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posted by kiddygirl98
I amor the humble silence of this street,
embellished with quiet trees,
where no soul has ever gone by,
except that of the wind...
Clouds pause to look at the street
with their heavenly eyes,
and they can tell, por looking at the leaves
whether Fall or Winter have settled their realm.
I amor the humble silence of this street
embellished with quiet trees
along which I walked on so many Sundays
with my small grove of rememberences...
When I die, my friend, the best of me
will survive in this street:
the concealed rose of my regrets
and the roaming música of my dreams...

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posted by invaderHailey
Jaz's POV:

"YAY!!!"I screamed as I jumped into my voot-cruiser with Bing behind me. "Master, calm down."Bing said. "Hehehe I know!! But it's so awesome! We get to go to planet earth!!!" I shouted with joy. "But Master, why are you so happy about it?" Bing asked. "Because Zimmy's there! I can't wait to meet 'em."I said as we took off into the sky, flying away from my início planet, irk.

~Six months later~

"Bing! We're here!"I shouted and jumped up and down with joy. Bing sighed. "Yes, I know Master.."He said. The voot-cruiser door opened. I stepped out and so did Bing. "Wow.."I said looking around...
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posted by invaderlily
On the first dia of school, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect about these kids. They say “OMG!!! “ way too often. So, how would they act now? I don’t know. : (
The sino rang. I took my stuff and followed the stampede of junior high students.
I walked into the hallway. “hey !” I heard someone behind me, it was Stacy. “I amor your new backpack!” she said “did you get the new video game?” I think Stacy is a little weird. “Yeah, I got the new game… how was your summer?” I changed the subject. “It was great! I went to Oregon.” “Bye-Bye.” I said quickly to...
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posted by tyger002
Helena is a superhuman, which means that she is half Human and half Irken. She was born from her human mother named Ursula. Her dad is an Irken named Lard. Her início planet, Haloweentasia, was destroyed por an evil alien group called the Fireans. Fireans look like red-skinned Irkens, but they don't have PAKs or antennaes. Helena's parents both died, so Helena had to stay with her cousins Kat&Tak. Kat is a blue-eyed Irken. Outside of plant Irk she grows hair, but inside of the planet her hair sinks inside her hair and antennaes show again. Kat and Helena both dislike Tak so they sneaked out at night and flew to Earth in Kat's parents spaceship. On Earth Kat&Zim has been going out and they also got married. Helena and Purple dated for a long time and then they got married.
Grace and Lillian are the twin daughters of Cozi Boz and Tallest Purple. They were born December 31st, 1999. They were born in secrecy on Planet Blorch. As Cosi Boz lived on the Massive, and no-one was allowed to know about the twins,Purple asked Zim if he could take care of the twins until they reached the age of 20 Earth years. Zim accepted the challenge. This is their personality, and just a general descrição of them both.
Cheers, Codyfan77.
Personality(good and bad points):
Good points; She is bubbly, bouncy,REALLY friendly,and is fairly logical of situations.
Bad points; She is......
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 Invader Zia
Invader Zia
~Zia's POV~

It was many years ago, on Planet Devastis. Why was I there, you might ask; I was ready. Ready for my evaluation, that is. I had trained for years in the academy, enduring many struggles along the way. This was my chance to become...and Invader.
    Let me introduce myself; my name is Zia. I was a devoted, proud, competent, judge-mental Irken. I loved my species and all we had done. We had conquered so many, enslaved and murdered. I was loyal to my Tallest, the Control Brains, and I respected anyone taller than I was. I saw no wrong with our empire. Little did I know, my view would soon change.

I know this one is a short, but the other's I will try to make a bit longer.
 In order from left to right: Sun, Zoë, Zia, Bek, Kim, Tay, Tin
In order from left to right: Sun, Zoë, Zia, Bek, Kim, Tay, Tin
I hated the fact I had let him live, it irked me deeply, but I was what I had to do. I had made a lot of progress since I had began running, so I climbed a árvore to scope out where I was. From the very tip I could see a huge town of lis'rashi going about there dia normally. The lis'rashi were completely oblivious to what I would do to them.

"freeze beast of death" I heard a feminine voice say. The sound of a jet pack and the light feeling of a gun being held to my head awoke me from my thoughts.
"and who are we?" I replied. Whoever had te nerve to do this obviously wasn't very smart.
"your worst...
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posted by InvaderStickly
Everyone... this is the series finale... KIDDING! But this really IS the season finale. Season three ends tonight for... Invader Stickly...

"OMG!" someone said. "IT'S DIB!" Then I heard a lot of girls with "Dib is hot" t-shirts start screaming. They started chasing me, but I managed to get back in my house, hardly any breath in me. "Phew." I said. I looked at my computer. It had a live webcam in o espaço that I could see. I saw Stickly in space. "WOAH!" I said. "IT'S STICKLY! Man, I need to stop talking to myself!"

The seguinte day, Dib told me he found Stickly in o espaço and...
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posted by invaderlin123
the following artigo has taken place at invader school

saber,may,moon and cythia are talking*
saber:yo, may u ok? u look....weird
may:oh uh....yea im fine
moon:may u have been atuação weird wat are u thinkin about hm?
cythia: ooooh maybe its a boy a cute hot boy ^^
saber:pssssh! i hope not that would be hilarious XD plus she already has rex :3
may: heheh weeeell its not actually rex :D
all: 0.0 its not!?
may: no....i mean i amor rex but....
saber:SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!
may: well.....u know that new irken boy? wats his name i think his name is flute or something...
ida:you mean fluke?
may:AHH! im sorry...
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