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Chapter 4:
Marshall Lee walks at the market at the morning, he saw Marylyn buying fruits;
Marshall Lee: oi Marylyn, how are you?
Marylyn: Marshall Lee? You’re my childhood friend right?
Marshall Lee: Yup, you don`t forgot me!
Marylyn: Of course and I`m fine!
Fionna: Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: Hey!
Fionna: Who`s this?
Marshall Lee: That`s Marylyn, she my child capuz, capa friend Fionna!
Marylyn: Hello, nice to meet you!
Fionna: Hello Marylyn? Anyway I am going now!
Marshall Lee: Ok! oi Marylyn, Come on in my house, princess vampire!
Marylyn: ok and thanks a lot!
===================================================================================================================================Marylyn: Nice house Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: thank you! Are you eating red?
Marylyn: what red?
Marshall Lee: A blood!
Marylyn: Yes and of course! I am a vampire!
Marshall Lee: So, Try this wine.
Marylyn: Ok, Wow amazing I amor it!
Marshall Lee: Of course, that`s my blood!
Marylyn hugs Marshall Lee tightly then after that, Marylyn go home.


Author`s note: =] =] =] =] =] =] =]
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hope you like it
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Ch. 1

Fiona upper kicked the thief right under his jaw.

“Ah!” The thief groaned in pain.

“Fiona he’s getting away!” Cake yelled gesturing at a fourth bandit that was running for the hills, Cake herself couldn’t go after him since she had her long extended hands around
two bandits.

“Don’t worry Cake, he won’t get away. Not on my watch!” Looking at the thief she had just kicked and making sure he would stay down with another kick to the stomach. “Stay down if you know what’s good for you.” And with that she took off after the fourth thief.

“Come back here Frog-thief!”...
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Ch. 2

She couldn't get her eyes open. Maybe it was to the fact that she had a massive headache and her brain wasn't working properly. Her head pounded with its own heartbeat which seemed to be located just behind her ears.

"C-cake," she croaked in a sand-papery sounding voice. "Cake," she tried again which did sound just a tad bit better. "I t-think...I m-might have boo." she slurred in between words.

"You want cake? Are you hungry for cake?"

She couldn't be sure, but she thought she heard a guy's voice. An unfamiliar male voice that sounded right above her.

Her eyes shot open which required...
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