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☆ Yuki cruz Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Vampire Knight ヴァンパイア騎士 ☆

All about us

Z e k i 「87」

Vampire Knight [Ch. 87 SPOILER] Zeki!

{ Guilty RoseS. } here i am without you.

Yuki X Zero - This Is How I Disappear

[The Truth] ~ Zero x Yuki

::: Yuki X Zero :::

Yuuki x Zero - amor hurts [CHAPTER 87 ♥ ]

Last Song... [Zero x Yuuki]

Yûki x Zero 【Memory】

[GRS] can you feel this?

[PP] Zeki is waiting [S•C]

Zero X Yuuki †Bring Me To Life†

Zero to Yuuki: Your my Only One...

Vampire Knight: To amor Again [Zero and Yuki]

Zero & Yuki Broken

♥ Zero & Yuki ♥ Because The Night

Vampire Knight (Kaname x Yuuki x Zero) Piece Of Heaven

Piece por Piece-ZeroxYuuki [Vampire Knight]

Yuuki x Zero? or Yuuki x Kaname?- Is it you?

Yuki & Zero- Paralyzer

Vampire Knight- Lithium

YuukixZero Lithium

Yuki x Zero .wmv

Zero X Yuuki X Kaname - Whispers In The Dark MMV

Vampire Knight MMV - I Never Told You {Zero x Yuuki}

Zero x Yuuki MMV

~Secrets in the Moonlight Shadow - Yuki X Zero Tribute~

Vampire knight MMV- Zero X Yuuki

[HTP] May I ♥ Yuuki X Zero ✿ MMV

[GGS] Echo \\ 【Zero x Yuuki】

Zero x Yuuki - What Can I say [MMV] FULL

"Come Back to me, Yuuki" Zero/Yuuki mmv

Comatose- Zero x Yuuki

[VK] Zeki - Find a Way

Zero/Yuuki - it's okay

Vampire Knight - Zero's & Yuuki's Fight Inside MMV

Yuuki & kaname: This amor

Kaname x Yuuki - heaven when you kiss me - manga+clips

Vampire knight - Haunted (Zero x Yuki x Kaname)

Lithium ~ Kaname and Yuki ~ Dedicated to Sanae

kaname yuki

This amor Kaname-Yuki

Kaname and Yuki-Your Guardian angel

Yuuki & Kaname I Can't Help Falling In amor

Yuuki's Miracle

KanamexYuki---See You Again

Can I Have, Just One mais Night?

Black rosas Red

Broken *Kaname and Yuki*

By Your Side

because the night: Kaname & Yuuki

kaname and yuuki-listen to your coração

Kaname and Yuuki: I Won't Say (I'm In Love)

Kaname & Yuuki: I'm Your Little borboleta

Kaname to Yuuki - I'm in Heaven

Kaname X Yuuki - Whispers in the Dark

Vampire Knight MMV - When I'm Gone

Kaname X Yuki Tribute

amor Chronicle - Kaname & Yuuki (con subtítulos)

Yuki cruz Theme Song

"Heavy In Your Arms" - Yuki cruz (Mini AMV/Beta Video)

[VK] - My skin (Yuuki Cross)

yυкi♥кαηαмє ★ ƒuтuяisтic ℓovєя

vampire knight amv - total eclipse of Yuuki's coração

A n g e l (Yuuki Kuran)

Tribute Kaname amor Yuuki kuran.

yuki kuran tribute

yuuki kuran!!!

Yuuki cruz - Monster AVI

yuuki cross[yuuki-kuran]-tell me something i don't know....

Vampire Knight AMV - October & April (The Rasmus feat. Anette Olzon)

Vampire Knight - Kaname & Yuki - Tender amor

[SLS] Kuran Yuuki- Only Human ♦

┼Yuki Kuran - And Suddenly I Was A Vampire┼

Vampire Knight - Yuki's Memories

Vampire Knight - Yuki cruz - Cry Little Sister

Vampire Knight - Yuuki Cross's Theme.

[VK] - Fully Alive (Yuuki Cross)

Yuuki It's Not Too Late, It's Never Too Late!

Yuuki and Zero : I won't leave you