Harley Quinn What should we see in Harley's solo movie?

harleenquinzel5 posted on Dec 16, 2016 at 06:17PM
Ok ,guys, what do YOU wanna see in Harley's movie .Leave your thoughts down in comments. The ony thing I don't wanna see is if it's R -rated. I'M 11 so.. I did't see Suicide Squad. Boo.

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over a year ago Mrbiskit said…
I want Harley Quinn's solo film to be a live action film that has action and comedy. I want her to leave the Joker and team up with Poison Ivy to stop Black Mask from taking over Gotham City.
over a year ago ToriKelly5 said…
Mrbiskit commented…
Thank you. over a year ago
over a year ago ToriKelly5 said…
Mine is this:
Gotham in ruins,
No one around
Batman is on the hunt
For harley to
Stop a bomb joker set
But harley thinks joker is dead as
He was killed..