: *jumps and screams!* ishta! Even though you are my boyfriend you can't just scare me like that!!!

Ishta: *shrugs* will this make you feel better? *kisses on cheek*

Tekki: hehehehehe... O.k. *smiles stupidly*

Shinta: * pops up from ishta's backpack * hiya! I'm shinta!

Ishta: oh yeah. This is my t.i.r.: shinta.

Fichi: hi!!!!!!!!!!! I'm fichi!!!!!!!

Countue the story using your OCs and help me make this a role-play. Have fun! ;D
posted by rockstar3m5
Prolog: WHAT did you say?

It all started when I heard the tallest were planning Impending Doom 2. Since I played a somewhat important role in ID1 I knew it wouldn't be long before they asked for my help. It was just the end of my shift when Red called me over. I already knew what was coming and he knew about the whole situation about ID1, he also knew that having all that stress again might kill me. You see I basically planned the entire ID1 strategy and all that hard work, the months of planing, flushed down the drain after he decided to show up.

After Zim decided to show up. Thank Irk he was...
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posted by ZaJR
 Invader Jess
Invader Jess
This is Invader Jess.Ever since she was a smeet,she's liked Invader Zim,she just didn't tell him yet.Her favorito as cores are black,grey,red,pink,purple,green,and blue.She is a talented singer and artist.She is slightly sneaky and mischievous.She has been banished to Earth por the tallest because of her closeness to Zim.She has found Zim on the planet and are best friends yet again,but she still doesn't have the courage to tell Zim how she feels.She's afraid Zim already knows.Zim tells her about his plan to destroy the planet and offers to help him and he agrees.She then meets a boy with a disturbingly large head and accuses her of an alien,she asks Zim about the boy and says his name is Dib and tells her to ignore him but she can't because Dib keeps stalking her and asking her perguntas she doesn't want to answer.She then meets Gaz and they become friends because of their amor of video games and hatred of Dib.She has a S.I.R unit named Demon and has a disguise of a wolf.
 Invader Jess's crush,Zim
Invader Jess's crush,Zim
 Demon,Invader Jess's S.I.R unit
Demon,Invader Jess's S.I.R unit
posted by InvaderJel
Jel is an elite invader and the Tallest trust her and like her. One of the reasons is that she is a fairly tall Irken. Jel is generally a bright and intelligent Irken. She is short-tempered, determined, and takes mainly everything seriously. She is sarcastic and not very forgiving. She is Valente and not afraid to say no. If you see her, Jel is quite intimidating. Although she is quite hard on most people, she has a soft spot for certain people.
When Jel was a smeet, her parents were murdered and looking back now, she believes it was all her fault because she didn't have the strength to defend...
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posted by InvaderEleanor
 Hi, Zim!
Hi, Zim!
Dib is unusually sexy Oh I'm Eleanor, I liked Dib instantly. I amor Dib. We met at Skool. We instantly clicked, amor blossomed, and we kissed. <3 I amor YOU DIB< I HATE EVERYONE WHO HATES YOU!!!!!!!!
 Sez it all
Sez it all
posted by invaderlily
On the first dia of school, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect about these kids. They say “OMG!!! “Way too often. So, how would they act now? I don’t know. : (
The sino rang. I took my stuff and followed the stampede of junior high students.
I walked into the hallway. “Hey!” I heard someone behind me, it was Selena. “I amor your new backpack!” she said “did you get the new video game?” I think Selena is a little weird. “Yeah, I got the new game… how was your summer?” I changed the subject. “It was great! I went to Oregon.” “Bye-Bye.” I said quickly to...
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posted by JTHMsbabe
 irken punk-rocker zimmy
irken punk-rocker zimmy

BF: zim
age: i donno
sir: she didn't finish invader school so she dosen't have one
birthday: halloween
friends: zim (if you want to be her friend just tell me on my mural with a picture of your irken
likes: JTHM comics, horror movies, anything that has to do with zim, her weird cat sadi (if you want to see a picture of the cat go on my perfil cause' thats were my pics come out right!!)electric guitars, drums,and thats all
dislikes: her sister, showoffs, the color pink, anything or one that makes fun of zim
talents: she is really good at playing the electric guitar, drums, and kicking other irkens asses.
species: irken kelp-for-brains!!
special features: her solid black eyes
 zimmys cat sadi (weird huh?)
zimmys cat sadi (weird huh?)
posted by invaderHailey
Hailey is an 15 ano old irken that has fell in amor wiith Zim she will do ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING to git Zim. she want's to became a singer because she is really good at cantar anywhos she is REALLY sweet but she ONLY trys to be bad when she is with Zim and also if someone is being mean to Zim she will kick there butt.

Hailey's SIR unit named Mir

Mir is crazy like gir she likes gir to she is well behaved when she is with Hailey but go's crazy when with Gir.

invader Zie

Zie HATES and i mean HATES Zim she will do ANYTHING to destroy Zim! (she is i REALLY old OC of mine that i furgot about but i thought i should bring it back to life :3)

invader Zie's SIR unit named Moon

she dosen't really have anything for her bio right now.....
posted by invaderzimrox
Cheese-BEFORE I START, THIS IS FOR ZEE!!! Okey dokey then! Back at the SIR academy, before I was a moron...*flashback* You may not know, but SIRS also have to get promoted to a functional assistant, just like irkens to invaders! Anywho, so...we have to go thru harsh training, starting with level 1-we have no weapons to fight the dummies! yup, dummies! level two is malfunctioning irkens-they had their paks turned off, and theyre really dumb and weak. Level three we get one weapon with limited laser blasters! Heehee! Level 4 we fight a strong enemy! And finallly, level ifve-if we pass this, we...
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Zim's pov:

It all started out when i was sleeping then gir came in and jumped on me sayin' "WAKE UP!!!!! WAKE UP MASTER!!!! WAKES UP!!!!!!" then i jumped up and yelled " GIR!!!!!!!!" then he said " yes?" WHY ON IRK DID YOU DO THAT?!?!" then he said "to wakes you ups!!" then i said " WELL DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!" then he said okay and left.

so yeah sorry it's SOOOOOOOOOOO little but i'm lazy right now and bored and i just had to do something! anywhos hope you Enjoyed this crappy little thing :D but it will have ALOT mais seguinte time!! :DD bye!!!! :DDD
Dib's pov:

Gaz walked in to my room and scream for me to git up then i rose from my cama as i jumped i9 said "GAZ!!! WHY DID YOU JUSY HAVE TO DO THAT?!?!" then she hissed "BECAUSE!!!" i knew that was not good so i said sorry and then she walked out of my room.then i got ready for "Skool" i looked in the mirror and said "great.....just a nether dia of being called Crazy,weird and bib headed then i said "i bet if i had one JUST ONE friend i would have a happy life" then i picked up my glass and put them on my face then left to go to skool. Gaz had to go git her teeth looked at today so i had to...
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