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posted by Eula2003
Chapter 4:
Marshall Lee walks at the market at the morning, he saw Marylyn buying fruits;
Marshall Lee: oi Marylyn, how are you?
Marylyn: Marshall Lee? You’re my childhood friend right?
Marshall Lee: Yup, you don`t forgot me!
Marylyn: Of course and I`m fine!
Fionna: Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: Hey!
Fionna: Who`s this?
Marshall Lee: That`s Marylyn, she my child capuz, capa friend Fionna!
Marylyn: Hello, nice to meet you!
Fionna: Hello Marylyn? Anyway I am going now!
Marshall Lee: Ok! oi Marylyn, Come on in my house, princess vampire!
Marylyn: ok and thanks a lot!
===================================================================================================================================Marylyn: Nice house Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: thank you! Are you eating red?
Marylyn: what red?
Marshall Lee: A blood!
Marylyn: Yes and of course! I am a vampire!
Marshall Lee: So, Try this wine.
Marylyn: Ok, Wow amazing I amor it!
Marshall Lee: Of course, that`s my blood!
Marylyn hugs Marshall Lee tightly then after that, Marylyn go home.


Author`s note: =] =] =] =] =] =] =]
Hi! Do you amor this chapter? Click and post your comment in my pergunta or story! I will wait for it!
hope you like it
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Ch. 2

She couldn't get her eyes open. Maybe it was to the fact that she had a massive headache and her brain wasn't working properly. Her head pounded with its own heartbeat which seemed to be located just behind her ears.

"C-cake," she croaked in a sand-papery sounding voice. "Cake," she tried again which did sound just a tad bit better. "I t-think...I m-might have boo." she slurred in between words.

"You want cake? Are you hungry for cake?"

She couldn't be sure, but she thought she heard a guy's voice. An unfamiliar male voice that sounded right above her.

Her eyes shot open which required...
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Marshall Lee: Ok, Ok, Ok!
They start their new game while they eating their snacks.
Fionna: I`m first, seguinte is Marshall Lee, seguinte is Ice Queen, and the last is Gumball! Ok!
Marshall Lee: Let`s Start!
Fionna: Friendship is like a Diamond, I feel so lucky to have found a friend as precious as you!
Marshall Lee: I`m next! Here`s mine: so many memories, so many stupid fights, So many inside Jokes and the craziness night, everything crazy that I do, Always seems to happen, when i`m with you!
Ice Queen: Nice, so mine is True friends, are never apart, Maybe in distance, But not in heart.
Gumball: I`m next!...
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