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ivoryphills posted on Jul 19, 2012 at 02:12AM
As I post this, I had just finished watching Futurama. The episode was based around the battle of the sexes, to prove which gender was the better gender by having the stranded group of people divide and race to the ice mountain before the foreign world's sun boiled the losers.

I was half expecting the episode to have the males win (because the creator is a man) and half hoping the females would win (because I'm female). But neither happen. Instead, everyone overslept and would've lost and died if the overseer of the challenge hadn't teleported them to the mountain for safety. There, the overseer told them his disappointment at the group's lack of cooperation and eradicated the sex parts, making the group genderless and surprisingly calm, until they realize they miss the human feelings and sex. Although there's more to the story, I really focused on the competition. Watching that, and realizing my feelings as I watched the episode, I realized how much I had let male chauvinism and Masculism affect my view of the world.

Because of them, I've started to view society as a mere competition to get to the top, to prove who was better than whom, and who would be left in the dust. Instead of viewing others as human, I've had the boys vs. girls view, and it's sickening. I'm always suspicious, always defensive, always angry at any man that says the slightest wrong thing; it doesn't help to see kitchen and oral-sex jokes. It's sickening. This episode of Futurama has helped me to step back from it all and just calm down. It helped me to see how the battle of the sexes is tearing society apart instead of bring people to cooperate as is the Feminist way.

There really isn't much relevance in this post, but it helped me to get some ideas down.
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over a year ago pandawinx said…
I adore futurama and I adore this post!
I totally agree with you; sometimes it isn't a battle with a winner and a loser, sometimes we are all equally awful. XD
I've always loved futurama for its egdy, far-out yet non-discriminate comedy, and felt Leela (the main heroine) was a great feminist role-model.
She's a kick-ass action hero, but they haven't degraded her to a "fighting f*** toy" and showed her vulnerability as well, showing that sometimes its alright to be insecure.
And don't get me wrong, I totally get the need to be defensive ocassionally. It's understandable what with all the groping/casual nazism/wolf whistling- but I really admire you for putting this out there.
Love this post! Going straight to favourites!
over a year ago ivoryphills said…
Thanks for the feedback, pandawinx! And you're right, Futurama- and pretty much a lot of Matt Groening's work- do have undiscriminatory jokes aimed at everyone; we're all pretty much his schick. (That's what it's called, right?) I love Leela as a character as well because she was one of the few female characters in today's media that actually seems like a stable, intelligent adult with so much to offer intellectually and otherwise instead of a childish sex toy one usually sees.
over a year ago glelsey said…
Only just seeing this now. :o

I haven't seen that episode, but it sounds pretty cool and I love the conclusion. A TV show I watched as a kid was "The Sleepover Club", and they did a similar theme in one episode; a classroom was split into two debate teams, and their topic was "men are the stronger sex". One team had to fight for this statement, and the other against. Interestingly, while the majority of the characters had the "battle of the sexes" mindset, one (on the "against" team) eventually won the debate by describing how, in fact, men were not the stronger sex, but instead men and women were equal. They won because all they had to do was convince everyone that men were not the stronger sex - their teacher never said anything about how they had to assume women were stronger instead!

There are some hidden gems out there in the media. :) I'm hoping I'll get to see that Futurama episode someday too!