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We've come to the big one. I hear Belle called a Mary Sue a lot, mais than any other princess aside from maybe Rapunzel.

Unique traits without contacts or hair dye- No. She has brown hair and brown eyes.
An odd name- No. 'Belle' isn't that odd of a name.
Looks constantly commented on- God yes. The town literally sings an entire song about it (along with how odd she is). It's literally in the título of the movie, along with her name. 1.
Multiple characters falling for her- Yep. Beast and Gaston, plus the whole town calling her beautiful. 1.
Gets into the relationships she wants- No. Her relationship...
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Nearly all princesses, they have amor interests. Although I am really into romance, I admire some of the couples. I amor Ariel & Eric, but my favorito couple is Rapunzel & Flynn. Anyway let me not mess the topic.

One of the most admired princesses is a morango blonde, hardworking girl with diamond blue eyes, she is so kind to animais ; Its Cindy! cinderela I mean. Cinderella's amor interest is Prince Charming. But I really don't like them as a couple and here are some reasons why:

1~ Charming doesn't deserve Cinderella

As I said, cinderela is a hardworking, nice, kind girl while Charming...
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Aladdin: So here we were, early 1990's, and the disney Renaissance was at its peek. The studios had produced two of the highest grossing animated films of all time and still were pushing on. However the team suffered a tragic loss with the death of lyricist Howard Ashman who surprisingly had had a large amount of creative input on the anterior two films. (He named Ariel) It was even his idea to make the seguinte disney animated feature, Aladdin released on November 25, 1992. However, much to the disappointment of many, this would be the last picture to showcase a royal fairytale princess for the...
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 12 Season Color Wheel
12 Season Color Wheel
So I never really got to experience much of fashion-culture growing up and have just recently begun to give it any focus or attention. I have heard of the rule that "Redheads shouldn't wear pink." and I have seen some people discuss this here on FanPop in terms of Ariel and her rosa, -de-rosa dress. I have also read many comments debating Aurora's famous "Blue vs. rosa, -de-rosa Dress". In those discussions, I heard a talented user on this site, link say things like "She's a Winter." etc. I thought that was so fascinating! I had never heard of this concept before so I decided to look into it. That is how I came...
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