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Masshiro peeji mekuru
Tobidasu irodoru hajikeru
Mangekyou no fuukei

Turning the snow-white page
Scenery jumps out and bursts into color
Like a kaleidoscope

Kidzukeba sutoorii wa mada
Gikochinaku hajimatta bakari
Shinkokyuu wo mou ikkai

But now I realize the story still
Had a clumsy beginning
So I take another deep breath

Tabisuru kaze
Tsutsumikomu you ni senaka osu

The traveling wind
Wraps itself around me and pushes me forward

Aa yawarakakute atatakai kimi no te
Nigirishimete sono kokoro no oku made todoku you ni
Hohoende kureta nara
Nigiri kaeshite kuretara
Boku wa tada mae wo miteru

Ah, I grasp...
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posted by Lanalamprouge
 I put a lot of thought into this list!
I put a lot of thought into this list!
The word underrated when referring to animê is in the same barco as a lot of words (overrated, likable, beautiful, bad, good), it all depends on the beholder and personally I think there are three ways you can take the word underrated

1}Lots of people heard about it, lots of people watched it but not many of those people gave it the credit it was due or nobody really sits down and talks about how great it was, even if it's "mainstream" because the majority thought it was a good anime

2}lots of people have at least heard of it but few have actually sat down and enjoyed what a good show it is due...
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posted by wakana
1.Otaku is the honorific word of Taku (home).

Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at início all the time and doesn't have a life (no social life, no amor life, etc)

Usually an otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time por watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the internet (otaku is also used to refer to a nerd/hacker/programmer).

In the Western culture, people confuse otaku to be something positive like "Guru". If you think about it, it's not really good to be called a guru if it means you are a total loser...
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posted by shortynme
A funny poem I wrote for kicks and giggles :)
Please, don't take it seriously, it's just for laughs! Written December 18, 2008

Anime guys are like dreams come true,
doesn't matter your taste there's pleanty of them to choose.
If you like them pale, angry, and immortal, Sesshomaru would be your best choice.
Perhaps Howl and his moving castle, although his name has nothing to do with his voice.
If tough Shinigami guys are mais your taste,
Bleach with Ichigo and Renji is your perfect place.
If genius, and a little darkness, is your desire,
Light Yagami and l would be best with their angst like fire.
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For those animê fãs wanting to get right into the final arc of naruto Shippuden, to end it as we saw in the manga, unfortunately we won’t be getting that any time soon. It seems that in March, naruto Shippuden will feature “The true Legend of Itachi Volume – Light and Darkness” which tells the story of Itachi begins.

These episodes will be based of the two official books released in Japan, “The True Legend of Itachi: Glory” and “The True Legend of Itachi: Dark Night”, it was first thought that these stories would be included in separate anime’s but it seems like they’re...
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Whisper of the coração – After Story
~> this is a fã made story of the events after the timeline which is set in the animation of “whisper of the heart.” You can read this for free, you can also publicar this on other websites if you want, but please remember to give the credits to me. Enjoy reading. Sorry for the wrong grammar if there are some ^_^

    7 years had passed since Seiji made a promise to Shizuku that they will get married...
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posted by mitsuki963
onna no ko hajimemashita
tameiki wa vioron no shirabe ni nite
akai mi hajikechatta
mada anata o shiranai

"konna koto hajimete" tte
manazashi wa aku no hana sakimidarete
mori e to tsuzuku basu sutoppu
demo anata wa tsurenai

karameta hada ni myakuutsu
koi no shiruetto
karui mahou
usotsuki na kuchibiru sou kasaneteru dake no

nee kamisama
warui ko ni naritai yo
ii ko ni shiteru kara onegai da yo
zurui koto sasetoite
ii koto shitai nara
sukaato hirugaeshite
sugu kaeru yo
doyoubi wa haresou da

kamisama, ijimenaide

aa koi o hajimetakute
agesome shi maegami no sono nagasa to
ringo ni kakete chikau...
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Hi people, I decided to write about my most hated characters in anime. Take the pesquisa here: link. Don't make a big fuss if I hate one of your favorito characters because it's only my opinion. Also, I live in China, so don't expect my grammar to be correct all the time.

10. Hanayo Koizumi: SHE HAS THE WORST VOICE IN μ's!!! I find her to be really annoying. Some people may think Nico is the annoying one, but she really isn't. She's just cute and stubborn:3

9. Satsuki Kiryuin: I used to like her because I thought she was pretty and confident, so practically she was an idol to me. As a result, she...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
I went to my first animê Con last night and it was amazing! So awesome!

Right when we pulled up I was already seeing awesome cosplays. Shizuo from Durarara, Ash from Pokemon, Alois from Black Butler, Grell from Black Butler, Maka from Soul Eater, Vash from Trigun, Death the Kid from Soul Eater, and a bunch of Hetalia.

As we were waiting in line to get in, they were playing populer MMD music. It was hilarious seeing people going out and dancing to it. They were all to it perfectly.

We got are etiquetas to were as we went in, there was a stage were Johnny's band 'Eyeshine' was going to play later. Different...
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posted by usuitakumi77
Naoya Shirakawa (白川 直也, Shirakawa Naoya?)

Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino (drama CD), Mitsuhiro Ichiki (anime)[1]
A male student at Seika High School who initially dislikes Misaki because of her forceful methods of reforming Seika. He and his friends discover that she works at a maid café early on in the story, but after she is defended por Usui, they quickly become her biggest fans, as well as regulars at Cafe Maid Latte, often referred to as the "idiot trio." His nickname is “Shiroyan.” He also used to be a delinquent in middle school known as White Tornado Beast.
centers ginta toramizu a 14 yr old boy who is brought to a magical land called MAR heaven. and MAR heaven is very same to the ginta's dream land that he imagined.
full details: (URL)
centers setsuna f seiei one of the celestial beings and the pilot of GN-001 gundam exia.
full details: (URL)
centers allen walker a 15 yr old boy who is abandoned por his parents because of his deformity. and later joins the black order.
full details: (URL)
*yakitate japan*
centers azuma kazuma that has a talent in making pão since he was a kid....
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posted by Gray_Galaxies
 Kang Hyun created and favourite character
Kang Hyun created and favourite character
Well for some reason,my hand is not very steady so some of my pictures are blur.But I took alot of effort to draw this out.I got some animê pictures of other animes and some of then are created por me.BTW,ZORO RORONOA!!YOU STOLD MY PICTURE!!!AND MY ART!!!HOW DARE YOU!!!Anyways,I don't really draw that much animê nowadays cuz my brain can't even think of anything.But still...I'm back on buiness drawing again.....I know its weird drawings and yet my pencil sketching is TOO light.....But I want to make this quick in..-_-".BTW,I'm a Korean and I have been drawing mangá and animê since when i was 6 years old,quite a tomboy now.....But still,you don't really wanna mess with a girl thats know Karate,Kickboxing and Win Chun.NOW,let's present the art studio of hyuna Lim Jing Er!!! favourite laughing ever made character favourite laughing ever made character
 Ginga Hagane...form Metal Fight beyblade
Ginga Hagane...form Metal Fight Beyblade
 Another Kang Hyun Da......only smaller and resfriador, refrigerador
Another Kang Hyun Da......only smaller and cooler
 Jade/Jaeger...from Kinnikuman?Ultimate Muscle
Jade/Jaeger...from Kinnikuman?Ultimate Muscle
 Kevin Mask...A bit blur...-_-"from Kinnikuman
Kevin Mask...A bit blur...-_-"from Kinnikuman
 Hyunari Kira...this is me..but I change my real name..hehe.Only girl that is created por me
Hyunari Kira...this is me..but I change my real name..hehe.Only girl that is created by me
 Kid Kenyon/Terry Kenyon...For some reason he is also from Kinnikuman
Kid Kenyon/Terry Kenyon...For some reason he is also from Kinnikuman
 Kyouya Tategami......A bit cocky and cuz my hand was a bit sliding...-_-"from Metal Fight beyblade
Kyouya Tategami......A bit cocky and cuz my hand was a bit sliding...-_-"from Metal Fight beyblade
 Black Leg Sanji..I KNOW ITS BLUR!!!From One Piece
Black Leg Sanji..I KNOW ITS BLUR!!!From One Piece
 Sonic the hedgehog..This time I did it well
Sonic the hedgehog..This time I did it well
 Toramaru from Inazuma Eleven
Toramaru from Inazuma Eleven
 Yami Mutou..from Yu Gi Oh
Yami Mutou..from Yu Gi Oh
 Yoshimaru Itsuga...Zoro_Roronoa!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU CUZ YOU STOLD MY YOSHI!!BTW,he has no proof if he drew it or not..
Yoshimaru Itsuga...Zoro_Roronoa!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU CUZ YOU STOLD MY YOSHI!!BTW,he has no proof if he drew it or not..
 Yoya Karazu....I created him when I was about um.....13 years old
Yoya Karazu....I created him when I was about um.....13 years old
 Roronoa Zoro the Kuso Marimo..It bit blur..from One Piece
Roronoa Zoro the Kuso Marimo..It bit blur..from One Piece
 And last that dont even need to be post it..yet I did it for fun..Haibara Kamisana
And last that dont even need to be post it..yet I did it for fun..Haibara Kamisana
2017 was a sequel heavy ano interestingly enough for me so just saying yah my faves once again had amazing seguinte seasons I thought i'd pay attention to the animê that premiered this ano that didn't fall into the continuation section of what I watched. Well the topo, início 3ish of each season for me anyway since i sure did power through/guiltily enjoy a lot of bad stuff and who honestly has the time right?

Winter: AKA i only really watched 3 non sequels


Acca 13 was a stylish calm animê about Jean going around giving evaluation to each of the sections of the uniquely bird shaped country Dowa...
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*Hope and Wonder*

Watching and hiding

Behind a tree.

Hoping he doesn't

Notice me.

I see he's determined

To change his fate

I want to change it

Before it's too late.

They said I'm a failure.

My sister, cousin, and Dad.

But the thing I was lacking

Was something he had

At my first Chuunin exams,

Something I'll never forget.

He helped me change.

At least a little bit.

Sitting in my room

Thinking of that day.

Wondering 'When I see him next,

What am I going to say?'

Then I go to my bed,

Thinking 'When won't I flee?'

And wishing for the day

When he'll acknowledge me.

- Hyuuga Hinata.
Notes: This light parody story is based on the film, The Wind Rises. The characters are from Johnny Depp's Alice in Wonderland films. Special thanks to the people that created and own The Wind Rises and Alice in Wonderland. This a story for fanpop and Fanfiction.

Tarrant Hightopp (the Hatter) loved hats. He lived in Underland. He had a clown face. He wanted to become a hat designer. He said "I want to become a good hatter like my dad." 1 night he stared at the sky, imagining a sky full of hats. He suddenly had a dream where he was in a hat filled area.

Zanik Hightopp said "Tarrant what are...
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posted by sapphirez
Good news every animê lover.... I created some new spots on fanpop! These spots were never created so I created it. Actually, both of the new spots have mangá adaptions but not both of of them are anime. One of them are created as a game. The spots created is UFO Baby ( Daa! Daa! Daa! ) and Ar Tonelico 2. Well, there's only a fã on the spots though... since it's still new. So I am hoping that you, these shows lover, be-fan of it and decorate the spots with quiz, picks, movie and if you wanted to change the ícone or banner, feel free to tell me and send me the picture. If you have any news or opinion or fan-fiction, feel free to do it on these spots. If there's anything you think I can improve, please tell me so and I'll try my best to improve it. Well, the segundo fã might see the spots are so zero but when you invites many friends, the spots will be fascinating, won't they? Well, I'm making this artigos to invite you but if you don't want to, it's okay, it's up to you....^^
posted by dontmindmeyo
Anime: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Episodes: 12
Genres: Comedy, School, Romance, Slice of Life
Similar Shows: Ouran High School Host Club, School Rumble, Watamote, Barakamon, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Alright, this is my first review ever, so don't be too hard on me, got it? Anyway, I'll be reviewing an animê I just finished. This animê is called Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, or Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun in English. The show is about a girl named Sakura Chiyo trying to confess her amor to the boy she has a crush on, but accidentally getting pulled into the odd life that is composição literária shoujo manga.

Now, there's a...
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posted by SymmetricalKid8
Summary: Karin is an I vampire that attends a regular school. What happens when 2 students from the DWMA (Death Weapon Mister Academy) are set to Japão to investigate and attend the school for the time being? What if Karin thinks the transfer students are vampires?
Karin's POV
I'm of to school! I screamed not like anyone would answer.
On my way I bumped in to Usui as usuall. Something unusual was that I also bumped in to Maki. Did you hear the news? She asked. What news? I asked.We're getting a new student! Actually 2 new students!...
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oi you guys! I'm gonna try to make this one long so don't be completely pissed if it takes me a while to write!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Soul Eater, naruto or it's characters.


Regular P.O.V:

"Yup!" Kid yelled grinning. Soul's arm turned into a large black and red scythe blade. The bluenette boy grinned, "Well then, good bye." He lunged progressivo, para a frente at the five terrified people standing in front of them. Maka grabbed Crona's hand and pulled him out of the way just before Black estrela could hit him. "Guys. I'll say this once and only once so listen. These are your instructions... On the count of...
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 (From left to right: Hakase Shinonome, Sakamoto-san the cat, and Nano Shinonome.)
(From left to right: Hakase Shinonome, Sakamoto-san the cat, and Nano Shinonome.)
Robots with detachable limbs that dispense green tea. Having your bike assento stolen to be replaced with a head of broccoli. Ordering an extra-small coffee at the local cafe due to not understanding the cup sizing of said beverage. gatos that talk when a miraculous red scarf is tied around their neck. Principles that suplex deer in wrestling matches.

If any of the above sentences intrigue you, Nichijou may just be the animê for you.

'Nichijou' was originally a mangá created por Arawi Keiichi, which was later adapted to an animê por KyoAni. While the animê only lasted 1 season, it is like a hidden...
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