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I didn't put the real video cause like he said in the video. If you have [b]any[/b] respect for animais you shouldn't watch it.
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 raposa in trap - image not mine
Fox in trap - image not mine
I found a fox, caught por the leg
In a toothed gin, torn from its peg,
And dragged, God knows how far, in pain.

Such torment could not plead in vain,
He looked at me, I looked at him.
With iron jaw-teeth in his limb.

"Come, little son," I said, "Let be.....
Don't bite me, while I set you free."
But much I feared that in the pang
Of helping, I should feel a fang
In hand or face .......
but must is must .........
And he had given me his trust.

So down I knelt there in the mud
And loosed those jaws all mud and blood.
And he, exhausted, crept, set free,
Into the shade, away from me;

The leg not broken ......
Then, beyond,
That gin, gim went plonk into the pond.
 Fox's paw after caught in paw - image not mine
Fox's paw after caught in paw - image not mine
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please take cation when watching. Some part are sad, violent, or hard to watch.
animal cruelty
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NOTE:this artical is not mine Swootz wrote this ok not me

urso Baiting is cruel entertainment and a money-maker for some people in Pakistan. urso baiting requires bears to have their claws and teeth removed, then they are chained to a post being forced to fight off several dogs. When the fighting is over, bears usually come out with ripped mouths and noses.

Donate to the --->> World Society for the Protection of animais (WSPA)

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The text below is an approximate translation of an article's excerpt that I read at National Geographic magazine.

The direction to the market typically begins the moment when some poor hunters and farmers capture wild animais for local poachers who promote them higher.In Asia wild animais end up at reception tables and pharmacies and in western countries at living rooms as decorative objects.The income of of this exploitaton is proportional to to the one of an auction of art works,the rarer the object the higher the cost.

Even though noone knows exactly the actual enormity of wild life poaching,one...
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