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Ok, I felt the need to update my list, because I wrote my last artigo on the topic about a ano ago. So enjoy my current list :)

20. SNOW WHITE (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) /previous position: 15/

For the last couple of mês I grew to amor Snow White. She's so adorable and cute. I amor her always positive attitude. And she's also so sweet! It's a bit of a problem for me that she's quite naive, but still this doesn't bother me that much! She's a perfect, little princess!

19. TIANA (The Princess and the Frog) /previous position: 14/

Tiana is a character that I firmly believe need...
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 The Heroines that didn't make into the topo, início 20 ;_;
The Heroines that didn't make into the top 20 ;_;
Hi Guys I know you all wait for those results and they are finally here! And because I'm very original (Jk) this artigo will include our skype convos about each heroine. Oh and LOTS of Credits to the amazing JonnaSe for the beautiful pictures.

PL: princesslullaby
JS: JonaSe
DG: DreamyGal
DL: diluka96
CD: CuteDiana

 All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot. A little bit of pixie dust.
All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot. A little bit of pixie dust.

20. Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)
PL: dont have opinion
CD: -haven't seen the movie in a while-
JS: cadela, puta sininho is awesome, amor how she will kill you if you just as much as think about touching...
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Hi guys! In the last couple of weeks I read a number of artigos about favourite animated heroines or most beautiful animated heroines, so I decided to post two articles, one with my favourite heroines, and one with the animated heroines I find most beautiful. So enjoy and share which your favourite animated heroines are :)

20. IRENE (The Princess and the Goblin)

 Let me give you a kiss to thank you.
Let me give you a kiss to thank you.
One of the cutest animated characters ever made. I really like Irene, because she is a dreamer and an explorer, she wants to find both adventures and friends. The thing I don't really like about...
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Welcome to my article! Here is a list of (female) disney characters that I personally believe are pretty/beautiful but don't get much attention and deserve their chance in the spotlight. I’ve never been very good at explaining why I find certain people (well, characters in this case) attractive, so I may accidentally repeat myself throughout the artigo and the comments won’t be very long but I’ll try and make it short but sweet. Some of these characters are not only underrated in beauty, but also in character, though for the sake of the artigo I’ll only talk about the former. It’s...
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This is just what I think anyway. There's no need to explain why they're underrated beauties, I'll just say what I like about their looks. Not sure for the placements though. Looking at my list again, I noticed that they're also underrated characters, not just in the looks department.

 10. Sissi (Princess Sissi)
10. Sissi (Princess Sissi)

What appeals to me about her appearance is that she's graceful and looks really feminine.

 9. Chicha (The Emperor's New Groove)
9. Chicha (The Emperor's New Groove)

I haven't heard anyone say this about her but I think she's so pretty, I absolutely amor her eyes.

 8. Annie Hughes (The Iron Giant)
8. Annie Hughes (The Iron Giant)

She's really...
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As some of you might be aware, there is going to be a potential live-action remake of the 1994 animated classic, The cisne Princess. The original movie is one of my all-time favorito movies, not just in animation but in general. It has fantastic songs, a lovely score, great characters, beautiful animation, a cool villain, awesome action scenes, funny comedy, and an engaging romance. So I am both very excited and cautious about the live-action remake, due to how much the animated movie means to be (I was actually born only twenty-one days before the movie was released in theaters). I don’t...
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Dedicated to UnholyNoise, who has patiently waited for some PoE MBTI posts for a long time!

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Miriam is above all else, sympathetic to the plights of others. Her own situation looks very bleak and hopeless but she still feels for others. Moses hurt her, and she still forgives him and is willing to give him amor and encouragement. She is frank and outspoken in every situation ("Aaron, you shame yourself", "Ask the man you call Father!"). She wants to help others and rather than making decisions based on personal values as a Fi user would, makes them based on what...
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